Where To Find Custom Alerts, Logos & Graphics For Streamers – Overlay Template!

Where To Find Custom Alerts, Logos & Graphics For Streamers – Overlay Template!

Are you a streamer on Twitch YouTube
Facebook gaming or even mixer and you want to start bringing up the production
value on all of your live streams or maybe you do content creation on YouTube
and you want to take it to the next level
well you’re in luck because today’s sponsor overlay template com allows you
to have custom designs for logos graphics alerts emotes and a lot more
and we’re coming at you right now! Look we all want to start standing out on our live streams and content
creations and to do that we need to start captivating eyeballs and to do
that we need to have really good visuals so that way people will start noticing
us amongst all of the masses out there and luckily for you and for me we have
companies like OverlayTemplate.com that provide a whole slew of services
that can help us out on our visual and graphic needs overlay template .com is a
one-stop shop if you live stream on Twitch mixer or Facebook gaming or heck
even make content creation on like YouTube this is a platform you can go to
if you want to start bringing up the production value of all of those
platforms because not only do they offer ready to go graphics so that way you can
get up and running within moments they also provide custom designs that allows
you to personalize your brand so that way you can start creating bigger and
better things now if you’re just starting out your streaming adventures
on like twitch mixer and Facebook gaming and all that and you haven’t really had
a chance to establish a brand or perhaps you just started dipping your toes in
they have ready to use animation packs and logo designs that you can choose
from and the nice thing is there are a ton of different designs out there
that’ll best suit your needs or just your taste that you might be wanting to
represent on your stream go through these in the nice
thing is is you can change any of the graphic designs or the names in there so
what you want whether it be your own personal name or perhaps your personal
brand that you’re trying to do a heck they can even incorporate eSports names
if that’s what you’re designing now what makes overlay template .com stand out
from the rest of other designers out there is the fact that they’re so
willing to work with you and help you get what’s in here in your brain out on
a visual platform whether it be your emotes or your graphics or your logos or
even any type of animation pop-up that you want to have they are very good at
working with you and refining designs down so that way you’ll be one satisfied
customer and how do I know this because I actually was able to use them and go
through the whole process to see how it worked from point A to point B and
everything was extremely easy to do and they were always on top of any
refinement or change that I wanted in the exciting part for somebody like me
who has no experience in working within vectors or animations or anything like
that is they take care of the heavy lifting I literally just tell them what
I want they show me if it’s possible and then we work together and how to refine
it and then you make an awesome graphic just like this that’s gonna wow so many
people when you start your live streams or add it to your content creations on
YouTube now of course if you want a personal or custom design for your brand
out there the prices do change depending on what you need as well as the time
frame of one they can complete it but I was actually very impressed by the
prices that they offer in time frames that they got everything complete so
let’s do a rolecall of all the services that they can provide to someone like
you out there overlay template .com is known for nailing one thing
exceptionally well and that is their logo designs they do a ton of logo
designs especially for eSports and if you love that design and style you’re
gonna love it because it comes out a nice price of only $75 for a really dope
design that you can use for a whole slew of things if you’re looking for any type
of animated alert for perhaps followers subscribers or donations they offer
animated alerts starting at $45 if you need any new emotes or badges for your
live streams they provide them at $15 per emote
badge and they provide all the pixel sizes that are required for your
platform if you’re into having a start-up screen or an end screen or a
BRB screen or any type of screen that you want to animate in a source of OBS
or slobs or any other broadcasting software starting at $15 you can have a
live animated scene personalized to your brand that will look super slick and
dope now if you want to go above and beyond and have a personalized animation
intro scene you can get away with one of those for only $35 and they look super
slick if you want to have a personally branded intro or outro for your streams
or maybe even YouTube content creations they can make either of those starting
at $35 now if you’re a twitch streamer out there and you’re really into all the
community members supporting you by donating you bits you can even start
incorporating customized bit badges in your channel by having overlay template
make you some personalized ones starting at $10 per now if you’d like to add that
added wow factor as you switch between scenes you can do singer transitions or
any type of transition starting at $25 personal branding doesn’t just stop at
the video of player there with all those flashy sources and awesome alerts going
off it’s about that entire page that you’re being broadcasted on thus overlay
template has your back on panels and banners that go below your channel
starting at only $5 per panel now these are just some of the resources that
they’re able to provide for you I’ll put a link in the description below so that
we can check out the whole host of type of packages that they can offer you and
if you’re not sure that they can provide a service for you or maybe get the
vision you have in your head down on a visual platform whether it’s through
animations or panels or alerts or whatever’s going on in your head don’t
be afraid to reach out to may actually have a nice support system there you can
email them let them know what you’re trying to do and they can see what they
can try to provide for you which is what I did when I first reach out to them I
didn’t know if it was possible to have what I wanted because I just didn’t know
anything about you know making animation packs or anything like that but you know
we were able to work together and get something that was super fun that I
think everybody will enjoy one of the best things about
a bigger and better streamer or content creator out there is the fact that you
get to grow and as you grow you obviously want to up the production
value individuals for all of your community members out there they’re help
supporting you and that’s where overlay template .com can come in clutch to help
you realize your personal brand and visual representation that you want to
show now if you’re not sure what that personal branding should be or what kind
of representation you want to have don’t worry I got you covering that I’m gonna
put a video over here over on the side on how to make really cool emotes or
personal branding that’s gonna help you stand out on live stream platforms plus
you can take all of those tips there and incorporate it into OverlayTemplate.com to make you bigger and better I will see you all next time in my next
stream support video coming out real soon thank you so much to OverlayTemplate.com for sponsoring this video I will see you all later take care and PEACE!

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  1. Ready to make a visual impact and upgrade your stream?
    What custom graphic or animation would you add to your stream?
    Let me know in the comments below!

  2. This guy likes to hear himself talk, without getting to the point quickly !!
    He needs the company that he's promoting to write, edit and film a vid for him.
    His cinematography sucks, as he has too much junk in the background.
    This guy needs Jack Cole to film this video for him
    Lastly, I unsubscribed because of the look of this vid.
    All the best Shaun of NYC

  3. I'm currently too tiny to afford these graphics. Can you point those like me to where we can learn to make these for ourselves, at least until we're big enough to get the professionally made graphics?
    I haven't had much luck finding them on my own.

  4. WOuld you prefer it over Fiverr? Prices starts way lover i think.. You can get a badge or emote as cheap as few bucks.. Also some good referrer programe if you recommend it to others.. What do you think @wild4Games

  5. So if I’m using StreamLabs OBS, I’m able to use the StreamLabs alert system? Because for some reason my stupid self used them in Game Capture and I have an error on it 😂.

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