World’s Youngest Lecturer: 13-Year-Old Teaches Animation

World’s Youngest Lecturer: 13-Year-Old Teaches Animation

COMM: Aman Rehman from India, is no ordinary school child. The thirteen-year-old, is the
world’s youngest lecturer. Teaching animation to pupils more than twice his age. 00:12
COMM: Aman’s career was launched by accident when his teacher fails to turn up, and he
took over. 00:29
COMM: Aged just 8 Aman would conduct his lectures whilst standing on a chair so he could be
see.His antics soon received international attention as he entered the Guinness Book
of Records. 00:51
COMM: Aman now teaches adults in animation institutes across India. Something which is
a great source of pride his father, Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman, an illiterate mechanic. 01:13
COMM: After spotting Aman’s early promise, Mujeeb encouraged his son to study. 01:30
COMM: But despite Aman still attending school and studying for his exams, he harbours big
ambitions for the future.

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  1. wow didnt understand half of his words becaause i didnt even know what they meant and im his age soo clever :0

  2. Wow amazing!…
    I graduated with an Arts degree in Visual Communication 3D animation/video.
    If only Aman can come to the U.S study at Disney Institute But STAY,its more of a demand and opportunity

  3. i bet He's atleast 16-18 years old ..These fucking indians hide their real ages so they can prolong their retirement age.

  4. also, i have to say that indian boys grow facial hair earlier than europeans. so do middle easterners as well, in general. so he might in fact be 13, even though he has hit puberty obviously.

  5. Wow, …..AmazinG JoB GeniuS …Has AchiVeD A LoT moRe ThaN HiS Age ….. He iS TruELy The FutuRe….. DaTz ToO InsPiRinG …..!!!…… KeeP iT uP .. m/

  6. A 15 year old animator in America wouldn't receive as much awards as this even if its 3D animation that looks better than Disney 3d cartoons. Maybe just a couple and only get announced in a school newspaper.

  7. All of those jealous guys be like "Bro do you even lift?" Muscle is only good if its necessary plus where you come from you just have it to show off.

  8. tbh, I don't really like animations like this. I prefer hand drawn. you know…like the old Disney kind. I think that would be much more amazing and unique 🙂

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