Yodha No. 1 (2003) – Ravi Teja | Asin | Prakash Raj | Hindi Dubbed Movie

“The tea is hot quickly drink it,
brother.” “Oh, my friends drink it.
Oh, my friends drink it!” “Oh, my friends drink it.
Oh, my friends drink it!” “Quickly drink the tea..” What is this?
The madam who gives lectures.. ..is sitting near you and you all are
smoking cigarettes one after another? Hey, Ramu!
That is a class and this is mass. Tell me one thing. Instead of doing your canteen duty
why are you talking on behalf of them? Stop talking on their behalf
and do your work. Come on. Where is the tiffin? – Ramu! ‘Yes, madam!’- Get the mango pickle. Okay, I will get it. Where are your tiffins? As we are performing goddess Laxmi’s
veneration we are fasting today. Listen, Ramu! – Yes. Just try this! Yes, give me.
– The taste will be different. Behind look at those useless boys. From so long they
are smoking cigarettes. At night after eight they
go to Urvashi Bar and drink beer. Can we stop them? Our responsibility is only
till they are in the class. After that we should not bother. What must be her age? According to me it should be 30 to 35. Listen! They are
talking about you only. Yes. I am listening. I am listening. With her sari she
has covered her waist. If it moves aside it will be fun. That’s enough now! What is it? What is it?
What nonsense are you talking? Waist! What is waist? What is waist? This waist..you are
talking about this waist? Doesn’t your mother have a waist? Have you never seen
your mother’s waist? Why are you quiet? Speak up. Useless boy talking worthless things. Hey! Why do you beat me? Hey! I have not beaten you.
And this is not called as beating. I have managed very smoothly. Do you know, I have a son.
He was not a small boy. He is sturdy like you. If he comes to know
about your dirty deed.. ..he will beat the life out of you. Then you will come
to know what a waist is. Keeping that in mind
I am thinking about you. I really feel pity for you. Well done! Well done!
Very good! Very good, Chandu! Concentrate a little
more on the left movement. The finals are not very far away. If you win that only then you
will be able to go to national finals. Thank you, sir. Hey, that’s great! If you continue like this your
body will build up well and then.. Okay, okay, keep quiet now.
– I am quiet! After dropping you I
have to also pick up mother. Why do you worry?
I will pick up mother. Without any motive
you don’t go anywhere. You want to go there
only because of those girls. I know everything. Move aside. Staying with me his
brain has also become sharp. All of you leave. – No problem, madam. We will go after you leave. What’s the matter? Is it that all of
you are after my son? No, no. – Madam, that is not so. If he does not come we can drop you. Hi, Chandu! – Hi! Hi! Hello! Bye! – Bye! What is this? That poor girl was saying bye
to you and you did not even say, bye? Leave it, mother.
Day by day she is growing fat. Just see her airs. My son, that poor
girl is looking at you. Why is there more salt?
– Is there more salt? Why does the pickle taste like this? Why? Didn’t you like it?
– It is absolutely tasteless. Is this pickle or something else? Then it is right. – What is right? Son, this is what happens. This is called as ‘Shadiriya’
just like Malaria. That means the illness that
the young girls and boys suffer from. Not to like the taste
of the food that mother cooks. Keep thinking of new tastes. All these are the
symptoms of this illness. That is why I am telling
you to get married. Right now I have no mood
at all of getting married. My son, you don’t get married
when you the mood is right.. ..but you get married
at the right age. Your age is passing by.
You are growing old. When you will feel like
getting married saying that.. ..your age is too much no one will ever
get their daughter married to you. Never mind. ‘By the way the lentil
(Sambhar) is good.’ Your father too used
to drink in the same way. Why do you speak about
him when I am having my food? How many times should I
tell you not to speak about him? But, my son,
I spoke about your papa, isn’t it? No! He is neither my
father nor your husband. He went away somewhere after
I was born leaving you also alone. He is nothing to us. Your papa did not run away from home. He had a goal in his life. He was getting disturbed
because of his family. That is why he wanted to
stay away from this atmosphere. And I also said yes to him. We both got separated
by mutual understanding. By your own wish? Okay? By shaking hands and
saying bye-bye he walked away? By the way not him but I should
shout at you as you are siding him. For god’s sake don’t
ever talk about him again! Chandu! Chandu, listen! Listen! If I am not eating there
is no need for you to remain hungry. You can have your dinner. I am angry not you.
Go and have your dinner. Okay, give me. – I will not give. Now you are acting smart?
I am very hungry. Mother, serve me food. I will not eat.
I will not serve you as well. I am going.
– Mother! My angry mother! Mother! Have your food, mother. You are my sweet mother, isn’t it? You will eat from my hands, isn’t it?
Mother, eat the food. By the way this plate is for me. Forget about for me and for you.
I am very hungry. You go and get another plate. Get the pickle with you. “Munni is defamed
darling because of you!” “Munni is defamed..” – Chandu! “Darling because of you.”
– Chandu! “Munni is defamed
darling because of you..” Hey you! Will you please keep quiet? Yes, mother. Our neighbors, Mr.
Dhananjay have gone to Tirupati. The keys of their house are with us. Last night he had called
that his brother’s daughter.. ..is coming from Madras today. You go to the station, pick
her up and drop her to their house. He was also saying that,
that girl is a little stubborn. Their uncle too stays in this city.
That girl is angry with him. That is why he is scared that, that
girl may by mistake go to his house. You go and explain to
that girl and bring her. Okay? You explained very well. But what you explained
I did not understand. You did not understand? My son, our neighbors Mr.
Dhananjay have gone to Tirupati. His brother’s daughter
is coming from Madras today. Between him and that girl..
– I understood. A girl is going to
come from Madras. – Yes. Who is very stubborn? – Right. I have to bring her and
drop her in the neighboring house. Only that much, right?
– Only that much. What is her name? – Her name.. I forgot her name but yes, that
girl is going to wear a yellow dress. Okay, mother. Five or six? Eight! Son, search for her
in Charminar and not in Palaknama. Let’s go. – Hey! What are you doing?
Where are you going? What am I doing?
Where am I going? – Yes. Do you know Hindi? – Yes. Then come home. – Hey! Hey you, leave me. What are you doing? Where are you taking me? I don’t even know you.
Where are you taking me? Leave me. Please leave me. Look, look, I am telling you,
I will make a commotion. Leave me! You will make a commotion? Keep quiet! Come on, come on, come on, sit. Give me my bag at least.
– Hey! This will be with me. You sit quietly. Sit! Come in. Will I have to give you
an invitation now? Come in. Whose house is this? – Keep quiet! Misunderstandings do happen
but that does not mean.. ..that you should forget your house. Didn’t your parents
teach you anything? You are educated, isn’t it?
– It is not that.. What is it then? Look your uncle has gone to
Tirupati to donate his hair there. He will come back soon. And did you brush your teeth? What did you say? – Brush!
Brush! Did you brush your teeth? That means you have
not brushed your teeth. You just applied lipstick
and got down from the train. Come inside. Here, brush your teeth.
Why are you glaring at me? You have to only brush your teeth,
isn’t it? Come on, brush. Yes. Very good. Here. Eat it! That’s it!
It is not good to be obstinate. Excuse me. – Yes! This is Mr.
Dhananjay’s house, isn’t it? This is Mr.
Dhananjay’s house. Who are you? I am his brother’s daughter. – Okay. I have come from Chennai. – What? He was going to send
someone to the station for me. But no one came.
That is why I came myself. Who are you, then? From so long I was telling you,
isn’t it? That means you are not Mr.
Dhananjay’s brother’s daughter? I am not! Why are you then
wearing a yellow dress? That is my wish. That means no sooner
you see a bike you will sit? You never gave me a chance to speak. You nicely brushed your teeth.
You even nicely ate the Idli. What will this girl eat now? I brought it for you but she ate it. I came to know otherwise, oh, my god. Come on, pick up your
bags and leave from here. What are you looking at?
Leave from here! Good you got caught. If there would have been any delay
you would have robbed the whole house. Come on, leave! Why do you say, leave from here? From so long I am trying to tell you. But you were not listening to me. And now you are blaming me? What kind of a person are you?
– That’s enough! Keep your mouth shut.
– Hey, auto! Come and take her away! Come and sit. Sit! Sit inside!
Take this bag as well. Listen! Drop her where
she tells you to drop her. Okay? Go. Go, go, go. Out! Mother, she should
have at least told me. Where did you give her a chance? By the way why did you scare
her and made her brush her teeth? I thought as she is stubborn I was
just trying to style in front of her. She must be cursing me. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother, what happened?
– Pain in the heart. Sit here. Sit. Sit. Mother! How are you feeling now? What will you do if I die? I will kill myself. If you talk like this
I will kill myself, mother. Have you understood? Call the one next to you. Hey you! He is calling you. Run away from here, you scoundrel! Are you satisfied now? – Who are you? Daily you are after
some or the other girl.. ..thinking that she will get pacified. You will smile.
If she likes you she too will smile. Then both will drink cold
drink and will say, I love you, then. Due to this matter fights
will start in your house. Then you will either threaten your
family that you will commit suicide. Or you will elope from home. After all this your love will be
successful and you will get married. This entire process will
take approximately six months. Okay, why do you get married? Sir, what else?
Only for the nuptial night. Only this, isn’t it? See this. Without going through
this entire process.. ..this girl will celebrate
the nuptial night with you. Is that fine?
– That means are you a broker? What have you got to do with whether
I am a broker or a speed breaker. It is your work. Will she do? I will pay you as much as you demand. Make my setting with this girl. There is no finance
problem here. – Then? Do you have a ration card?
– Why is that for? Address proof. – Oh! Do you have a passport? – Yes, I have. Very good. Your ration card, passport. Income tax assessment copy. Your medical certificate
six months bank balance. The zerox copies of all these
and two passport size photos.. ..and sign on these
papers and give me. No sooner we complete
the verification.. ..you will have your nuptial night. All that is fine but
is all this necessary? If you go to take finance
hundred questions will be raised. There are thousand inquiries
for a small Sim card. If we are giving you such
a nice girl won’t we do any inquiry? Sir, it is a question
of just one night. Who are you? What is your background? Without knowing all this
should I send a girl into your room? What if you kill her? What
if you take her to Dubai and sell her? Hey, no! I am not that kind of a man. Only you know that
but we do not know that. That is why this
verification is necessary. Complete the entire process
without wasting any time. Look at the photograph once again. Hurry up! We are getting late. Oh, god! We have come to
You with a lot of expectations. Please fulfill all our wishes. God, please fulfill
all my wishes as well. Hey, hurry up!
Someone may come. – Yes, I am coming. Yes, let’s go. – Come on.. Hey! No one will come here, isn’t it? Who will come to such a place? Come on, hurry up! – Yes, let’s go. Hurry up! – Hey, come here. This way, hurry up! I hope no one is watching us. – No. Come, we will sit here.
– Yes, we will sit here. ‘Come on,
remove it.’ -‘Remove it quickly.’ What are you doing? How does it taste? Wonder how these boys smoke this? You too smoke and see. Oh, god! Oh, god! Okay! So this is going on here. Hey! Just look over there. Let’s go! I knew you were a very smart girl. Hey, Chennai! Come here. Come here! Come here! Come. Come, come. Come here! I was not smoking. They were smoking. Okay, so you know Hindi?
– Yes, little, little. You know Hindi little, little
but you very well know how to smoke. Hey, no! – Is it only cigarette
or Rum, Brandy, Whisky.. ..Gin, Gutka, gambling,
drugs you know all this as well? Keep quiet! Don’t pretend. Coming from Chennai you
are spoiling the girls here? Sir, I beg of you. Please let us go. In Chennai you fall at the feet.. ..but here upon making
a mistake you hug a person. What? Am I right? Tell me!
– Yes, hug him! Sorry. This will never happen again. Nice! Very nice!
This much is enough for today. We will meet tomorrow.
Okay? Go. – Yes. Go! Go! Oh, my god! She is so dangerous! What hasn’t he come down still? Madam, it is your birthday today,
isn’t it? – Yes. All night I was practicing one thing. Shall I tell you? – Yes, tell me. Happy birthday.. – Hey! First let my son wish
me then you wish me. Till then you do your work. “May you live long!” “Let the days of the
year be fifty thousand!” “May you live long!” I will have my bath
and then we will leave. Madam, I may forget that is why,
happy.. – Keep quiet. Didn’t I tell you
to let him wish me first? May you live long! May you live long! May you live long! Mother! – Yes! I am ready. Let’s go. Let’s leave? – Yes. Only this much? – Let’s go. Madam, that ha.. Son, she has learnt something so
she wishes to say that in front of us. We will hear and then leave. Happ.. – Keep quiet! I am already very late and
I also have to go for practice. You say that later. Okay? Say that later!
Go. Go! Say that whenever you wish to. Otherwise say it at night. Okay, mother!
We will meet in the evening. My son, have you forgotten something?
– No, mother. I have not forgotten anything.
– You have not forgotten anything? Remember well. Yes! I remembered!
I forgot to take my tiffin. Eat. Eat your food properly. – Okay. I only wish that you eat. Go. Bye, mother!
– He does not understand anything. My son does not even remember
his mother’s birthday. Good morning, madam.
– Yes. Bad morning. “Mother, my life is for you!” “I am living only for you, mother.” “Mother, I will give you these
moments of happiness every minute.” “I will give you
all the joys of life.” “Mother, my life is for you!” “I am living only for you, mother.” “Mother, I will give you these
moments of happiness every minute.” “I will give you
all the joys of life.” “Mother, my life is for you!” “I am living only for you, mother.” “Whether I do mischief
or whether I make a mistake..” “You always shower your love on me.” “You cast away evil from me.
You take care of me..” “You get angry if I come late.” “You pretend to be angry with me..” “You then come to pacify me..” “Mother, my life is for you!” “I am living only for you, mother.” “I serve you.
I listen to everything you say..” “I am always in front of you.” “I stay with you every moment.” “I fulfill all your wishes.” “Mother,
you are my god on this earth.” “I will fulfill all your dreams.” “I will always stay near you.” “Mother, my life is for you!” “I am living only for you, mother.” “Mother, I will give you these
moments of happiness every minute.” Hey you! Go from here! Go and do your work. Come on, go! “Mother, my life is for you!” “I am living only for you, mother.” Hello! What happened?
Okay! I am coming. Hey! Chandu, what happened?
Tell me at least. Sir, what happened? I met with an accident. If a lorry would have knocked
me it would have been okay.. ..but a rickshaw dashed into me. Looks like the brake was not working.. ..that is why he dashed into me. Sir! How long will it take
for the leg to be fine again, sir? Doctor said, it will take six months. What? Six months? I know that your tournament
is round the corner. At such a time for me
to meet with an accident.. ..is a great shock to you. Sir! Sir! Sir! – Do one thing. There is a coach in Vajad.
His name is Raghuveer. He is a better coach than me. He is the only person
who has won the championship.. ..continuously for six months. He is the living legend
of Kick Boxing in India. You go to him and
continue your training. You will surely win
the championship this year. No, sir! Sir, I will not go. Why – I will not
leave my mother and go. She is a heart patient.
You get a discharge and come. You just be with me. I will pick up. But I will not leave
my mother and go, sir. Are you out of your mind? You go. After coming so close
you will leave your coaching? Mother, I do not wish to argue. When he is saying that he
is a very good coach then go, my son. O have heard that an
Amitabh film is released. Mother, will you come with me? I am telling you only.
Why don’t you say something? I do not talk to stubborn
and stupid people. I was waiting for you only. Sit. What is this? In the application
you have written Aviraj.. ..but in this it is showing Amarnath. The thing is I did not like
that name so I changed it to Amarnath. Don’t create any more problems now. I am writing Amarnath now. – Yes. What is this? There is a record here.. ..of you being admitted
to Apollo Hospital for three days. What illness do you have? Sir, I have no illness.
My father was admitted. What was your father suffering from? I have a doubt that.. ..maybe you too must be suffering
from your father’s illness. I don’t have any illness.
I had met with an accident. You had met with an accident? – Yes. Okay. Do one thing. Sign this surety. Why do you want me
to sign this surety? Brother, if something
happens to our girl.. ..who will be responsible for that? We have to be careful.
Do this much. This is last. Your work will be done then. Hello, madam. – Hello. I am very happy that you came here. Ramu, were we late in coming here? No. There is still time. She is my wife, Gayatri. Hello. – Hello. What is this? – Go in. What? Are you mad?
What if it would have hurt my head? Hey! You did not get hurt, isn’t it?
Get going. Hey you! I will break your teeth! I do not want any nonsense from you.
Come on, come down. Forget it! – Aunty, get going! Go in. Maybe you do not know about me.
– Madam, please come in. Don’t lock horns with me.
– Explain to her! Madam, please come in.
Please don’t fight. Who are those people?
– Madam, forget it. Why should we fight with them? Why do you tolerate their nonsense? Isn’t this your house?
– This is my house only. Thinking them to be good
people I had rented it out to them. Later they brought their friends here
and turned this house into a club. Even then you are quiet?
Why don’t you complain to the police? As this city is new for
us I did not go and complain. Yes! Okay, I will do one thing.
I will send my son. He will surely give you courage. You go with him and
make a police complaint. Only then they will learn a lesson. Hello. – Hello. Stupid, idiots! – What? No, nothing! Come. You will come to know
when I will send my son. Sir, look at them. By drinking and by gambling they have
turned my house into club and beer bar. This is a club? – Yes. I cannot see any
sign board of any club? Sir, does anyone do a wrong
deed by putting up a board? What you say is right but
this matter has now gone to civil. This matter between
the owner and the tenant.. ..will be solved only
in the civil court now. Suppose if I even go there and I also
see that they are gambling there.. ..but my paternal uncle,
my maternal uncle and my brother.. ..who play will only say that
it is not a crime for the people.. ..in the family to play
cards amongst themselves. In the same way it is
not a crime to drink at home. Do whatever you want but if it is on
the road only then we can stop them. The law is like this.
What can we also do? You can only see
someone playing? – What? You just see. Where is the ladder from?
– From there. What are you doing here?
– Here, in my friend’s house.. Okay, I will gamble and come.
You wait here only. Listen, even I want to play. Shall I allow him to play? – Yes. These are three aces! I have kings!
Remove your hand. Remove your hand. These are aces!
– You have lost. I have kings. Hey! What drama is this? Is the king bigger than an ace? An ace is only greater. Hey! Is there so much
commotion while gambling? Is the king bigger than an ace? An ace is only greater. What kind of noise is this
like something is breaking? Who knows? Even I don’t know. You are doing the right thing!
Beat them! Hey you! An ace is only greater! No, a king is greater! Hey! Okay, a king is only greater. The king is only greater!
What is your problem? No! An ace is greater! You.. What noise is this? Crackers are bursting. – Oh! Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up! Brother, why are you doing this?
– Pick it up! Hey! Was he pushed from top? No, sir. He slipped and fell. That is fine that he
slipped but who pushed him? Okay, fine.
Whatever you say is greater. Spare me. – Remove this. Hey! Did he jump or did he fall?
– He fell down. That is okay. If he would have been thrown down
then a case would have been filed. Come! – Whatever you say is greater. That is not the matter.
This place is very small. Come, we will go somewhere
else and play. Right? We will decide the place later. Come on, pick this up. Pick it up. Pick up both the chairs! Pick them up! Come on, go! Come on! – Here are the keys. They are vacating the place.
My friends don’t like this place. Thank you, sir. – Okay. This is the right method. All civil
matters should be solved in this way. All the time if you keep calling
the police what can we also do? Tell me, am I right? – Yes. Correct! – Thank you very much. Hey! Get lost! Oh, my god!
Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Oh! You are removing the belt? For god’s sake,
please don’t do this. – Why? Please let me go. What do you think that
I have come here to let you go? We will just try it once. Okay? Come. Why have you come here?
For me, isn’t it? – No. Then? – To see the place. Oh! Is this a Taj Mahal! Didn’t you see it when
you came here the other day? Please understand why
I am telling you. – No. No. No. Don’t you like it? – No. Okay, go! Hey, Chennai! – Yes! If you come here again, then.. Okay, go! Go! Mother, looks like I have
fallen in love with that girl. You meet her once then
we will talk further. Fall in love with someone
or don’t fall in love.. ..but do not do any drama. By the way what is that girl’s name?
– Chennai! Not Chennai it must be Chinni. No, mother, I call her Chennai. She had told me her
name but I don’t remember. You foolish boy,
you don’t even know her name.. ..and it seems you have
fallen in love with her. What is she doing here? Mother, this is that same girl. This is Chennai! – Yes. I have seen this girl somewhere. Hey you, you wait here.
I will go and talk to her. We both have no relation. I have seen you somewhere. Aunty, you? You did not recognize me? We had met in uncle
Ramu’s house. That.. Oh, yes! I remembered! Hello, aunty. – Hello. What’ the matter? Both of
you have come here for shopping? Yes. That..she wanted
to buy a hair clip. She is getting married.
That is why. – Yes. Goon! Who? That one..over there.. Aunty, he scares me a lot. I feel very scared seeing him. Aunty, he is looking here only.
Oh, my god! What shall I do now? Okay, that one! He is troubling you? Hey you, come here! Aunty, leave it! Yes, you only! – Oh! No, aunty! Who else if not you? Come here. Aunty, please leave it.
– You keep quiet. Hey, what is it? What is it?
This pose, this style of walking? What attitude is this?
– Aunty, forget it. You keep quiet!
– What do you think of yourself? You think you are a hero?
I will skin you alive! Hey you! Do you think
girls are play things? Listen! If you ever look at this
girl again I will break your limbs. Have you understood? You should not spare such people.
I will teach him.. Hey, stop!
Do you know who he is? – No. Do you know kick boxing?
– I don’t know. He knows kick boxing. He will break your limbs
and keep them in your pocket. Button your shirt. If you ever do this craziness
again I will not spare you. Go! Hey you! You come to a
corner I want to speak to you. Hello! – Hey you! Where are you going? – Yes.. Come.. – Listen. I am coming. What is this?
You are trying to boss over everyone? I will give you such a slap..
Get lost! Aunty, leave him! – Go from here! Shall we go and
complain to the police? Aunty, leave it.
Please! He is a good boy (Paiya). What is the meaning of that? Paiya means boy in Tamil. Oh! Okay! So you like him? We will call him then..
– Aunty! No, aunty. Not from near. I like him only from far. After marrying him also you
will like him from far looks like. Let’s go! Chandu, next week it
is your semi final match. If you win that you
will go to the final. You are not very far from
becoming a national champion. Keep practicing. – Okay, sir. Do you know who is
your opposite this year? Satpal Mallik, last year’s champion. He is a very dangerous man. Anyway, best of luck.
– Thank you, sir. The semi-final match for the national
championship is about to begin. Mr. Satpal Mallik!
The current champion. Chandu! He is Mr. Chandu! The new entry! Listen, Fatima. Just whistle!
– I don’t know how to whistle. You must know, isn’t it? Tell me. – Even I don’t know. Hey, no one knows? Okay, I will only whistle! Son, beat him!
Give him a good beating. He is my son! – Yes. Hi She has come here. Come here! – Me? Come here and sit. Come here!
– Hey, I will be back in a minute. Please give her some space. Hello. What’s the matter?
You have come for him? What? No, no!
I have come with my friend. – Okay. Is he again troubling you?
Pray to god that he loses. No, no, aunty.
He should not lose. May he win. By the way who have
you come here for, aunty? Look there!
That bearded one! I have come for him. Oh! Is he your son? He is my boyfriend. He is your boyfriend? – Yes. Just see..look at his body.
See his personality! He is nice, isn’t it? See. Yes! For whom are you clapping? It is after all a game.
We must take it sportingly. Okay, aunty, I am going. Bye! – Bye! Hey! That girl! – What? That girl! – Who? Look at your girlfriend! Take this. – Yes. Shall I tell you one thing? I am feeling happy
as if I have passed my IAS. Looking at you I can see that. Go! The girl is a
very good artist. – Okay. For you I got her
from another city. – Oh! You are very fortunate. Go and enjoy! Go! – I want your blessings. Be happy! Shall I go in? – Yes. ‘Why should I count?
It must be the exact amount.’ Hi! – Hi! Do you know how many
tests I had to pass for you? I am your slave from today.
Tell me, how should I stay with you? What do you mean by, how? Each person has some
or the other wish. – Oh! Should I stay like your neighbor? Or should I stay like your girlfriend? Or should I stay
like your sister-in-law? It is your choice. Girlfriend will be better.
Because till now I could not find one. What s this,
Gopi, why were you so late? Tell me at least. Gopi? Who is this Gopi? From so long I am waiting for you.
Do you know that? And you are coming now? Oh, yeah! I am sorry, darling.
I am sorry. I was a little late. Never mind. Come near me. Hey! Everyone in the
park are looking at us. Oh! Okay, so this is a park? Never mind. We will close
our eyes and make love. Come. Our families are
opposing to our marriage. Who has opposed? My brother.
He also wishes to kill you. Where is he? Your papa and he,
I will kill both of them. No one can separate us. Come. That’s enough, Gopi.
It has become dark. We will go home now. What? It has become dark? So soon? Never mind. Wait for two minutes. What are you doing?
– Nothing. You too do the same thing. Gopi, what is this?
What is all this before marriage? Marriage? Forget about all that? All men are the same. You consider girls as play things. You do not love our
heart but you love our body. Am I right? I mean that twenty thousand
that I had given.. – Shut up People like you should be taught
a lesson who buy a woman’s honor. And on that day people
like you will fall at my feet. And you will say that,
Gopi, I really love you. Till then don’t ever
show me your face again. Go! Go away from here! Oh, my god!
My twenty thousand got wasted! Please hold this bag. Yes. Aunty, I am going. My child, let us know no sooner
you reach home. – Okay, uncle. Surely call and let us know.
Don’t forget. – Okay. If you don’t come for
my wedding I will kill you. Take care of yourself. I will call no sooner I reach.
Okay, bye! Listen, this is her house. She
was not seen from the past few days. Let’s find out. – What is her name? I do not know her name.
She is from Chennai. Okay, fine. Wait. Mr. Ramu! Hello! – Hello. Hello. Is everything fine? – Yes. Fine. And everything else? – Yes. Your business is fine, isn’t it?
Come on then shake hands. I am very happy to meet you. By the way tell me one thing.. She does not stay here now? – No. Very good. Okay, I will go now. -Okay. Great! You are also.. Sorry, buddy.
That girl has gone back to Madras. And they were saying that
she is going to get engaged. I have troubled that girl a lot. No! I also fell in love with her. I am missing her a lot. Shall we bunk the lecture
and go for a movie today? Hi! Hello! – Hi, Chandu! Madam is taking special class today. So will she be late? – She has
asked you to wait for half an hour. Did she tell all
of you to tell me this? Don’t you all have class? It is over. – It is over. What are you doing here then?
Go to the pub. I will go and call madam now.
– You wait here. Okay. – You wait here. Go and tell her that her son is here. Why has he come here?
– For his mother. Oh! Correct!
Correct! He comes daily, isn’t it? Hey! You purposely
got defeated by him. What is he after all? He looks like a girl. You have ruined my honor. If I would have been in
your place I would have shown him. Hey! I know who my father is.
You know who your father is. You can fight with me
and I can fight with you. But to fight with
an illegitimate person.. ..who does not even
know who his father is. It is very difficult! Illegitimate! Hey! – Chandu, stop! Chandu, stop! – No. Chandu, stop! – I will kill him! Stop! Stop! Do you know what he said?
– Stop! You go. Do you know what he said?
– Go from here! I said, go, isn’t it? Go! This is a college
and not a market. Out! You called my son an
illegitimate child, isn’t it? Yes. I said it. Yes. He is an illegitimate child. But an illegitimate
child born out of love. He is the memento of
my husband and my love. But people like you are born
out of your parent’s carelessness. Yes. He is an illegitimate child. But don’t say that again. If you say that again
he will kill you! What is it?
You want twenty thousand again? Didn’t you come again?
– Oh! But I did not do anything. What can I do if you
don’t have enough talent? Won’t you send me in?
– I will not send you in. Oh! This is twenty thousand. – Okay. Explain to her.
– You only explain to her. I will not leave her today.
– Come on, go. I was expecting you. – Hi! Forget all that.
You will have to listen to me today. As you wish. – Like we are in Ooty.
This is a guest house. There is lightening outside. Outside heavy showers are going on. You are totally drenched in that rain. After that you come to the
guest house and knock on the door. I open the door and
after that you and I.. Excuse me. – Oh, sure. ‘May I come in?’ – Yes, come in. Excuse me.
It is raining very heavily outside.. ..that is why, may I come in?
– Oh, sure! Why not? Please, come in. – Okay. Thank you. You are totally drenched. – Yes. Take this.
Here, take this. – Hey! No. No. No. Never mind. Wear it. – Thank you. Hands..warm your hands. – Thanks. Are you feeling the heat? – Yes. Thank you very much.
You allowed me to come in. You even lighted a fire.
You even gave me your shirt to wear. How will I repay your favor? How will you repay this favor? Come..come here.. Hey! What are you doing? Favor! – Look, this does not suit you. I came to ask for help
but you are trying to use me. I also have a son. – What did you say? You are married?
You are already married? What shall I tell you? The one who married me he deserted
me after I gave birth to our child. I stitch clothes and
send him to boarding school. I was going to meet him
when I got stranded in the rain. You only tell me. You too will not spare this
lady who is so ill-fated, right? Tell me. Don’t you have a heart? Mother! I called you in without
knowing anything about you. You wait here.
This guest house belongs to you now. I will myself.. Okay. What are you doing here? Why is he going weeping like this?
Did he do anything or not? Madam, as we have some
work can we leave early today? Okay, Come early tomorrow. Yes, madam. Madam, what happened, madam? Madam! – Madam! Madam, what happened, madam? Madam, are you okay? – Are you okay? Madam, what happened? Madam! – Madam! Madam, what happened, madam? – Madam! Madam! – Hold her. The condition is very serious. The veins of the heart are blocked. But we are trying our best. Where is mother? – She is inside. Look, don’t fear.
The treatment is going on. Look, you cannot go in. Listen to me..
– I want to see my mother. Listen to me, you cannot go in. Wait here. – I want to see my mother! Listen to me. Are you out of your mind?
Try to understand. But I want to meet my mother!
You move aside. Look, you cannot go inside.
– I want to see my mother! Why are you stopping me? Look, please don’t go in. – Wait. Hey! – Leave my hand! Her condition is helpless. If you wish to speak
to her then you can do so. Hey, Chandu! Go in! Go! No! – Go and speak to mother. No! I will not be able to go. – Go. Come. – I will not
be able to speak to her. Let’s go. – I will not be able to.. Come with me. – No. Mother! It is my last wish!
– This is not the last wish! Listen, my son. – Tell me, mother. After I pass away.. – Mother! Son, just once listen to me. Tell me. – After I pass away. You will spend the rest
o your life with your father. Mother! Are you out of your mind? Son, for my sake. Mother, this is not right. I did not tell you
to learn kink boxing. Even then why did you learn that? That is because it is in your blood. Do you know who your father is? Daily you bow down
in front of a photo, right? The third man in
that photo is your papa. You refused to go for
training to Vyzac, isn’t it? Raghuveer! He was a national champion six times. He is only your papa. Will you go? Go, my son. You will go, isn’t it? Promise me. Promise me. Promise me, my son.
– I promise you, mother. But, mother,
you don’t leave me and go. Do not leave me. No! Mother! Mother! Get up, mother! Mother! Mother, get up! Mother, get up! Mother, get up! Mother, get up! You cannot leave me and go. Mother, wake up!
Mother! Mother! Mother, no! Mother, get up! Mother, get up! Don’t leave me and go, mother! No, mother! Don’t go, mother! Don’t leave me and go. No, mother! Everything has been
told to your father. He will come to the
station to pick you up. I never respected anyone in life. And today I am going to that
person who I hated the most in life. These are the keys of the house.
Rent it out to someone. Chandu? – Yes. Very good! Let’s go! – Give it back to me. Hey, come on! Let’s go! Good! Jolly good! I felt very bad after
hearing about Laxmi. She is a nice girl. Why? Just because I called her a girl? Hey! She is your mother
but she is my girlfriend. Let’s go! There we are! Home sweet home! Come on. This is our house. Sit. Shalini,
he is..I had told you, isn’t it? He is Laxmi’s son. Not only Laxmi but I
am your son as well. Tell her. By the way who is she? She is your younger mother. Hey, she is younger mother.
You also have a sister. Where is Swapna? – Swapna! Come! Chandu! Your brother! This is your sister. I felt very bad after
hearing about your mother. Okay, son, what will you have?
Tea, coffee or anything else? I don’t want anything.
– You don’t want anything? Okay. Okay, let’s go. – Where? I have made arrangement
for you somewhere else. I hate you. I came here
because my mother told me so. I will not stay in
any hotel or guest house. This is also my house. She
is also my younger mother, isn’t it? I understand. Let’s go. You wish to stay here
only forever, right? Saying that you always stay
with your father your mother died. Do you know anything? Just because she asked
you tea and coffee.. ..you think that younger mother
is good. You liked her, isn’t it? Two days she will be good
with you then she will start. You will say something to her.
She will say something to you. Both of you together
will create a commotion. Due to this tension
I left your mother. I am more experienced than you.
Let’s go. Younger mother! This is only my life’s
earning and wish. Hello, sir. – Yes.
This is Balraj. He stays here only. He is my son! – What?
So big? How come such a small boy.. Look, pick up this baggage
and keep it in that room. Listen! You will stay here. This man is very confused.
– The beach is right in front of you. There is good breeze.
You will like it! When was such a big boy born? They don’t tell me anything. They hide a lot of things from me. What they are learning is kick boxing. This is a part of martial arts. They all are future champions. My boys! I have put in all
my efforts to train them. Look over there! He is Anand. He will be the next one. He will become the champion. He will win! Yes! Let’s get him, Anand! That’s it! Why? Are you getting bored? You won’t understand all this. From tomorrow you will have
to collect money from all of them. In the same way after getting up in
the morning and after cleaning all this. There is nothing wrong in that.
All this belongs to us only. Yes. That Balraj will stay with you.
Have you understood? This is your job. I will feel ashamed
to do this kind of work. Why will you feel ashamed
to do our own work? I am not ashamed to do the work. I am ashamed to stay with you.
Understood? ‘He is short tempered.’ ‘After all he is my son.’ Yeah! That’s it! Yeah! Left! Left! Hey, Balraj! – Yes! Come here! – Tell me. What is this? Tyaagraj Kalakshetra!
– What do you mean? They teach music and dancing here. There is a Guru here
by the name of Tyagraj! He teaches music to children. He has a son. Whenever he sings his
son is ready with the drum to play. Yes! Right! Very good! Look over there!
She is his elder daughter. She knows Bharata Natyam. She did love marriage
with a boy from the school. He deceived her and went away. Mr. Bhagwat has one more daughter. She is the younger one. She knows Kuchipudi,
Kathak, Kolkatta..she knows everything. People like you are
ready to entice her. She must be inside somewhere. You too go and get on with your work. ‘Good morning, teacher!’
– Good morning. Sit. Sit. ‘When I had gone to Hyderabad
I faced a problem there.’ Shall I tell you? ‘Tell us. – Tell us.’ There was a very huge old bungalow. A boy used to stay there. Where he is alive or dead. I went there to find out
whether is he there or not? Suddenly he came near me. I immediately told him. Hey, you don’t know about me.
I am not a good girl. He did not listen to me. He started coming near
me in a romantic mood. He started coming still nearer. When I forbade him he came so close.
So close! Then I got angry. Then I jumped up high in the air and
with both my legs I pushed him away. Really, sister?
– Yes. Really, my dear. Don’t you believe me?
He went so far and fell down. Sister, you also know to fight? Yes! They teach just opposite, right? Looking at them
gradually even I learnt. Hey, Chennai! – Yes!
He had called me just like that. Once again if he calls me
like that I will slash the tongue. Hey, Chennai! Come here. Come, come. How did you come here?
– I came by train. I know that. Where do you stay? I stay here only!
– Oh! I heard your wedding is fixed. Not at all!
– Do you have any boyfriend? What? – Don’t pretend.
Tell me, do you love anyone? No. – That means there is vacancy. Can I try? – What do you want to try? I stay here nearby.
Be in touch with me. Understood? Do your work. He will try.
He will try! – Hey, Chennai! What happened? – What is your name? Madurai Meenakshi Iyyer!
– What? Madurai Meenakshi Iyyer! Leave it. Chennai is fine. When will he go? – Who? Your son. When will he go? He will stay here only. What problem do you
have if he stays here. You married me saying that
you have no relation with that family. He has come here now. In front of all you will
introduce him as your son. That means everyone will come
to know that I am your second wife. That means I am your mistress. Hey! You very well
know that I am married. His mother Laxmi is dead.
He will stay here only now. You have deceived me.
You have deceived me. Keep your mouth shut
while having food. Did you hear? She is saying
that I have deceived her. I have deceived your mother.
How did I deceive her? She is right. You can deceive anyone. Take this! Today’s collection. Oh, my destiny! Listen! You are new here, isn’t it? Come on, give me juice. What have you mixed in this?
– I have mixed glucose. Did I tell you to mix it?
Why did you mix it? Who was going to drink it? You or me? How did you dare to do this? Next time do your
work properly.. – Boys! Or else I will..
– What is going on here? Sir, just look at him.
I asked for fresh juice.. ..and he mixed glucose and gave me. You could have found
out as to what each one wants? Yes! I had told you,
isn’t it that he is my son, Chandu. Oh, sorry sir! Unknowingly, I said.. No! Never mind.
It must have happened by mistake. He is Anand!
He is more to me than my son. My champion!
He is my heir! Let’s go, Anand! ‘He is my heir! My champion!’ ‘He is my heir! My champion!’ ‘My champion! He is my heir!’ Good morning, teacher! This three times and then Dit,
dit, tai, tai! Tai, Tai, Taka Tai!
Tai, Tai , Taka, Tai! Don’t pay attention to them.
We will just continue. Okay? Hey! What is this?
Tell me, what is this? Are you out of your mind? They started from there and
while boxing they came till here. Balraj, what is this? Are they
going to barge inside the house now? I don’t understand anything. Why do you give them clothes and food. They keep showing their muscles.
They keep exposing. And they are after the girls. And you too support them.
You are sensible, right? If they so want to show
their strength then tell them.. ..to join the military
and serve the country. Military? – Yes. You are right.
We should discuss about this. Come, let’s go in. All of you go! You come with me. There is no problem in
joining the military. – Yes. But there is a problem
after joining it. Whether I will get selected or not. There is a problem even
if I don’t get selected. – Yes. If I get selected
there are two problems. Either they will make me
an officer or a soldier. – Yes. There is no problem
if I become an officer. If I become a soldier
again there are two problems. Whether there will be a war or not. If a war does not take
place there is no problem. But again there will be
two problems if a war takes place. They will either make me stand in front
or they will make me stand at the back. If they make me stand
behind there is no problem. But again there will be two problems
if they make me stand in front.. I may live or I may die! If I live there is no problem. But again there will
be two problems if I die.. They will either bury me or burn me. If they burn me there is no problem. But again there will be
two problems if they bury me. Trees and plants will grow on my tomb. There is no problem if plants grow.. ..but if trees grow again
there are two problems in that. By cutting that tree they
can either make furniture.. ..or they can also make paper. There is no problem
if furniture is made. If they make paper then
again there are two problems. Is that understood? They can
be writing paper or tissue paper. Tissue means to wipe
the hands and mouth. There is no problem
if it is writing paper. But if it is tissue paper
again there are two problems. A woman can wipe
and a man can also wipe. I will not mind if a beautiful
girl like Aishwarya wipes.. ..but I will not be able
to tolerate if people like you.. ..wipe your hands and faces. I will never join the military.
What do you say? Am I right? He was out to send me to the military.
Insane man! Where is Balraj!
– He has not come today. He has not come? Hey, buddy!
– Hey! How come you are here? Nothing. I was also bored
in Hyderabad as you were not there. What is all this? Is there no other work here other
than eating and building your body? Yes, that is only the work here. Give me, I will keep it.
– Here, hold this. How you must be tolerating this! What is he doing here? Hey, you? – What are you doing here? Just like that. The thing is.. – Yes.. It was baby’s wish so
we came here on a holiday. Baby too has come? – Yes. Where is she? – She is in the hotel. But have you made any
improvements in yourself or not? Yes, I have. Just give me one more
chance I will show you my talent, then. It is not necessary to show me.
Show the girl. I am ready. – I am very
happy seeing your excitement. Keep twenty thousand ready.
I will make the arrangement. Okay. – Okay. You won’t feel bad? – I won’t. Okay. – Okay. Don’t worry. You will get cured. Balraj, what happened? Never mind. You lie down. – You here? What happened? You sit. That.. – What’s the matter?
What happened? That..my wife has very high fever. Her fever has not
subsided from yesterday. If I go who will take care of her. That..I will come in the evening. There is no need
for you ro come. – Okay. Take care of her. – Okay. Okay? I am leaving now. – Okay. Did you take her to the doctor? – No! Why didn’t you take her?
– The thing is.. Take this. – No. No. No. Keep it. Take her to the
doctor and take good care of her. What is this?
Why are you doing this work? Where is he? – His wife
is sick so he did not come. If his wife is sick
what is he doing there? He is looking after her.
Hen pecked husband! Hey! Everyone is not like you! Sorry. As his wife is sick he is massaging
her feet he is looking after her. He did not leave her to die. Don’t consider all heartless like you. Will you kill me?
Do you want to kill me? Why do you have so much anger? How do I look?
Do I look like a villain to you? I look like a villain, is it? Since the time you have
come I have been seeing you. Move back! I want to say something to you.
– What is it? That.. – Yes.. The thing is.. – Can’t you
tell me without coming closer? Yes, of course! – Yes, then tell me. The thing is the cigarette
that I had smoked.. ..please don’t tell
my father about it. Please! You came so late at
night only to tell me this? Are you going to
file a rape case on me? Henceforth never come
so late at night. Okay? Say sorry. – Sorry. Not like this. The way it
is said at our place the same way. Sorry. I will never come
again at night like this. Hey! Who is over there? She is my sister.
– Have you also come to say sorry? No. She has come with me. Okay. She has come with you.
That is okay then. You go now. And do not wander around like
this in the middle of the night. If anyone does something
you will keep crying. Come on..come on, leave now. Go. Go. Go! – Good night. Yes. Good night! Good night! Go! Go! Hey, listen! Wait for two minutes.
I will just be back. Hey, come on. – Yes.
I will be back soon. Wait. Okay? “Fiery! Fiery!
Fiery! Fiery! Fiery! Fiery! Fiery!” “Beautiful!
Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!.” “Fiery, fiery,
fiery, you are very fiery.” “Beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, you are very beautiful!” “Fiery, fiery,
fiery, you are very fiery.” “Beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, you are very beautiful!” “Your beauty and your
fairness have mesmerized me.” “You have cast magic on my heart.” “Wow, your style is so good!” “Your charm steals my heart.” “Fiery, fiery,
fiery, you are very fiery.” “I am very fiery..” “Oh, my dear, wherever
I look I can only see your face.” “I have got intoxicated.” “What kind of a trance am I in?” “Wonder what has happened to me!” “Since you met me love has bloomed..” “I got the thrill of love I am happy!” “Your love is sweet, your anger
is spicy, you have a wonderful heart.” “My heart belongs to you now.” “My darling, come near me.” “You are the youth of my heart..” “You too openly enjoy this love.” “Wow, your style is so good!” “Your charm steals my heart.” “Fiery, fiery,
fiery, you are very fiery.” “Beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, you are very beautiful!” “Oh, my dear,
this is a promise to you..” “I will never live without you.” “Oh, my darling, you belong to me..” “You only are my life partner.” “You reside in my heart,
my breath and my eyes.” “You are my life.” “You are in my heart,
in my mind, in my dreams..” “You are my life.” “Oh, my darling,
make a little mistake..” “You too openly enjoy this love.” “Wow, your style is so good!” “Your charm steals my heart.” “Fiery, fiery,
fiery, you are very fiery.” “Beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, you are very beautiful!” “Your beauty and your
fairness have mesmerized me.” “You have cast magic on my heart.” “Wow, your style is so good!” “Your charm steals my heart.” Hey you!
Hey, Chandu, my son! Come out! Come! Yes!
You have no respect for your father? Today either it is you or me.
Let us decide that. Come here..leave my hand.. Tell me, why do you hate me so much? Just because I deserted
you and your mother, right? Come..come with me..come with me.. I did not beat your
mother and threw her out. We separated! That’s it!
Listen! Kick boxing is my life. I used to dream of becoming
a champion so I learnt kick boxing. I was preparing for the nationals. That was the time
I met Laxmi..your mother. I used to love her a lot. I loved her.
I even got married to her. Only then you my son was born. Life was very good.
People from big companies came for me. They sponsored for me, they trained
me and got me ready for the nationals. The next day was the finals.
Just the next day! Raghuveer, it is seven now.
Go and take rest. I will come at four in the morning. Just a light warm up and
then we will go for the match. Okay, sir. – Good night, sir. Mr. Raghuveer! – Sir! This is the question
of the honor of our company. You will have to win. Take rest.
– Okay, sir. Thanks. – Thank you, sir. Bye! – Yes. Laxmi! Where is Laxmi? The child was burning with fever so
madam took him to Vivekanand Hospital. Sir, madam has gone alone. What happened? Our son is sick. He is serious. He is inside. Raghuveer, what happened? The child is serious. – How is he now? Sir, he is better now. This is too much!
It is four in the morning. You have not slept all night. You could have just
made one phone call and.. ..we would have come
and taken care of everything. Look at yourself.
You are looking so tired. Never mind. I will go for the fight. Just going for the fight is
not enough. It is necessary to win. Sir, I will definitely win, sir. No! We have spent
lakhs of rupees on you. What will happen to our company
if something untoward happens? Sir, don’t be tense. I will win, sir. It is so difficult to fight in the
morning after being awake all night? Trusting you we have
staked lakhs of rupees. The public will beat us with sandals. That is not the thing. – What
is it then? What is it? Tell me. Sir! – Sir! He will come with you. Listen, you go. Please, go. – Okay. Laxmi, I have a dream. I have hopes of fulfilling it someday. I do not regret losing the match. But I feel sad that I
lost because of trivial things. I am scared that I will
not be able to achieve my goal. Laxmi, I want to become
a champion of kick boxing. I want to break records. People like me should not
have tensions and tolerance. Just concentration on that..I
should only concentrate on that. Unknowingly I committed a mistake. I got married to you
and ruined your life. Look! Listen to me. I am not saying all this
with anger on you or my son. For some time I will not be
able to endure this family tension. We will separate for a few days.
Please, try to understand. We will come together
once we achieve our goal. That goal is my life. Please! It is a question
of only a few days. Okay. We will separate. Your goal is necessary for you. You achieve it. But we will never meet again. Laxmi, listen to me.. – Please!
I am not saying this out of anger. Even I have a wish. I wish to raise my
son and make him capable. From the bottom of my heart
I wish that you win the championship. But it is very difficult
to come together once we separate. All the best! We separated! That’s it! But after that..I won! Champion! That too not
once but consecutively six times. I made a record! All that fine but where
did younger mother come from? Oh, that..obligation! The first time when I lost
Shalini’s father sponsored me.. ..and by giving proper
coaching he encouraged me. That is why you also encouraged him. Hey, no! Son, it is not like that. I did not love Shalini,
she was only in love with me. She is good. I had called
Laxmi and had told her about this. But she refused to meet me. She is very stubborn.
She did not agree. Even then I explained to
her that I will get married again. At that time too
I called and told her. But she did not listen to me. But I am not a demon.
I had left Laxmi just like that. She was very stubborn. Strong! She even took up a job to raise you. If there are husbands like
you then all working women.. ..will leave their husbands and go. Oh, no! He will also not listen to me. Hey! Hey! At least listen to me first. All night will you keep
telling me such stories? By the stories you narrate
to me don’t think that.. ..I will consider you
to be a good human being.. Hey! – I will believe
anyone else but not you. He too is stubborn like his mother. He will never accept this. The girl is ready! Twenty is also ready. I am very happy to see your sincerity. But I feel something
else looking at you. What do you feel?
– I will tell you once I come back. Hi! – No, hi and bye! Every
time my twenty thousand is wasted. I have come to listen to you today.
You will listen to me. From now on I am your
husband and you are my wife. Come on! It is a question
of my twenty thousand. Why have you come so late? You told me you would
come at four in the evening. It is my wish.
I will come and go anytime I wish. Who are you to ask me? I told you to get a
milk bottle for the child. Did you get it? – I did not bring it. I am observing that day
by day your love for me is ebbing. Yes, it has ebbed. So? I am suspicious about you now. Looks like you are having an
affair with someone in your office. I will have an affair.
I will take you as well. Listen! Come here.
Just look here at me.. That means everything
should be as per your wish? I am your wife and not some machine. Did I say that? My parents had fixed
my marriage with a collector. I had lost my mind
that I got married to you. Okay! For a face like yours
a collector’s proposal had come? Today only I came to know
what you are and what your family is. Don’t try and talk high like this. Why? What did my family
lack in giving you? As it is why will
you care for my parents? Stingy man! You did not even give clothes
to my parents at the time of marriage. All the relatives were taunting us. Yes, then? As if you are so beautiful! Your parents were no less. They promised to
give me a Hero Honda.. ..but they did not
even give me a Hero cycle. You are talking so lowly
about me and my family? I cannot stay with you. What will you leave me?
I will only leave you and go. You do what you want to do.
Yes. I will also see! She is arguing with me. Call the lawyer!
I want to divorce her. What? Definitely the nuptial
night is not in his destiny. Guarantee! You dance very well. – Who are you? I am your lover! Who is it? Who is it?
– Hey, she is blind! She is blind! She cannot see anything.
– Who is here? You can do anything. Yes. Who is here?
– Will you dance with me? Come, we will both
dance together. Come. Help! Someone please help! I will enjoy myself with you today! Brother, maybe she will agree. ‘Son Of A Hero!’ What are you looking at me? You will save her? You are a hero? No, no. I am not a hero.
I was eating corn. She came and stood near me. You do what you want. How can you say this?
I am your neighbor, isn’t it? So? – So, won’t you save me? Oh! As we are neighbors
is it a rule to save you? Don’t I have any relation with you?
Don’t you like me? No! – Why did you hug me then? You were forcibly putting
your arms around me. Okay? I don’t love you. But I do love you.
– Why didn’t you tell me that then? I am telling you now, isn’t it?
– Say it once again? Hey! What are you discussing with her? Brother, just wait.
This is a personal matter. Say it! Say it! – I love you! Not like this.
The way we do it at our place. I love you, Chandu! Hey! What drama is this? Brother, please leave us now.
We have just met. Please do not separate us. To unite you both am I your broker? My job is to separate. You.. Understand when I tell you once! Try to understand my problem! Oh, my god! Because of you there
us a problem in fighting. You just move aside. Leave me! Just see what a good boy he is! Till now I have not held her properly
and you are trying to hold her? I will not spare you! ‘You are so crazy!’ Come! Come here! Come! ‘Wait!’ All have gone! What have you done?
My child, what have you done? You very well know those
Karate and Lung Fu people, isn’t it? Didn’t you see your sister?
The way they have ruined her life? You have ruined the
tradition of our family. Are you listening? What have you done? You have insulted
Papa’s Bhagwat tradition. How will we face everyone now? Why are you quiet?
Speak, speak, why don’t you speak? Brother! – Leave her! Leave her! Leave her! Leave her! Take her in. That’s nice!
Son, tell me, how come you are here? Nothing, sir.
I just came to see what you are doing? Wow! You came to see? – Yes. Come, sit. – Yes. Come. Come and sit. Now see, the population
of this country is hundred crores. And from that 29 crore
population is old and retired. And because of them India
is not progressing at all. No, it is not progressing.
– After that 81 crore population is left. From that too 25 crores are in school,
colleges and doing PHD. Now the population left
is 56 crores of people. From that also 20 crore
people are in government.. ..or are working in civil government.. ..who actually never do any work. Balance left is 34 crore people. From that four crore
people have joined the army.. ..and with guns in their hands
they are wandering around the border. The balance left is 30
crore people and from that also.. ..20 crore people have become,
robbers, thieves.. ..scoundrels, goons, loafers, rogues.. ..Kung Fu Karate masters
and are robbing the people. Those people are absolute waste. They are of no use to the country. Now balance left is 10 crores. From that too 8 crore are
wandering around unemployed. Forget them. You tell me
the two crore people who are left.. ..how can they be of
help to the country, tell me. From that also one
crore twenty lakh people.. ..are suffering from different diseases
are getting themselves treated. Only 80 lakh people are left now. From that too according
to my knowledge 79 lakhs.. ..99 thousand 995 people.. ..have committed different
kinds of crimes.. ..and are rotting in different
jails in our country. Now tell me.s Only five people are left now. Prime Minister, Manmohan.
Chief Minister, Prithviraj Chauhan. Myself, my son and you. The Prime Minister and Chief
Minister are doing their job. My son and I are doing
all our with our own hands. And what are you doing? You are wasting your time
by listening to our story. What is all this? You foolish man,
do some work at least. Why are you being
a burden on your country? Crazy man! Leaving aside all his work
he has come to see what we are doing. Wow Lovely! Hey, Chandu! Just see how
many beautiful girls are here. They are useless! – Okay. No problem. I will buy this entire land
and start growing coconuts here. What do you say now?
– That is still bad. Oh! Never mind! Chandu, I can buy the whole
world only if you support me a little. What do you say? Tell me. Here I am talking but
you are not saying anything. Why are you beating him? Do you know what he is doing with you? I very well know what he is doing. By the way who are
you to tell me this? I am your brother! – You
are my brother? And how is that? Are we both born from the same mother? There is no meaning
to our relationship. That is why do not
show your right on me. Listen! Your family is different
and my family is different. Anand and I love each other.
We will go anywhere we want. If you talk too much
I can do anything. And who are you to tell me this? Who is he to raise
his hand on my daughter? Anand is staying with us like a family
member since the past four years. They are children. So many times they have
gone to the discoquethe together. Why? Doesn’t he go
around with that girl? Since childhood till date
we have never raised our hand on her. Who is he to raise his hand on her! Hey! All the time don’t keep saying,
who is he, who is he? He is my son! He is my son! Nonsense! Hey! Who are you to beat her? What is your relation with her? She is my sister. She is my younger mother
and you are my father. And this is my family. So what if she is your sister? Will you beat her
if she goes to the disco? She took permission from me and went. She did not go without informing me. She went with my permission.
I am her father. Such a father who does
not fulfill his responsibility! You can send your daughter
but I cannot send my sister. That is not the thing, you crazy boy. Who knows? They both might
be in love with each other. If he would have been
really in love with her.. ..or would have wanted to marry her.. ..he would not have taken
her into the toilet then. You can keep quiet if someone
takes your daughter into the toilet. But I will kill that man who
will take my sister into the toilet! Laxmi. There is a vast difference between
your upbringing and my upbringing. Papa! Why are you hell bent
on ruining my daughter’s life? You have misunderstood me. I have never deceived your daughter. I loved her and I also married her. But when my brothers came
to know this in my native place.. ..they had locked me up. It is not my mistake at all in this. Not only this. His brothers
were getting him married again. Mr. Chandu, went there,
fought with them and brought him here. Now at least have faith in us. Please forgive me.
I really misunderstood you. But like god you came and
brought back my daughter’s happiness. Did you see?
Karate and Kung Fu did this wonder! Not by singing songs.
You always keep shouting at me. I would like to ask you one thing. Our Chandu’s wedding
with your younger daughter.. Hey you! What are you talking here? I was just trying to fix a wedding. Tell me, will you like it?
Will you accept it? I will make him my..
– I did not understand? Son-in-law! Son-in-law! Will you get married to my daughter? What do you mean?
– I mean, do you like my daughter? Your daughter is good? – Yes. Will she obey me? – Yes. Will she give me
a kiss whenever I want? Tell me. – Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, left, right punch!
Left, right punch! Yes! Left.. Hello. – Hello. I am Nidhi! What’s the matter? – Where is Anand? Anand is not here.
He has not come today. When I called his home
he was not there as well. He must have gone to his native place.
He will come. He will not come here now. – Why? Go and ask him that. He was going to fight
on behalf of our company. We have sponsored him.
We have spent lakhs of rupees on him. We had thought that he
would fight for our company.. ..due to which our
sales would increase. The fight is next month. And he is going to fight
on behalf of JK Company, right? They are going to announce that today. You all have misunderstood something. Not at all!
We are asking you after confirmation. Look here, Mr. Raghuveer! I
do not know what you are going to do. But Anand will have
to fight from our side. What is this? Excuse me. Are you out of your mind? Why are you doing this? Just because Chandu beat you?
That is why? I.. I will make him apologize to you. He will fall at your
feet and apologize. Come. Let’s go. Hey! – Excuse me.
Please do not disturb us. It’s company party. Hello. Excuse me.
I have not come here to fight. He is my student and I
have come here to take him away. Let’s go. – Sorry. He won’t come.
We are sponsoring him now. Hey! He is more to me than my son. Since he was four I have
trained him and made him ready. He is my student! Let’s go!
– Sorry, sir! I will not come. He is sponsoring me. Hey! Are you out of your mind? I will be defamed. Hey! I am your master!
– You are my master? This is very old matter now. He is my master now. That means I am not your master? Every month you get your fees on time. You gave me the fees! That means our relation
is only concerned with fees? Hey! I will kill you! I will kill you! Take him away! Hey! I will kill you!
I will not spare you! Anand, listen to me!
Anand, listen to me! What happened, younger mother? He has still not returned home.
It is three at night. He must have fallen drunk somewhere.
He will come. You go to sleep. How much ever he drinks
he always returns home. We are very scared. We waited for him a longtime
but when we could not understand.. ..anything we came to you. Son, I am feeling very scared. Papa used to always
return home by nine. He did not come today. Papa did not come!
Papa did not come! Papa did not come! 25 years I waited
but papa did not come. My mother waited for thirty years. Her husband did not return. Tonight he is a little
late and you both are scared! Go, he will not die. He will come. What is this?
You don’t love your father even a bit. Your mother also must be like you.
That is why he deserted her. Let’s go from here. Mr. Chandu! Mr. Chandu! Mr. Chandu! Open the door..
– Tell me, what happened? Someone has beaten your
father and thrown him away. He is in the hospital. Over there. Papa, who beat you? Who beat you? Son, Anand deceived me. What happened?
Tell me, what happened? Chandu! Chandu! What are you doing? Chandu! Chandu! – My son! – Mr. Cahndu! – Chandu! Where are you taking papa? Move back! Move back! Brother Chandu! – What are you doing? Papa! – Brother Chandu! Open the door! Chandu! Where are you taking me? Hey, Chandu! Hey! Stop! Hey, Chandu! Hey, no! Hey you! Who beat him? Hey, Chandu! – Who beat him? Hey! Why are you asking us?
Ask this uncle Shakuni! No! No, my son! Hey! I have beaten him.
What will you do? Tell me, what will you do? Hey, Chandu! Hey! They will kill you Chandu! Hey! You are all alone! Don’t lock horns with them. Chandu! Come! Come! Come! How can you beat a person like this? Fortunate people
get a coach like this. Hey! Wherever you
see Anand tell him that.. ..no sooner I see him I will kill him! Get lost! Tell him this! Chandu! Hey! He is my papa! He has brought me into this world. If anyone dare to touch him
again I will not just kill him.. ..I will cut him to pieces. I will not spare anyone!
– Forget it, son. How did you beat so many of them? Do you know kick boxing? Chandu! Hey! Tell me.. Hey, Chandu!
My son! Come! Come..Chandu! Why didn’t you tell me that
you were selected for the finals? Keeping a gem at home
I was training others. Hey, move back! You come! – Sir! You come! – Sir, wait! Sir! No! No! No!
Chandu! Come, you are my real hero. I will train you.
I will make you the champion. “I belong to him..him..him..” “I am his fantasy!” “My heart beats fast..” “The watch ticks along.” “My style is alluring!” “My charm is charismatic!” “My name is on everyone’s lips..” “My only task is to steal hearts.” “All want to be loved by me.” “I am the desire of all lovers.” “I belong to him..him..him..” “I am his fantasy!” “My heart beats fast..” “The watch ticks along.” “My style is alluring!” “My charm is charismatic!” “Super hero, hero..” “Super hero, hero..” “Super hero, hero..” “Super hero, hero..” “Super hero, hero..” “The way I will dance like
a snake I will sting all hearts..” “The way I will aim with my eyes the
arrow will pierce through the heart.” “This heart will call me near it.” “My slim waist,
my young age and my sharp eyes..” “It wounds everyone’s heart.” “Everyone in the city speaks about me. “All are intoxicated with my charm..” “My face is very alluring!” “There is no one like me.” “I belong to him..him..him..” “I am his fantasy!” “My heart beats fast..” “The watch ticks along.” “My style is alluring!” “My charm is charismatic!” “If I shake my slim waist,
all go crazy.” “All sigh! All are crazy after me..” “People are filled
with zest because of me.” “There is a strange
kind of furor around.” “This is the sickness of love..” “There is no medicine for this..” “This intoxication is very dangerous!” “People lose the
solace of their heart.” “My heart is crazy..” “My beauty is intoxicating..” “My body is like fire!” “Fire is ignited in the body..” “I belong to him..him..him..” “I am his fantasy!” Come! Yesterday only I
booked a flat near the beach. I see! Even I sold all
the gold that I had at home. Very good.
Buy furniture with this money. Okay. Go. Play. Hi! – Hello. I am not a great artist like you are. In every trip I am spending
twenty thousand just to acquire you. Today your character
is that of Jalebibai.. ..and my character is that of a Romeo. Please for god’s sake co operate. Should I off the
lights or let them be. On, my god!
Why didn’t you tell me this before? I would have saved my sixty thousand. Come. Com to me in
the darkness of the night. Sir. ‘English rap song’ Family! Family! No, sir! Business! Business! Okay. You are saying family
and she is saying, business. There is a police
station nearby. – What? We will go and decide there. Come on! Tell me now. Is it family or business? To tell you the truth we
want to become husband and wife. We were just discussing about
that when you came in the middle, sir. You tell me. Is this the truth? That..he told me that
he would marry me. – Yes. Sating this he has been taking
advantage of me since many days. You wretched.. – Hey! Continue.
– Sir, he is refuses to marry me now. Hey you! You are acting very smart? No sir. Actually the
thing is our family members.. Forget about them! I will
lock you in the cell and beat you. Listen! Go and get the Mangalsutra! He will get married here right now. Sir! Marriage here? If taking permission from my family
and finding the auspicious time.. Shut up! While doing this lowly deed
did you see the auspicious time.. ..that you are seeing it now? I will beat you!
Come on, stand near her. Stick to her! Sir! I will tell you the truth, sir. Sir, I was not going
to get married, sir. I had paid money and gone there, sir. Oh, my god! When the time came to get married
you are calling me a degraded woman? Why are you playing
with my life like this? What was lacking in my love? Is this the status
a woman has in society? Stop! Till I am alive no injustice
will be done on any woman in society. I will never let that happen! You only had fixed the time
with Pakistan to blast the Charminar? What did you say? I did that? Where have you hidden your father,
Bin Laden? Tell me from where do you do carry
on the work of your organization? Tell me! Oh! So you are coming from that route? Okay, sir. You only wish that
I tie the Mangalsutra in her neck? I will put it! – Put it! Give it to me. Come on exchange garlands. Good. Click a snap. Oh, god! What is happening?
– Hey, you smile. Unnecessarily I got tied down. Did you suffer a shock? Hey you! Where were you till now? Where were you when they
were getting her married to me? She is not a case. Look at her face. She is my daughter. – What? She is my daughter. – Your daughter? Yes. She is my daughter. I was thinking where will
I get dowry from to get her married.. ..by then I met you. – Like a donkey? No, my son. After I did your verification
I came to know that. You are a very nice person. Really? – Yes. That is why by doing
this I got my daughter married to you. What? – Yes. She is your daughter, isn’t it? I am an artist as well as unmarried. I do not know anyone else besides you. You have made a fool out of me. – Yes. I never thought this
would ever be my condition. You calm down..calm down, son-in-law. Yes. – Shall I go? Yes, go. Go and be happy. Come on, get up!
Get up! Stand up! Stand straight! What are you doing here? Go! Why is she crying? Does she love you? You too love her? Nonsense! Listen! If you intend to
get married only then fall in love. Hey you! All fall in
love to get married only.. ..and not to desert her. I am not like that,
have you understood? Till I die I will be with her. Why do you keep repeating
the same thing again and again? Get lost!
He and his mother, mother, mother! There is nothing else! Listen! The lady who just
went from here what did she buy? She purchased pesticide to
spray in the fields in the village. Pesticide? Hello. Yes, one minute. Chandu’s call. Move! Move! – Hello. Papa, this is Chandu here.
– Hey, where are you? Papa, you never told me that we have
land and property in our native place. So soon land and property? Papa, please tell me. Look, for me besides
this school and you.. ..I have no other property. Hello. – He disconnected the call. I should listen to him.
He will never listen to me. Younger mother, what is all this? Son, Anand has deceived her. After making her pregnant
he is now saying that.. ..he has no relation with her. The other day I was very
ride to you when you scolded her. But son, that day you were right. Now after knowing everything
we mother and daughter.. ..have no other option
other than to die. You will not punish only yourself,
younger mother. This punishment will also be for me. My mother passed away!
Will you also leave me and go now? I will talk to Anand.
Don’t tell this to papa. Anand! I want to speak to you. About your sister’s child? I had told her to
get an abortion done. Anand! You scoundrel! Sorry! Sorry, Anand.
I was a little angry. Please! Don’t take my revenge
out on my sister, Anand. Please! Please! – What is
the guarantee that it is my child? There are so many
boys in the institute. Who knows it may be someone else’s? Anand! No.
No. Please..please don’t do this. Please, Anand.
I will do whatever you say. See, see, I am falling at your feet. Please don’t do this with my sister. Anand, please..please.. She is very good.
She is very good, Anand. She loves you a lot.
– That is her illegitimate child. Why should I accept that? Anand! No! Why do you speak like that? Please! Forget all that.
Look, I am falling at your feet.. Brother! Please do not fall at
the feet of that scoundrel, brother! You keep quiet.
I am talking to him, isn’t it? No, brother!
– I am talking to him, isn’t it? No, brother. Please come back.
– Keep quiet! Keep quiet! Look, Anand!
Listen to me. Listen to me. Forget all that!
Please marry my sister. Please! Son, stop! Don’t beg in front of him. Younger mother!
Younger mother! Please.. No! He is not worthy of that!
Don’t beg in front of him. Yes, son. – Younger mother.. Only I know how for four
years your papa looked after him. Younger mother! – You come from here. Please don’t speak like that.
– You come with me. Younger mother, he will agree.
– Let’s go from here! Listen to me.. – Come along from here! Brother! No, brother! I will kill this child but
I will not get married to this man. Brother, let’s go.
– Let me speak to him.. Let’s go! – I am telling you,
let’s go from here! Younger mother. – I said, come on! Concentrate!
Concentrate on your energy. You must have faith
on your own strength. Listen! Energy is divine!
And it is also immortal. Tiredness is temporary. Only when you get tired
new energy is generated. Just regenerate your energy! You must not remember
anything else besides.. ..the nose and face
of the opposite person. Concentrate! Concentrate! Concentrate! Just concentrate! Don’t think of worthless things. Right! Right!
Okay! Do it! Take it! Yeah! Do it! Yeah! That’s it!
Anand, come on! Good. Come on. Tomorrow in the match you
have to hit him with vengeance. It is not very difficult
for you to beat him. Don’t worry about him. Don’t consider him to be weak. He alone came and beat
20 people and went away. Both of you remember that. We will have to cleverly
win tomorrow’s match. You will have to beat
him psychologically. I will plan! Here take the offering. – Why? So that you win tomorrow’s match. We all are coming and it is
my belief that you will surely win. And you had also won
when mother was there, right? Yes, but on that day..my
mother was there on that day. She won’t be there tomorrow. Your mother! Was she there in
the match the other day? That day you were telling
me that she is no more? Who is your mother? That was your mother? – Yes. She was such a nice person. Hey! Shankar!
Why have you worn a monkey cap? My mother will also
come for tomorrow’s match. Keep the seat beside
you vacant for her. Okay? – Okay. Chandu! Papa! Papa! Papa, what happened? What happened to you? Papa! – Chandu! What happened to you? Papa! Chandu, nothing will
happen to me. You go. Papa, I will not go. I will not go.
– Chandu, listen to me. I will stay here only, papa. Please! Listen to me..
– I will stay here only. Listen to me.. Hello. – Hi!
We have spoken to the doctor. He said everything is fine.
We will take care. You come. I am coming. – Chandu, listen to me.. Yes, I am going. We should leave now.
I am there, you come. Papa, I am coming. Let’s go. – Let’s go. Look, I will not leave my papa and go. How will it do if
you become so obstinate? Tomorrow is the match
you will have to come. I will not play the match. We spent so much money on you.
What about that? You will get your money back. Will you bring back my papa’s life? Hey! Just because we are talking
to you nicely don’t underestimate us. ‘We will present you in the court
and bring all of you on the road.’ ‘Yes, do whatever you want. Go!’ ‘How are you talking?’
– ‘Don’t you understand?’ ‘Hey! Go from here!’ Chandu! Come here! Sit. What is all this? This is the goal of your life. It is your dream! – Papa, I.. Why did you work hard for
so many years? – Papa, leaving you.. Go! Go! – Papa, look.. Go! – Papa,
my goal is not greater than you. I am going.
I am going. Yes, I am going. In a few minutes the
47th national kick boxing.. ..championship finals
is about to commence. Expectations on this
finals are very high. The road to this scene has
seen many hurdles and disputes. Now I would like to
introduce the two finalists. Number one! Mr. Chandu! ‘Give him a big hand!’ Mr. Chandu has been
last year’s champion. Look over there! There comes our hero! And the second finalist, Mr. Anand! ‘Give him a big hand! Mr. Anand!’ ‘He has changed from Fox
and Core to J.K. Industries.’ ‘Now representing, Mr. Anand!’ ‘He has been the favorite and he is
looking very energetic and confident.’ Come on Chandu. Yes! Son! You only beat that scoundrel! Son, do not spare him. Don’t spare him!
Don’t spare him at all. I am telling you son, don’t spare him. All the best! Hey! Hey, come on! That’s it! That’s it! Attack, Chandu! Beat him! Listen, son.
You will only have to kill him. If you can’t kill him then tell me,
I will kill him. Don’t leave him! Don’t leave him!Beat him! Beat him! Beat him! You will have to kill him. Beat him! Yes! Well done! Very unfair! Chandu! If you lose I will marry your sister. Think and see. If you win
who will get married to your sister? Hey! Chandu! Chandu, beat him! Chandu! Chandu! Chandu!
Why aren’t you beating him? Why are you getting beaten? Tell me. He will marry my sister. What? – Younger mother,
he is ready to get married. Chandu, now! Hey, Chandu! – Listen! Chandu! – Brother,
you are not going to lose like this. Never mind if your sister
does not get married.. ..but you have to beat him. You will have to win. Beat him! Brother,
I will not get married to him. Brother, beat him, brother, beat him. Keep quiet!
– Don’t spare him, brother. Keep quiet! – Beat him! Keep quiet. Son, beat him! – Brother, beat him. Son, beat him! What is he doing? Hey! Move away! Wait! Wait! – Father, wait. Listen! Listen! – Wait. Chandu! Chandu! Chandu, beat him! Come on. Yes! Chandu, get up! Hey, Chandu! Get up, Chandu! Get up, my son! Hey! Hey, Chandu! Get up and fight! Get up and fight. ‘Chandu, get up, my son!’ You never thought about one thing. What will you do
if I go back on my word? Chandu! Hey! Listen! I am telling you now.
I will not get married to your sister! And yes! See! Look over there! She is going to be my wife. Do whatever you want. Hey! – Hey! He is losing because of his sister. Otherwise he will kill you! Get up, Chandu! Kill him! Kill him! Don’t spare him! Kill him! Get up, Chandu! Get up! Come! Come and beat me! Chandu, get up and kill him! Concentrate on target. Defeat is temporary. Concentrate on victory. Concentrate on target. Defeat is temporary. Concentrate on victory. Concentrate on target. Defeat is temporary. Concentrate on your energy. ‘You will have to fulfill your goal.’ ‘Chandu!’ ‘Concentrate!’ Come on. Yes! Yeah! Beat him! Beat him! Beat him more! Anand! Anand! Anand, get up! Marry my sister!
Hey, Anand, please, Anand! My sister is very nice. Please, buddy. Look..look at that girl!
See how she is going away! She is leaving you and going away. But my sister is not like this.
She is very nice. How painful it is to be without
a father, I know very well. Buddy, listen to me.
I don’t want one more like me. I don’t want one more like me. I don’t want one more like me. I don’t want one more like me. I don’t want one more like me. Anand, please. Anand. Please! Please, Anand! Agree to my request. Hey, Chandu! I feel like falling at your feet. To me.. – Papa! Chandu! Chandu! Hey, Channai! How are you feeling? Do you know Tamil? Yes, I know. My mother is a
Tamilian and my father is a Gujarati. But you don’t look like that. My papa is a son of a Gujarati
and he married a Tamil girl. Then I was born. I am a little mad.
Do you have any problem? – No. Your sister is going
to become a mother. – Yes. Don’t you want as well? – Yes. No. But let us get married first.

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