Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – ये उन दिनों की बात है – Ep 29 – 13th October, 2017

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – ये उन दिनों की बात है – Ep 29 – 13th October, 2017

I am not interested
to talk to you. Why did you refuse
to play Juliet? I don’t think it is necessary
to give you any explanation. But that role was very
important for you, right? Naina what is that guy doing with you? Naina, answer me.
What is he doing with you? ‘You won’t understand
unless I bash you up!’ Enough! Sir, I am atoning for my sin. Please forgive me. No way. I can never forgive
a guy like you who is a big
cheater and so insolent. Then fine, sir
until you forgive me I’ll come and touch your feet,
every day. I will continue
atoning for my sin. Moreover,
teachers like you have taught us that a teacher
is next to God. Sir, you tantamount to God. There is no shame in
bowing down to God. ‘Sameer touched
dad’s feet.’ ‘Even I was left stunned.’ ‘Was Sameer really
regretting his actions?’ ‘Was Sameer really interested
to reform himself?’ ‘When we are in
love with someone’ ‘our heart takes
that person’s side’ ‘for each and everything.’ ‘But the truth was’ ‘this was
only Sameer’s plan.’ ‘To get his work done,
he could go to any lengths.’ Dad. Dad!
– Yes. Did you have
any work with me? Well.. Have you come across the old
keys of the library at home? N-No. Okay.
Go and study. And stay away from such guys. Do you get it? Go.
– Okay. Naina I’ve already
apologised to your dad but first of all,
I need you to forgive me. I am sorry, Naina. Naina. Today, let’s go home
together. Okay? But, Dad, that..
I have got my bicycle. Fine, go carefully. ‘Do you see?
Finally, her heart melted.’ ‘That’s why,
she accepted the cassette.’ ‘Sameer’s idea worked out.’ ‘And on
the other hand’ ‘God was writing
a new chapter’ ‘in the love story
of Naina and Sameer.’ Come on, study properly.
Here you go. And along with that,
have something to eat. Here you go.
– I don’t want. May God save me from lying.
Sister-in-law, you know what? I have prepared a new
dish called Chow Mein reading in the newspaper. Chow Mein!
– It is from China. You mean you
got it from China? Sister-in-law,
you are impossible What I meant by that is,
it is a Chinese dish. Taste it.
– Have you tasted it? Sister-in-law, how can
I taste it before you? Moreover,
you have such a sharp tongue. I mean,
your taste buds are sharp. You make a
fantastic food critic. I thought of making
you to taste it first. If nothing happens to you
then I’ll serve it to others. Oh, God!
Why should I risk my life? Go and make someone
else taste it. Didn’t you find anyone else?
Go! Go and make someone
else taste it. Oh, God! It was looking like worms! Pralay.
Hey, Pralay! Naina, I still can’t
believe that Sameer touched your dad’s feet. Even it is hard
for me to believe. But he really did it. That too
in front of the entire class. I wonder, why he did that
all of a sudden, today. You by falling at his
feet and apologising, publicly ruined the reputation
we had earned over years. You disgraced us, Sameer.
You disgraced us. Really, Sameer. You totally let us down. Why.. Why did you do that? Sameer, if you really wanted
to touch a teacher’s feet then there were
many other teachers. Right.
– Why Mr. Agarwal? Didn’t you find anyone else
other than that librarian? Naina first gave a new
twist to this story by refusing to
play Juliet’s role. And I gave
it a second twist by touching the feet of
her respected father. Because, I have realised
at least this much that a way to her heart
is through her family. So, once Naina’s father
forgives me then her heart too
will melt for me, soon. And yes if she listens to the cassette
I have recorded for her.. Okay.
– …once and gets convinced. Then think that we
have won the challenge. Sameer,
you are really great! You are not great,
but are like a hand pump. What do you mean? Just like a hand pump
only very little of it is out and a lot more is
still hidden, under. Shall we make a move, now?
– Let’s go. – Let’s go. As per Rs. 15 per kilo,
five kilos cost Rs. 75. And this rice is Rs. 20 per
kilo, so for four kilos it will be Rs.80. Have you come across the key
bunch of my library? Oh, God!
You made me miss the count. You always misplace
it and keep asking us. Pooja has hung it there along
with the other keys. Go and check there. – I have
already checked there. It is not there. Unbelievable! Do you mean
that I have hidden it? You might’ve forgotten
it in the library. You might’ve given
it to someone. Or might’ve misplaced
them in anger. Not at all. Since the time the exam
question papers got stolen I have got
new locks, installed. I guard them
moe than my life. I never even touch
the old lock and keys. Seems like I’ll have
to hide the keys in my scooter’s gloves
compartment, hereafter. I don’t know why people are
after my keys. Sameer thinks that by doing
all this, I will forgive him. Be it touching dad’s
feet or this cassette.. What if he has recorded his apology in this? I will listen to it.
No! No, Naina. If you fall weak, Sameer will
keep repeating it. You don’t have to fall weak. You need to handle
yourself, Naina. All of this.. Sister Naina.
Sister Naina please go and
give the keys to Uncle Rakesh. This is.. These are dad’s
library keys. How did you get it? I was learning magic
by imprinting the shape of the keys on a soap
to make a duplicate one. The boys at school did
make duplicate keys. So, I let that go. Please go and give this
to Uncle Rakesh. If he comes to know that
I have taken the keys.. Pralay, this is very wrong. Promise me that you will
never do this again. I promise you, all right? You can go now!
– Okay! Let’s go. There is a commotion in
the house just because your keys went missing. Hey, what will people do
with your keys? Don’t trouble me. If that was the case,
you could have made a duplicate one! So that people could
steal that as well. It might be here. – Do what
you like. – Find the keys. Yes, you can look for it! Dad.. Dad, here are your keys. It was in my room. This is called, finding
something which was right next to you! The keys were in our house
but you were shouting at every possible person. Where did you find the keys? Yes! My keys were kept
somewhere in the house. Why are you here? Couldn’t you take care
of the keys? Actually, Dad.. Don’t look for reasons! You just keep roaming
all the time. I have the keys. Then, how did Brother Arjun
get them? ‘The student who has won
the competition of’ ‘our school is Arjun Agarwal.’ ‘Here, have the Samosas.’ ‘Let it be, Dad.’ ‘I have just become a
Head Boy and not’ ‘won a National award.’ ‘What are you hiding?’ ‘Me? What am I hiding?
Nothing!’ ‘Is it?
Where is your batch?’ ‘Are you talking about that?’ ‘I will be well known
in the school now.’ ‘I have been the Head Boy’s
sister since two years.’ ‘Isn’t it?’ ‘Enough of it, Naina.’ ‘I just told you that I
couldn’t fix the pin.’ ‘This? Don’t worry about it.’ ‘You won’t get this question
in your exam.’ ‘How do you know?’ ‘Actually, I had the same
question in my’ ‘final exam the last year.’ ‘The questions don’t repeat
so soon.’ ‘Were you present when the
question papers got stolen?’ ‘You just saw that the
keys were with me’ ‘and decided me to be
the thief.’ What happened, Naina?
Do you need something? Yes, Brother. I needed an answer
to my question. Answer? What is the question? How did you get dad’s keys? I have the keys. Pralay had taken the
original keys. How did you get the
duplicate keys, Brother? Brother, why aren’t you happy
being a Head Boy? How did you come to know
about the questions which won’t be
asked in the exams? Brother, what are you
hiding from me? You can tell me the truth. What could I do, Naina? I couldn’t understand anything. Dad believed that only I
can become the Head Boy. I didn’t realise when this belief turned into pressure. And I don’t know how I
got the keys and the question paper.. I had to not only win the match
but score well in the exam to become
the Head Boy. I had to score good marks
and that is why I.. And it’s not like I wasn’t
studying, Naina. I was studying
day and night! But because of this,
I was not able to sleep. I was worried that if I
failed to become the ‘Head Boy’ then dad would be dejected. That’s why,
I stole this key, Naina. But, Brother this is cheating, right?
It’s deception. Someone else is paying
for all this. I know, Naina,
and I’m also regretful about it. Even after winning, I’m not able
to face myself. And also, I’m not able
to face Sameer too. And, Naina,
don’t tell this to dad! He should never know how
I became the ‘Head Boy’. Otherwise, he will be dejected
and disappointed, Naina. And you know that dad has always
seen bad times in his life. This little triumph of mine means a big win for him,
Naina. Didn’t you see? He is so happy! He is celebrating my success
with the entire neighbourhood. If he ever comes
to know about it then he will be ashamed,
Naina. Please, Naina,
you won’t tell him, right? ‘Naina, wish me luck and don’t
forget to wish me every day.’ ‘Actually, it’s very
important for me’ ‘to win the ‘Head Boy’
competition.’ ‘I saw this key falling
from Sameer’s pocket.’ ‘These are my shoes, right?’ ‘Yes. These are yours!
Your new shoes, right?’ ‘Take them. Congrats
on your new shoes!’ “I’m missing you!” “I’m so missing you!” “Your memories and your egress
is killing me!” “I’m missing you!” “I’m so missing you!” ‘Without even finding out
about the truth’ ‘you declared me a thief
in front of everyone.’ ‘You destroyed me
with your half-truth!’ “At first, I didn’t know it” “I realised it after you left,
that in love..” “At first, I didn’t know it” “I realised it after you left,
that in love” “it will be difficult” “to live without you!”
– Naina! Naina, what happened? Naina!
– “I don’t even know” “how I’m even breathing!”
– Hey! “I’m missing you!” “I’m so missing you!” Naina, tell me what happened.
Tell me! I did wrong, Shefali! I have been
unfair with Sameer! I had told you that I love him. I loved him but I didn’t
trust him. S-Sameer is a very
good human being. I was looking for love
in the silly games. I couldn’t understand the real
meaning of love in real life. ‘Sameer was apologising
for his own selfish reasons.’ ‘But I loved him truly.
I misunderstood him.’ ‘I got him punished.’ ‘Even today, the thought
of it brings tears in my eyes.’ ‘That’s how first love is,
right?’ ‘You can never forget it.’ I’ve always done wrong
with Sameer. I complained about him
yet he returned me my shoes. I got him reprimanded by his dad
in the pretext of teaching him. Yet he didn’t say anything. And now,
I accused him of stealing. He will never forgive me.
Right, Shefali? You know, he gave me a cassette
with an apology even today. And, I.. That cassette..
– Cassette? Cassette..
– N-Naina! Oh, God! What have I done! I wonder what
Sameer has recorded in this cassette for me! An apology or a friend request? On top of it I’ve also refused to do
the play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Please, God, help me!
Do something! ‘My love story would
also get tangled’ ‘like the reel
of this cassette.’ ‘Tangled and moving
round and round!’ ‘And the more I tried
to untangle it’ ‘the more it would entangle.’ ‘But even I had
made up my mind’ ‘that even though it’s difficult
to solve love’s problem’ ‘I would surely restore
this cassette.’ ‘The things we do
when we’re in love!’

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