XP-PEN Artist 22R Pro Graphics Display

XP-PEN Artist 22R Pro Graphics Display

The XP-Pen Artist 22R Pro is the first graphics display that supports a Type-C to Type-C connection Features two easy-to-control red dial wheels and 20 customizable shortcut keys Integrated Adjustable Stand Draw with a more precise cursor positioning even at the four corners Supports up to 60 degrees of tilt function Battery-free Stylus Multi-function pen holder Unleash new creative possibilities

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  1. Wouh finally ! awesome work guys.
    but is is laminated ? Also i kinda expect 2k+ res. its like the next move :I

  2. Just found it on the XP Pen website. Its 30% off and 699.00 US dollars. The screen says anti-glare. I don't know if that is the same as laminated.

  3. Wow, finally the big brother of red dial family has been released. Good job XP-Pen!

    I can see the red dial will be favorite thing but two of them? OMG, I want that!!
    Looking forward to see insights review from the youtube artist reviewers will say about this product soon.

  4. I'm glad to see more iterations on your products, steady improvements. I have the regular 22e from like 2 years ago, the R Pro would definitely be a nice upgrade. We'll see how much better things will be by the time I'm ready for a replacement. Good job, XP-Pen! 😀

  5. I bought the XP=Pen Artist 15.6 Pro. Very pleased with my purchase.

    Will definitely be looking into adding this Artist 22R Pro to my studio. Just what I could use for my primary computer.

  6. When I saw the new model I was really hoping for 4k, or at least QHD. They put out 3 displays all in 1080p I really don't get it. If Xp-pen came out with 4k with a 24-28 inch screen, and a custom stand this would literally be perfect

  7. I want this new one, but there's no warehouse here in Brazil. Is there a way to buy one without import and paying the absurd taxes?

  8. I have a feeling this might have the lamented screen like the 15.6, and it's so so awesome that there's so many shortcuts on such a big tablet!!!! 😍

  9. I Hope next you make a “ 4K resolution , 24 inch and up , laminated no parallax display “ … more affordable than a cintiq pro 24. I would buy that, because at the moment i am saving for a cintiq pro 24 …the Xp pens you have right now are very nice, but i personally just need the higher resolution and bigger and laminated display “ and i believe a lot of artists will be hyped for such product as well.
    On the side note , Design wise , the xp pens are already very nicely designed; got no complain there …all u need are those higher end options. Maybe ditch the customizable button on the side and make it a cleaner look like the new cintiqs and just move those to a customizable remote. But Majority of artists will be using their keyboard shortcuts .

  10. I saw this for $489.99 (black Friday sale) and then the price went back up to $699.99. I'm confused, it's not Dec. 5th yet.

  11. what is the difference between 22E PRO and 22R PRO
    I am from Brazil and would like to buy one. can you send one to Brazil?

  12. So it’s just the bigger 15,6 pro but without laminated screen? Think I’m going for the 15,6 pro… Hope it’s big enough

  13. Your products are amazing, they are really better than any other brands, I widh if I can get any of the tab from artist series. 👍👍

  14. Time to smash Wacoms incredibly suspicious product prices. I never buy Wacom since Intuos Pro small which costs around 400 dollor when I bought it. Now xppen artist pro beats it with 100dollor.

  15. Damn you! Why did I recently purchase your 15.6 Pro? Probably because I truly wanted a drawing-screen and it was the best affordable one on the market at that time…still: DAMN YOU 😀 ^^

  16. Hi, As user of Artist 15.6 PRO there are MUCH frustrating parallaxe for drawing Manga. I cannot use G pen(0.25 or 0.5 in Clip Studio) because parallaxe is so much here. Does this version have parallaxe? I already send mail to your support, and they told me that this problem is here to all kind of this screen.

    Anyway don't buy Artist 15.6 PRO if your aiming for manga. Buy Surface Pro or Ipad pro even is expensive, As user I prefer to use it than having frustrating parralaxe and lose time for recalibrate screen, and redo line so much time.

  17. Hi, I'm an illustrator who draws on xp-pen's box.
    Thank you for using my picture in product advertising. I will definitely use xp-pen if I get a chance 🙂

  18. I did online chat with XP pen from their web site, the on line representative claimed the Artist 22R pro is laminated!! I'm confused!

  19. Ordered one of these yesterday… ships on the 24th so I'm not going to be able to sleep until after Christmas. 🙂

  20. Will this work independently?
    Or do I have to be connected to a computer to use photoshop?
    Is there a hard drive? SD card?

  21. I just got mine and for some reason when I plug it into my MacBook the tablet says there is no signal even though I did everything that the instructions told me to. I am using an adapter though for the HDMI cable could that be the reason? I really need some help!

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