Imagine this, during the night you’ve been
having this epic dream where you’re in a totally new world. You are the master of this new place, both
creator and destroyer, artist and mad villain. You start to get the feeling though, that
this dream might be a nightmare, because all the time you have the feeling that an insidious
being is lurking right behind you. Then the alarm clock goes off, except something
weird is afoot. The sound is not your usual chorus of birds
chirping but a soundtrack you’ve heard before in a video game. You open your eyes and you are inside a room
made entirely of blocks, everything hard angles with no curves to be found. You hold up your arm and scream out loud. You don’t have any fingers! You are in a world of crude graphics, and
that alarm clock music you realize is the Minecraft soundtrack. Now you realize what that ominous entity was. It was Minecraft Steve, he’s turned your
world into his, and now he wants to kill you. So there you are, in this new 3-D world which
is just like Minecraft except it represents the normal world you’re used to living in. You just sit there on your bed looking around,
staring down at your hand-less arms, kind of trying to rub your eyes and hoping you’ll
wake up. But that doesn’t happen. This is real. You are stuck in Minecraft. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad if you had
ever actually played the game. Of course you’d seen it and know a bit about
it, but you were just one of those kids that never really got into it. You kind of wish you had now. What you do know is that this dream was trying
to tell you something. Which is that this Steve character doesn’t
want you in this world. You are pretty sure that this guy is going
to come and get you, and he will pulverize you when he sees you. Ok, so you’re at one with this now. It’s survival mode. It’s you versus Steve, and there can be
only one who reigns supreme in this new world. Just what kind of powers are you up against,
and just as importantly, what kind of powers do you now have. First things first, you get off that bed of
yours and walk over to the side of the bedroom. It’s feels very weird at first, kind of
gliding over the floor without anything that looks much like your old feet, but it actually
feels quite smooth when you think about it. You can handle this. You step outside, and there in the garden
you see that little wooden shack your dad built. On it the word ‘Inventory’ is written,
and now you remember that in the game Minecraft you collect materials by digging and mining
which you can use to craft stuff. Someone has already filled that shack for
you and you grab a stone axe from inside. You swing the axe at the fence to practice
and it explodes into pieces! You don’t want to make your dad mad so you
pull the fence block out of your inventory and set it back where it was, there, no more
broken fence. You realize that this actually might be fun,
better than a school day at least. You can destroy stuff and build stuff and
you are really strong. But how strong are you? Are you strong enough to take on Steve? Well, lucky for you in that inventory there
is something that resembles a bible. You turn the first page, and it’s called
the Book of Minecraft genesis 1. You start reading. “In the beginning Notch created a world. It was formless and empty, and Notch said
let there be light.” You start skimming and it seems it explains
how this guy, called Notch wanted to create a new world. It took a bit of time, and then say, on the
sixth day, Notch created man who he called Steve. You continue reading, the next chapter being
called “The Book of Steve” and learn that this Steve guy, the kind of first iteration
of the man, is 1.8 blocks high and 0.6 blocks wide but he changes form a bit when doing
certain moves. You don’t exactly know what he looks like,
but the book explains that he’s got dark brown hair, darkish skin, a crude looking
nose and mouth much like your own. He’s also got blue eyes and he likes to
wear a light blue shirt, some blue jeans, and a gray pair of shoes. It’s also written that Steve is really curious. He likes adventure, he likes to try new things. If he saw an apple on a tree he’d probably
pick it off and eat it. Steve can be tempted, and you make a mental
note of that. Right, so you know what to look for and how
he goes about things. But how strong is this Steve dude? You try and figure that out. He is rather large in size when you measure
him against the blocks the world is made of. If each block is a meter high then Steve would
be 1.8 meters high and 1 meter wide, that’s pretty broad! His cubic volume is 322,273 cubic centimeters,
far bigger than the average adult human male, who might be about 62,000 cubic centimeters. That means Steve would likely weigh something
like 754 pounds or 342 kilos. Our man Steve is a heavyweight, but the good
news is, so are you. Some people have called him morbidly obese,
but we think he is just really dense, in a good way. After all, he builds and breaks stuff all
day, every day. This guy must be super fit. He is a doer, not someone who sits about all
day on the sofa watching home improvement shows on TV. He is already the quintessential home improver,
a DIY master of masters. Reading the book of Steve you learn that he
is incredibly strong. He can carry something like 12 million tons
of gold, which you can hardly believe! He can punch through a cubic meter of solid
diamond and turn it into dust. Think about this – if you remember Rocky IV,
the Russian boxer Ivan Drago could register a 2,150 pounds per square inch punch. That was enough to almost knock Rocky’s
head right off. The non-fictional boxer and recently retired
former heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko, had a punch measured at 1,100 PSI. That’s a far cry from Ivan Drago, but let’s
still say that anything over 1000 PSI is a huge punch. Now if we try to calculate how hard Steve
would need to punch to turn a block of diamond into dust you get a figure around 32.6 million
PSI! A truly superhuman number! He also walks extremely fast at 9.6 mph (15.5kph). That’s much faster than a human power walker. Less impressive is his run speed of 12.5 mph
(20.2 kph), so he’s no Usain Bolt whose top speed is 27.8 mph. Maybe that’s due to all the weight he’s
carrying around. You are feeling tired and hungry just reading
this, but you read on. You guess you have the same strength, but
do you have the same weakness? As it’s just you and Steve in a fight to
the death, you know that you are in some kind of survival mode and that one of you can die. You have health, but it is limited just like
in the normal world. You learn that you and Steve can both die,
and you also learn a few of the ways that might happen. You both could kick the bucket after falling,
or being burned, or drowning, or suffocating, or being blown-up, or being murdered – a lot
of the same ways a normal human could be killed. It also seems like you can’t just go hoping
that Steve has an accident without you setting it up. If you’re going to beat Steve then you know
you’ve got to commit the ultimate sin – murder. You get the feeling Steve is still pretty
far away so you go into your inventory and start getting tools. You see what you are capable of, and speaking
of Rocky, it’s a bit like one of those training montages in the movies before the big fight. Unfortunately, there are no chickens to catch
or cow carcasses to punch, but there are plenty of steps to run up. Now you are fully fit and fight-ready you
decide that you are going to build some traps. You go into your house where you know Steve
will come to find you, and you turn it into a house of horror, full of traps and places
where Steve can get hurt. If he walks through your front door, he will
get a nasty hit on the head because you’ve planted an iron weight on top of that door
with a switch on the floor so that when someone walks through it will be triggered and the
weight will fall on them. If he survives that, he will no doubt continue
to walk forward, and you have constructed another trap for him in where when he walks
on a certain block arrows fire at him. He might manage to jump out of the way, but
it’s worth a shot. Steve of course is going to be very angry
at this point, but you are watching from far away and are quite safe. But what if Steve is too smart to fall for
this and he knows you have likely booby trapped the house because he would have done the exact
same thing? Still, he needs to find you. He’s also hungry, and he sees a large box
with a sign next to it reading “delicious food” which is of course not filled with
food, but is instead an explosive box trap you have made. Remember, above all, Steve is curious about
trying things and so he can be tempted. Hmm, will Steve be so hungry he can’t help
himself from going inside to see if there is food. If he does the box will close around him and
it will blow up. That’s Steve blown to pieces. But what if Steve, while curious, is not quite
so dumb that he would fall for this. Maybe Steve is actually quite creative and
intelligent, and like you, enjoys reading. How do we take advantage of that? In one of your new houses you’ve built while
waiting for him, you have also created a bookshelf, and there you have left some books that will
tell Steve how to kill his world’s new imposter. Next to the bookshelf is a pool of delicious
clear blue water continually refilled by a stream that runs under the home. As Steve reads “the book of YOU” he can’t
help but drink the icy cold refreshing water. Soon enough, nature will take its course and
he’ll have to make his way to the restroom. After finishing his business he sees a sign
that reads “push to flush” next to a button on the floor. Steve may be a murderer but he’s still a
polite guest, and he presses the button, releasing a trap door that drops him down, down, down
into the darkness below. Unfortunately your trap worked, but not perfectly. He doesn’t land in the lava pit like you
planned but instead falls into a dark cavern below the house. Thankfully for him, he thinks, there are tracks
with a cart and he senses you are somewhere at the end of it. Steve, being unable to resist a well built
cart track, gets in and the carts sets off, winding through the caves. He crests a hill and sees you at the end of
the track, a murderous look on his pixelated face as he gets nearer and nearer, when suddenly
a CLICK sound. You’ve pressed the switch which changes
the track. He veers off away from you down a path where
the track ends and falls into a dark hole filled with TNT. BANG. The TNT goes off, it doesn’t take Steve
out instantly but the hole left from the mass of explosives goes deep down into the earth,
with only a pool of lava at the bottom. Steve falls down into the hot magma and there’s
nowhere for him to go, he hops and runs but the sheer walls don’t give him anywhere
to go and his last heart ticks away from the fire damage. You’ve done it. You’ve stopped Steve. Of course this is far from the only way to
stop him, but the general theory on how to take him out remains the same, use his own
inability to resist exploration and trying new things against him, trick him into locking
himself into a room filled with water, or pressing a button that drops tons of blocks
on him, or lead him into a room filled with creepers. With a little creativity, you’ll have no
trouble taking Steve out and you might even have some fun doing it, and after all, isn’t
that what Minecraft is really all about? Do you play Minecraft? Tell us what crazy methods you have to get
rid of Steve in the comments. Also, be sure to watch our other video Fortnite
vs Apex vs PUBG – Battle Royale 2019. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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  1. Honestly to beat Steve I’d just make a lava moat and when he builds over, through m, or under, that’s when u shoot him with he bow, or activate tnt or trap him with obsidion

  2. I did a simple trap. I joined a server, made a little house and these gang of players kept going in and killing me. They left me alone for a while and my house had 2 doors in front of each other to get in.

    In the middle of the 2 doors I broke the block down like 30 blocks and I left the ceiling low so you could not jump over the hole and even if you did jump over the other door was closed.

    Then I was hanging around outside my house and he chased me ( I had plugged the hole with dirt so I could walk into my house) The I destroyed the block and him and his friend automatically fell down 30 blocks as they ran inside and they both died. I had made a ladder to the bottom of the hole and I collected all their stuff lol.

  3. Okay I'm sorry but this video is just bad. It seems really low quality compared to the other videos this channel produces.
    So many of the mechanics you described aren't even in Minecraft.

  4. the type of guy who puts you in front of godzilla and

    you can beat him if you have f-35 or a big laser shooting gun
    uh kind of cool

  5. Drinking water isnt a thing,
    The hight might have killed him

    Pleaaaase let someone play the game and watch some of grain of mumbo jumbos vids they have amazing boobytraps that are optainable in mc and you can actually make…..

  6. The best way to stop him.. take out your save, use a backup and delete Steve, then use the backup which has no Steve and delete the original save.

  7. Reading the comments, its is figuritavely impossible to beat Steve. He has creative mode, a respawn button, superhuman strength…
    …All things you, the average Joe, doesnt have.
    For the first time, I'm confident that The Average Joe CANNOT beat his opponent!

  8. Veteran Minecrafter here. I'd love to watch YOU vs HEROBRINE – WHO WOULD WIN

    6:49 "ready for the big fight" Revenge intensifies.

    Use commands to ban Steve. That's how you win.

  9. Steve can literally create an anihhlate matter with the palms of his hands. He can hold a googol universes without a flinch. He can break the 5th wall. He never gets tired and doesn't need sleep. He will respawn no matter what and can forge diamonds into aemour with his bare hands. He has infinite power at his hands. He can create or destroy universes with a click of a button. He knows evry secret of the universe. He can re-shape reality itself and is so piwerful that he is actually a bit self aware that he is in a videogame. He knows what he did, what he does abd what he's gonna do. He is eternal and impossibke to destroy. Steve is the most powerful character wich will ever exist. We are lucky that he isn't in our world because he cal have a small farm, or delete the entire solar system with a Click Of A Button. Do not mess with this man.

  10. The infographics team's knowledge about a normal minecraft player is pathetic.

    And no we are not tempted by food in minecraft we are tempted by diamonds

  11. Infographics
    I know how to give a backstory to Steve
    Turn Minecraft into Minecraft Christianity
    Wait did they make a Christen Minecraft joke

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