Why do cats go crazy for Catnip? – Simon’s Cat | CAT LOGIC #15

Why do cats go crazy for Catnip? – Simon’s Cat | CAT LOGIC #15

Hello, I’m Simon. Welcome to Simon’s Cat
logic. We’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do. Today we’re going to talk about catnip. Catnip is a herb called a Nepeta which is cat mint. And, I brought two of these plants for the garden and
we’re just watching my cats go completely loopy over these plants. They
ate the leaves and they rolled around on top of them and they strip them of all
their leaves. And, these poor plants were decimated. So, what I had to do was buy
another plant and then sort of rotate them so give them one plant that they
could chew it leave a few leaves on it and then keep them in pots and give them
another one while this one recovered and have like a rotation system with these
these poor plants. Because the cats would be absolutely crazy with them. And, then I
thought I’ve got to put this into a film that this sort of obsession with cat
mint. Catnip is a perennial herb that comes from the plant cat mint. And, the scientific name for this is Napeta Cataria. It’s the chemical nepetalactone
that causes the chemical response in the brain in susceptible to cats. The behaviours that we see can vary so they may sort of nibble or lick the Catnip.
They may show rubbing behaviour like Buddy’s doing right now. And, they may
also roll around on the floor and show aspects of object play. Like nibble at it for example. The effects of catnip are quite short-lived and don’t seem to harm the cat at all. Catnip can be used to rub on scratch posts to make them more appealing to cats. So, they’re more likely to scratch them. As you can take the leaves
like this. Break them apart and rub them on the post. Some cats respond to catnip and other cats don’t. It’s thought between 50 to 75%
of cats do respond to catnip cat. Catnip can vary in both strength and quality which
may also account as to why some cats respond and others don’t Well, of all my four cats it was Maisy, the
big grey tabby, who went absolutely googoo over this cat mint I had in the
garden. She was the one that used to dribble and sit there for hours in her
own little world chewing the leaves and literally rolling around and around and
in all the little shreds of leaf that she’d chew up. She was absolutely crazy
for this stuff. And, she was one that really influenced that film that gave me
the idea behind that. you

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  1. I bought a catmint plant a few years ago for our cats. Our 'grey guy' liked it initially then lost interest, whereas my sweet lady couldn't be bothered with it at all during her whole 15.5 years. My current 'tuxie lady' absolutely loves it; rolls around in the leaves, and plays with a little catmint infused pillow I bought her. I sprayed her new window hammock with catmint spray too, to encourage her to sleep on it (didn't work – she liked her old one, which she wrecked, better). I recommend the spray – it is much less messier than dried leaves, and is stocked by most pet stores.

  2. My fluffy grey and white Ragdoll cat has a catnip toy. I got it for her first birthday but she didn’t react, maybe I’ll try again with the catnip leaf

  3. I have two tabby sisters. The bigger one, Daisy, isn't very interested in catnip. Minnie, on the other hand, goes catnip crazy. They're litter mates and are both 13 years old, and Daisy was way more interested when she was younger.

  4. My Sweetie Girl, WOW she really kills the catnip! Just like in your animation! It’s kinda scary sometimes. She also really digs Valerian Root; me thinks it may smell better than catnip, if that’s possible! She goes even CRAZIER for my Valerian Root than she dies for catnip! I LOVE Your Animations!

  5. Just build a strong metallic grid around those catnip plants, and only what grows out will be trimmed by the cats.

  6. I remember watching Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore and they turned a cat lady's home into a den for stoner cats

  7. My cat dug the catnip plant out of the pot and after strewing the dirt all over the floor ate the roots as well as the entire plant.

  8. My big handsome Nigel loves catnip, but he never gets loopy. It doesn't seem to have any effect on him aside from attraction. He once ate an entire catnip plant- even the roots- at once and was the exact same as he had been before eating the plant. On the other hand, my little Siamese Freedom would never eat the stuff. But boy did she ever get super high whenever she got a whiff of it!

  9. If you find this funny, go to Big Cat Rescue in the US and look on their videos for catnip. Absolutely hilarious watching huge tigers, lion and pumas going crazy on catnip

  10. This is the same effect on cats as Marijuana has on humans. And yet people want to abolish use of Marijuana. They both have medical and mentally stimulating effects. And yet Catnip is legal…. But Marijuana is still federally illegal. It's like … Why not just make a law stating to not operate machines or do certain tasks while under the influence and educate people about the damn plants? It's not that hard!

  11. Simon looks and sounds like a pedophile. I'm not saying he is a 'child lover',just he fits the physical stereotype. I hate the game Simons Cat from google play,it's 100% retarded.

  12. Simon looks and sounds like a pedophile. I'm not saying he is a 'child lover',just he fits the physical stereotype. I hate the game Simons Cat from google play,it's 100% retarded.

  13. I once asked a vet if catnip was additive wish I had watched this video before I asked! I never felt so stupid in my life

  14. I was growing catnip and one day the plant disappeared I found it underneath the stair and the back porch completely decimated LOL and she was the middle of the yard all sprawled out LMFAO

  15. My cat does the last scene of Scarface she sees a fresh pile of catnip and dies face-first into and just rubs it all over

  16. I got a story, my very first job was at a big pet store in Chicago. One day a little girl came up to me, she must have been, oh maybe 9 years old. She picked up a box of catnip and looked me very seriously in the eye and said "I want to know EXACTLY what this stuff is. I gave some to my cat and now he's drunk.!" I asked how much did she give her cat? She said "the whole box." Doing all I could to not burst out laughing, I told her a pinch is all your cat needs. I said it encourages the cat to be more playful. I said your cat will be fine by tomorrow, but in the future, just a pinch or so is all you need. One box should last a LONG time.

    As for the cat I have now, he's a roller just like this cartoon. Has no interest in eating it, just rolling in the stuff. That could be him in this cartoon.

  17. One time my parents got our cat a catnip toy, and she left it in a pile of drool under the dining room table. ?

  18. Pa' los que no leen ni madres inglés ( como yo ) el catnip es la marihuana de los gatos , yo la compré en " vive gatito " ( es una feria ), donde te gastas lo que no tienes en la pinche bola de pelos que te mira como su esclavo) está bien pinche cara pero si quieres ver a tu pulgoso feliz vale la pena

  19. my parent's cats: tiny and ace both react to catnip
    tiny would get very mellow and sleep on the catnip while ace would go completely bananas over it

  20. You always nail the animations in your depiction of comical cat behavior! I am loving the informational tidbits combined with the animations…purr-fect!

    and yeah, both my felines are utter fiends!

  21. 3 cats, the girl cat has had seizures and needs meds and is more calm, with catnip, only rubs head on it
    the 2 boys destroyed the bag like in the animation… and rolled around in the catnip too…

  22. My cat loves catnip. I buy him dental treats with catnip in them and the moment I walk in the door at night he gets very excited and goes to the spot I offer him the treats. It seems to be the highlight of his day. He has a special meow just for catnip, he also gets very annoyed if I don't respond right away.

  23. So it's illegal and weird for humans to do drugs but watching cats get hi it's funny? the world is such a weird place

  24. When I was in college, I used to make and sell catnip toys (the profits went to a rescue that my mom and I worked with). I would buy organic catnip off the internet and it was cheapest to buy it a pound at a time. It would come in large plastic zip-lock type bags and I'd always store it in the laundry room so our cat Loki couldn't get at it. One day my father forgot to close the laundry room door and I came home from class to find the laundry room looking like a catnip bomb exploded in it, and Loki unconscious and drooling in a pile of 'nip in the center of the room. It was the happiest I'd ever seen a cat and (once I called the vet to make sure it was safe and he hadn't dangerously ODed or anything), I couldn't stop laughing.

    Loki's been gone almost 20 years now (after living to 21 year old), and the old photos of him laying on his back with a pleasantly dazed expression, covered in dried catnip leaves and drooling, still cheer me up if I've been having a bad day.

  25. My Dora was the weird case that didn't care for catnip, but her mother… She adored it… I wonder if Choco likes catnip.

  26. All the cats I had never gave 2 shits about catnip.. they literally just smelled it and ignored it altogether ! I think the effect is strongly exaggerated ! Cats love to nibble on grass and other plants so… I've never seen my cats go crazy about catnip, complete indifference ! (5 cats that I've tried).

  27. A friend who grows catnip for her cats sent me some in an envelope and when I brought the mail in, my cat took at leap a ballerina would have envied from floor to dining table, grabbed the envelope, tore off across the floor, rolled over three times, ripped the envelope apart and swallowed the contents while meowing madly. Some reaction!

  28. I gave a friend's cat a small pillow of catnip and he threw it around for a minute then began to suck the corner like a bottle.

  29. One evening my cat Bobby started behaving really strangely. His pupils were dilated. He laid out on the floor panting almost twitching. Then he started jumping around and just being really odd, so much so that I rang the Vet. It was 10pm. He said to watch him for the next hour and if no improvement to ring again and bring him in to the surgery that night. After a while Bobby started yowling and walked over to the door, which had a cat flap, sat down and stared intently at the door handle and then kept looking at me and then the door handle. I ignored him. He then came back looked at me yowled and then did the same thing again. It was then I realised that he wanted me to go out. I grabbed a torch and followed him. He led me down the garden and then jumped a low flower border 'fence' straight into the middle of a load of catnip plants, where he started munching manically in a frenzy almost like a combine harvester. It was then I realised what was wrong with him, he was out of his head high on catnip. I was so embarrassed! I had to then ring the Vet at 11 o'clock at night to tell him that my cat was okay he had just been high!!!

  30. Lastima Que lo Que hablamos español, no entendemos nada?por lo menos podrian subtitularlo al español no todos hablamos otro idioma

  31. My ex husband hated cats, obviously he was flawed, so, I bought catnip spray & each morning I would spray his pants (in secret), then, all day he was the unwilling recipient of cat love.

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