We’re all born of the same matter However, we’re not all born equal Who will you be? What will you become? Some people are born to be leaders, effecting great change amongst their people Others are born into mediocrity, living unremarkable lives But for some Life will be a constant battle offering zero opportunities So how can nothing… be something? School was the only place where Zero received attention He learnt important life lessons like his value in society And that it was forbidden for his denomination to multiply Sometimes Zero was made to feel like a much larger number But the children only wanted to remind him that a zero is a zero no matter which way you face As Zero grew into an adult, he walked a lonely path Despite his numerical shortcomings, Zero felt he had something to offer Zero never allowed bad situations to get him down… He didn’t want to be a negative number It wasn’t the first time Zero awoke with a battered and bruised body… But this time was different For the first time Zero felt unaware of his lowly number In the company of his new friend, he felt as important as a three… Or even a four But the most wonderful sensation Was the feeling of belonging A lifetime of loneliness faded into the past Along with the notion that their love was forbidden As the world continued without him Zero wondered how he could ever continue without his love? The newborn bore the mark of infinity The largest and most respected number the people had ever seen Zero knew that for a nothing… He had created something truly magnificent

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  1. I actually like the characters and there concept. Like.. what will happen if this one, breeds with this one? Or what does this one do? Like i know some of these questions are… weird. But I'm a shiny pokemon breeder, and like the concept so, yeah. I do think of that question sometimes.

  2. I hate how even in here they show the racism for being something different

    something new…

    being a neutral number is not something bad…

    but being racist.. is where you WILL regret all.

  3. Aww this is nice and cute. This film was about how the Zeros earned respect after all the troubles they have been through and got to live in happiness and peace. I would like to see a continuation of this.

  4. Am I the only one who thought that the 1-9 people or balls of wool where white people or something and all the 0's were black people?

    Yes? Okay….

  5. I noticed something on every number.
    0=super Messy yarn
    1=so messy yarn
    2=messy yarn
    3=abit messy yarn
    4=lil messy yarn
    6=a good yarn
    7=a bit pirfect yarn
    8=An excellent yarn
    9=Perfectious yarn
    And I was talking about the quality but the Behaviour is Not

  6. I remember seeing this when I was little and I cried and I didn’t know that I’ll become a zero too… the only thing is I haven’t met my zero hero yet. ♥️

  7. He was bullyed and it was not his fault he was born different no matter how different you are you are the same as me

  8. Я думал если ноль взять два раза ,то это всеравно будет 0

  9. "hello, hello let me show what it's like to a zero, zero
    let me show you what's it like to always feel, feel…"

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