Will motion capture make animation easier to make? | AskBloop #050

Will motion capture make animation easier to make? | AskBloop #050

Today on Ask Bloop, will motion capture save time on animation? (bubbles pop) (coffee pours)
(gentle instrumental music) Welcome to Ask Bloop,
morrsbloopanimation.com, it’s Friday, and it’s
time for your questions. “Can I be a 2D, and 3D
animator, at the same time? “If so, which one takes longer to learn?” Being a 2D animator it takes some different skills from a 3D animator. Though a lot of the concepts translate. A 2D animator needs to
know how to draw well, which isn’t the case for a 3D animators. As for which one takes longer to learn, I don’t think there’s a big difference, it’s just focusing on different programs. Plus the fact that for 2D, you also have to know how to draw, so that
might take a little bit longer. “What style of animation do you enjoy “looking at the most? “I’m talking visually,
disregarding story, et cetera.” That’s a hard one, but I think hand drawn, grungy looking animation is probably my favorite. We’ve covered some shorts with that style, in short of the week,
like Pinched, or Coda, and I think I mentioned MTV’s Downtown, as an old favorite of mine. As well of the style
of the point and click adventure game,
Machinarium, and Broken Age. Anything that has hand
drawn, painterly look, with a little bit of a post-apocalyptic, slash steampunk thing,
really appeals to me. “If you’re making a 3D
animated movie, on a low “budget, will motion capture save working “hours from character animation? “Does motion capture take
less production time?” Well first of all, if you’re on a low budget, then maybe you don’t wanna set up an entire motion capture room. Because that could be pretty expensive. But lets say that you do it on the cheap, and you plan to save a ton
of animation time with it, after recording the motion capture you will still have to
give it to animators to refine, and make sure the
motion works for the shot. Which will take time. Yes, at the end, you
might be able to finish a shot quicker that way, but I don’t think it’s going to be by much. And the result you’ll get
is going to be pretty dull. You can always spot motion capture, and unless you’re trying
to recreate real life, like in Planet of the
Apes, where they wanted for it to look like it’s real, then your animation is just going to look boring, and too realistic, like roto-scoping. And in that case, then what’s the point of doing animation? You can just shoot live action, which is definitely cheaper
than full on 3D animation. I’ve seen this kind of
question bounced around a lot, will motion
capture, or face capture replace animators, and
I really don’t think so. I think that exaggerated
look of good character animation is not something you can replicate with human
actors, and motion capture. And while it can definitely make things easier for some projects,
for example I used to work at a company that
created pre-visualizations, for commercials, and we used
motion capture all the time, for the animation, which
made it so much faster, than if we had to hand
animate all of the shots. But for true character
animation, for an animated film, I don’t think motion capture
is going to change anything. Alright guys, that’s all
the questions for today. If you have one, post it in
the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe,
and I’ll see you next week. Thanks for watching. (upbeat instrumental music)

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  1. Please make a video for motion capture from start to end .. like beginning, setting motion capture room, does it take different camera???, Cleanup In Maya…

  2. Morr, I beg to disagree with you here.
    For example, Motion Capture has been used extensively in fully animated 3D webseries "RWBY" by Rooster Teeth studio. The creators themselves said motion capture has greatly reduced the time required to create each episode.

  3. Hey bloop Animation your video are very interesting and useful! (make a video at animation software that professional's use for making realistic animations please) .

  4. #askbloop any news on the astro boy reboot and can you make constant updates to it when the news is found for it. would be really helpful for ppl looking for news on it

  5. How do I represent my ideas or concepts as a portfolio for a college if I am not so good at drawing or painting? #AskBloop

  6. What do you think about animation in India? Do u think that, we can also make Animation films like how Pixar or Disney do? What keeps us behind?#AskBloop

  7. How does animators working on a film, synchronise the time of the characters to interact with each other in a realistic way ??

  8. hey Blooper's i'm new in this space and i'm thinking to start 2d animation i don't have a awsome drawing hand but i have a photogenic memory and i can pretty much copy or better i say store that image in my brain and use it when i need it but the problem is all these kind of programs are kinda harsh for people like me that its easy to make stuff but hard to understand them, so my question is …. is there any kind of software that you think may fit for the type of people like me ?

  9. Should someone who is into 3D animation and want to make 3d movies read The Animator’s Survival Kit ? or is it just for those who are into drawing animation ? #AskBloop

  10. i like both 2d n 3d n i wish to learn both :)…
    i know few in 3ds max/cad/sketch up, n some in synfig n after effects…

    (i guess its true.. if u like doing something, you'll continue n do it… though, a little disadvntgd at starting 4 animtn if animtn is not ur course…)

  11. after watching some animation and specially videogames,i thought well i cant make my animation that realistic without mocaping…i would like to ask you if thats currect

  12. well animated movies going for oscars need to have keyframe animation coz oscar rules, otherwise avatar and adventurs of tin tin would be nominated too, if not winning in that category

  13. #askbloop why not just draw a bunch of dots, pirate Adobe after effects, animate the thing according to the points, and then stick it to the dogs with after effects?

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