Your Annoying Cheap Friend

Your Annoying Cheap Friend

[UPBEAT MUSIC] – And that’s why I would
do anything for love. But I won’t do that. – Oh, yeah. – Thanks so much
for helping me look for stuff for my apartment. – Oh, of course. – Yeah. Moving across the
country is so hard. We are happy to help. – Ooh, what about this lamp? – How much? – $30. – Ooh, then no way. I can get it for cheaper. – Are you having, like,
a hard time with money right now or something? – Oh, no. I have a ton of money saved up
for my Jobs for Dogs business back in New York. I helped down on their
luck dogs find jobs. I just can’t buy something if
I know a better deal exists out there somewhere, anywhere. – OK. Ah, well, what do you have
for your place so far? – I have a La-Z-Boy that
I picked up from the curb for free. – Ooh. – And a bowl that I haggled down
to $0.69 at the flea market. That’s it. – Oh, my god. That’s not enough stuff. – Yeah. You’ve lived out here
for over a month. – It’s a surprisingly
large bowl. Also everything else
was a frickin’ rip off. I’m not going to get
taken advantage of. – Look, I get there are a
lot of bargains out there. But at some point you just have
to stop hunting and get things you need, like kitchenware. Like, how about these plates? They’re only $1. – For the whole set? – Each. – Then no way. I can get it for cheaper. – Where? – On a little thing
called the internet. Heard of it? 100 plates for $3. – These are Styrofoam
plates that say, Sophia’s Quinceañera on them. These are porcelain. – Well, a plate’s a plate
and a deal’s a deal. – OK. Well, are you
going to get those? – I bet they drop in price. It’s a surprisingly large bowl. – OK. Well, this toaster is only $8. – A scam. If I get a Bed, Bath
& Beyond coupon that coincides with their
spring kitchenware sale, I can get that puppy
for a dollar, tops. – OK. This printer is only $5. – When College Humor
goes out of business completely, which
I’m sure it will, I bet I can get the
office Laserjet for free. – You wouldn’t even be
able to bring it home. You don’t have a car. – I’ll take a Lyft, as
soon as I get a promo code, and then I have a friend
sign up using my referral code with a fake ID. – How about this diamond ring
for only one American dollar. – Uh, hello, 9-1-1? I’m getting robbed
by that price. – I was kidding. There’s no way this diamond
ring is only a dollar. – Do you hear yourself? – This t-shirt is free. Here. – I bet I can make
it for cheaper. – No, you can’t. Materials costs money. – Not if I scavenge them in
the trash like a raccoon. – Could you value your time? – I would if I knew
what time it was. But clocks are super expensive. And I can make a
sundial for free. I just can’t read them. – OK. You know what? Clearly, you are not going
to get anything here. Let’s just go back
to your apartment. – OK. Just FYI, I don’t have
any lights or running water because I’m pushing back
against the city for a better deal. Is that cool? – Oh, my god. No, that is not cool. Here. I will buy you this lamp! – No! It’s not about me! It’s about not getting
conned by something that isn’t the very best deal. – Fine! Then go back to
your dark apartment, and sleep on your La-Z-Boy, and
eat out of your one big bowl. – Don’t be crazy, Jess. The La-Z-Boy is for guests. I sleep in the bowl. Uh! – Stealing all the– – I’m going to take this ring. – Mine, mine, mine. We’re coming back for more. Hey, it’s Lily. If you like College Humor
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tell me how much it was? Because I’m bad with numbers. Five– 5 times 1–

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  1. Christine? is that you? Wha, I…? What channel am I on right now??God, are you there? Did I do a good?

  2. But WHERE is the line between being frugal & a cheap whore? I mean, is $15 a CHEAP bj if her face is pretty?

  3. I can actually relate to this, yes, I have the money to buy it, no, I won't buy it because I think it is expensive.

  4. The nationality that’s most guilty of ridiculous cheapness (that I’ve come across) are the Singaporeans

  5. I know they're over-doing it for comedic purposes but this is me. But I'm PROUD of it! While ya'll scraping by to make ends meat and are forced to live off Ramen because you "just had to have" that $500 purse or sushi for dinner every night for 3 weeks in a row, I'm sitting pretty on my mound of saved money, closing the deal on my dream house and taking vacays to Europe. You know who's REALLY annoying? Those friends who want to FORCE the cheap friends to spend their money. Like the ones who want to east out, at fancy restaurants, order themselves 7 drinks and they expect the group to split the bill. BISH PLEASE!

  6. speaking as a former sales person that spent days haggling price with customers… sometimes just take the deal. trying for the absolute cheapest deal sometimes just costs more. i was like this until I worked at sales. seeing the haggling customers and how they got screwed over, i realized sometimes its way cheaper to pay a little extra for convenience.

  7. why pay money to this channel to receive uploaded content a week earlier, when their just going to eventually add it for free anyway with Ads, so yeah talk about saving money, just like you Lily I will wait for a better deal or get it for free

  8. I really want to see her apartment now….. It's almost like a scenes from a horror movie where a giant comes out and eat you from the bowl… Wait wait, she sleeps in the bowl than what do she eat from? The toilet?

  9. Hold up……I can only imagine where she’s going to find the food to eat in the bowl while sitting in the Lazyboy…..scavenging I guess…..

  10. Who bothers to steal cheap second-hand stuff. Given the effort and risk, it is a much better deal to steal now good stuff.

  11. XD their friend is cheap and does not want to buy something if there is a better deal out there….. yet… she still has an iphone XD

  12. Why didn't she return that bowl for store credit and wait to get it for cheaper? And when CH goes out of business, she can get all that swanky break room silverware for free if she walks the two hours home with it. For cheaper.

  13. Oh Lilly is every old man's fantasy cute and doesn't want to buy anything! I wish I could find a soulmate like Lilly resources are scarce for me.

  14. One of the more rediculous things I've heard about the matter, "Ooh, goat feed is half off. I don't own a goat, but I can't pass up a deal."

  15. This seriously describes my mom. I found a 400 dollar Canon EOS Rebel T6 on Amazon, and my mom said she saw one at the thrift store. Like seriously. Does it have a Tripod, microphone, case, 4 lenses, and a bag for the case and camera?

  16. I love Lily, but this sketch , but this sketch, made me want to force her to buy everything Kylie Jenner owns.

  17. Dude 1 dollar each is way too much, there is nothing wrong with pinching pennies, but people spend way too much on things, flea markets are the best places to find things, except clothes I get mine from Walmart but that is just a comfort thing, it grosses me out to wear clothes someone else has worn

  18. Christine can afford it for you; she apparently has a job at both CollegeHumor and Good Mythical Morning.

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