Youtube Rewind Minecraft Animation Indonesia 2019 = The Last Block =

Youtube Rewind Minecraft Animation Indonesia 2019 = The Last Block =

PRESENTING Is It Done? No, not yet What? Really?! Im scanning that thing. And I think there seems to be a dark soul of Herobrine in there. Dark soul of Herobrine?! Thank you, for taking me to this place. I can’t come in here because there is a barrier. Because Im inside this block… Make you guys fight with my men. This block absorbs your positive attack power. If there’s enough, this block will automatically sends us to this place So, Null is just a bait? Yes! Everything I collected in this place. I could get a more powerful body! I don’t need this body anymore! STEVE ?! Good! My body is very strong ! Now, I just take the remaining 3 special Blocks. So I can carry out my REWIND plan! For revenge in the past! Do you know where that special block is?? Frost hurry up! Yeah i’ve got little problem here. Connection here is too weak Don’t want to tell it? Alright, im just gonna use force then Done… Everyone Go to the portal, Now! No, I Wont Let You Go Start scan! SCANNING! Target Found! WARNING! DANGER! Notch! Alex, shoot! Is that portal? EMERGENCY SIGNAL ACCEPTED! Sir, Frost Diamond sent Emergency Signal! Emergency Signal? Roman, Faris… You guys go to headquarters and tell the others ready to fight! OKE GOT IT! Alex and Red Creeper… Follow me! Still don’t want to tell me?! Oh? Null and Entity? N03LLity? You have found the another block? Good! Good! Notch? Finally. Alex, take the block and put the energy into Red Creeper! N03LLity take it back! Steve! Hurry up Alex before to late! leave him over to us! Go Help Alex! Go and find 1 more block! STOP IT It’s mine! Millions of people didn’t even realize… That they can produce… 1000 Emerald a day! Without leaving their home! And you are one of them! AAA ASHIAAAP! ERERE! CREEPER! AW MAN! So we back in the mine! Got our pick axe swinging from side to side Side, side to side! Omae wa mou… Shindeiru! There’s a lady! Hey lady, where are you going? Miaw… I am inevitable! I am… Iron man! Here you go, Joergen. You love melons. Everyone who is something… Is gonna raid Area 51. C’mon Gamers! What is this place? Is that the last block? So huge! You?! Hiding in my shadow? is he opening a portal? Herobrine! Steve, thank you for showing the way. there’s Still more Barrier? My energy will run out if I use it again! Alright, let’s try the power on this Block! Great! This is so great! Finally, I can break this barrier without any trouble. i will not let that happen! Herobrine! N03LLITY Lead this army! I will gather more energy to destroy this thing. [MARS COMET] He destroyed the barrier! Great! Everyone has been Paused. Now it’s your turn, Red Creeper. Huh, there are two blocks inside your body… One more? What is that red block? Steve, Alex. NOW!! Is that.. Command Block?! But havent i already destroy it?! What is this Great Power? This is the power of Indonesian Block! -Bhineka Tunggal Ika- The Garuda! That’s enough! I’m going to settle this with my full strength! Account Log- -IN Full Power ON! No! Stop it!!! Translated by BlaNeMistID Wow

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  1. Ini akan Menjadi Youtube Rewind McAnimID terakhir yang saya Direct/Pimpin [ mau ngurus channel sendiri dulu ]. jadi.. Tahun depan yang mimpin bukan saya lagi tapi Member McAnimID yang lain ;D di lihat saja nanti. see you next time :]

  2. Hmm😢 sedih yg memegang YT REWIND MINECRAFT bukan faris sayyaf lagi edit nya bagus tapi semoga pemegang Animation Indonesia selanjutnya lebih bijak dan bagus lagi Aminn 😊😊👍👍

  3. kasihan si rezon astonishing nya,akun youtube nya kena hack ''ME :siapa kah yang bisa bantu rezon? :'('' kalo tahu rezon like for help to rezon and comment :'(

  4. Wah sumpah ini mantap banget saya suka burung Garuda Tiba tiba muncul mantap saya sangat suka saya like dan subscribe

  5. kenapa herobrine di buat kalah mulu mentang dia jahat kan ada karakter lain seperti entity null lick green steve error 404 yang buat animasi dasar gak mikir

    gue sebagai penggemar herobrine marah

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