Wishfart Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Episode 3 – Owen Mason

Wishfart Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Episode 3 – Owen Mason

Wish-granting is not about perks puffin. It’s about making dreams come true. I Don’t know I think people should make their I never take advantage of Dez’s wishes Touche I’m too cute to be – hey, I’m dead hu it’s an ice cream cone You wish for more ice cream. Hey, please or fingers stuck together I used to love ice cream now. I’d rather eat broccoli. Oh, no problemo. Just wish for it No, keep your rainbows away from me. Perfect wishes guests. They may not be as perfect as you think Man I can’t wait to catch up with my old babysitter Muriel I bet her look I Can’t believe this by granting her wish for a jetpack. I’ve ruined her life – As a jetpack Right miss Muriel is inside, but we can’t see I Don’t think Samuel and welcome to victims of death we have some new members I see So at first it was nice and tart But it got sour and sour till this now Nothing, it’s our only That is a pretty smart fish Thank You Gladys I will interpret Gladys wish for more than one over you young man. How did death ruin your life? What horrible secret hides under that mask? What about him? Weird Let’s bro, I need some wish sauce. Sorry, it’ll just cause you pain kind of already in pain, bro So now my life feels ruined so do something about it how by wishing it away no, I Didn’t want to show you this but come with me gum pride and you didn’t tell us why didn’t you ask for help? It was my wish Next time I’ll use an ice cube to get rid of gum instead of wishing it away Lemon heads into lemon head aid sure any citrus thing into some sort of juice back down or eat Feeling any better about wish Manning Yeah There’s still one guy left to hell terrible curses guys gave them and are doing the best they can they’re making it work We’re good for exam. Well, how am I supposed to get over this or sell it? Yeah, you could start up handmade ice cream business or even better Don’t things be eating ice cream no, no they shouldn’t Yeah birds right we suck and while I have an eternity to make my dreams come true which I’m clearly not using you guys Buster no puffins. We are the jerks on his bus this belongs to here. Try neat That’s why it looks so familiar and old and faded The band mates now they’re dust man Just sign this contract and I guarantee you’ll all live breathe and eat super stardom it says right here you come and Where do you think you’re going man step aside fancy boots? We got a stage two Rockies You dressed in read the fine print you work for him now. He’s an oasis Like ever baby we are cheetah face and we’ll never give up Rock and rose really hard on my dogs man. Come on scrub harder freely That small threat spray rat spray Pit spray it spray And get working on my friend a pacer. Well, well well, so what’s it like being famous? To which I responded with a raised eyebrow that you guys don’t know horse I can’t believe we fell for the no reason ease fake out. How do we win? How do we find our sound? Wait? Thanks fireball That is not what I meant Cut paste repost the lead dude rocks And we’re here to blow your mind Guys you just have to keep practicing you get it You are nothing You do this Cheetah beat this and starting an improv group. Everyone loves improv. Just so you know, I’m not dead Birthday hot fit birthday chocolate hi, we’ve never met before I’m predictable Red velvet Its Memphis, I’d fellow puffin birthday from others. I’m here from a special birthday club swag Mmm, this is bad. Okay, so it’s a little pot Wish this place was a lot of product Should we tell them the truth if we possibly destroyed civilization and crushed his birthdate old room. I trust us there’s a surprise coming There’s always a surprise. Yeah, and in the meantime, we got the whole city to ourselves welcome to Or, you know, what else would be fun Wow Mission Control Dangerously abandoned just bored. Well, there is one other truly forbidden thing that we could do Why the glum faces on everyone’s favorite day what aren’t you telling me We don’t know where anyone is or if they’re ever coming back again Akiko made a wish and everyone vanished Think of it before For now, maybe for a few decades but what then what will we do without people we’ll be fine We hardly know how to make food and there’s no pizza last and by yourself Forever and ever we’ll be fine. Tell him Keith I Know I should remember huh? Wait Where’s puffin Okay guys what’s going on so hey We’re all here. We might as well throw him a surprise party surprise My birthday yes, yes we did it was my idea surprise Lucky boy from sky earth and see I must protect thee don’t even think about it Mac About keeping you can do no can’t do I Thought this was the century that introduced rules against overworking. Hey, why don’t we give a direction? No high score no wing bumps. It’s against our group when gargoyles away King He gets to play. I’m starting by converting this building into the first overworld residences for underworld beat Oh Hey Janice, because you never know deaths on agos here. Whoa. Whoa, hold up Kingi Why would under worlders even want to live here? It’s clean and pleasant what transparent muscles are no muscles at all We’re like demolitions expert we gotta get this gargoyle on the roof now and I don’t want any more dumb questions from you I Have to show you clowns everything How did you get in here, excuse me, but I do have the deed to the neighborhood Say who stays and who goes Competition is high here. And because I actually appreciate all the important stuff you do around here I’ve written The Kraken up from the depths and on its way here the Kraken Code Red And you got garbage on the floor you guys are gonna have to do a lot better you’ve known me your whole life Janice old friend have I got a joke for you? Knock knock who’s there? indeed I get it I get it we messed up and I can we please get going Come on, I was always getting off on this floor. Well, check out the plush Hmm I could get used to this look I’m really good at dusting red carpets be here every day think If you give me the building I’ll make sure you get time old boy. Yeah Funky warlock it’s boogie down dance party. How do we never know? She liked that game the things he noticed when you look, Jenny do you like boogie down dance? But how does one play? Well, it goes I like of this to the center and try on back to the center It’s right on back. No one touches my hat your fan from the building. You’ve been funky warlocks Forget you either Said that and you are very distracting, please leave do the center

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  1. Wishfart Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Episode 3 – Owen Mason

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