Where is Stickman Vs Terraria Animation?

Where is Stickman Vs Terraria Animation?

Hey! Let’s see the comments on my post! Hmm… Hopefully they’ll understand why I did BATIM Uhm… What? I’ll… Do it after this anim Please… Just wait… Wait… …My fans… I shouldn’t do this… Everyone that has supported me to get here… Should I really give up just because of rushing…? No… I shouldn’t do this. But… Then again… Seriously, I can’t take these rushers anymore! If everyone is going to pressure me to do it, they can make their own Terraria and see how easy it is!!!

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  2. Its ok people are unpashent it will come and when it dose you will be happy and it takes a long time because he or she is trying to make it good

  3. Sad life for him but I still like his video so keep it up JSboy and if you people rush him I will kill you alll

  4. Come on plss its gone i just really injoy your video just why did you deleted it you just need to work hard if you dont every subcriber is gone


    I'm just kidding man i really appreciate your job, i don't like the people who don't know what is WAIT for something good. That's how i mind: more time spent=BATIFUL- just some days doing=animations like my animations

  6. ✋♦︎ ♊︎⋄ ♌︎♏︎♏︎◼︎ ❍♋︎♎︎♏︎
    ✋ ♍︎♋︎◼︎♦︎ ♦︎♒︎♋︎◼︎& ⍓□⬥ ♏︎◼︎□⬥♑︎♒︎

    (that was close enough to the wingdings, ok?)

  7. ТАК ТЫ РУССКИЙ????????!!!! ЕСЛИ ДА ТО,,,,,,,,……….. ОХ… ЕТЬ!!!!

  8. This was funny, then undertale hit me in the feels-

    Also I wonder how many people in the comments that are saying they hate the rushers were the rushers

  9. People, animations take a long time and these are even longer because of the quality (and I'm sure you want it to be this quality) these annimations take time and effort,but it's worth the wait, and if you dont think so why are you watching them in the first place, jzboy, dont let them get you down your an incredible animator, animation is my job and you are leagues better than I ever will be, and you've still got so much more potential, you are amazing and keep it up, and to everyone, this may sound cheesy but,if you are waiting for the next one, you can always imagine, jzboy I just want you to know that your animation is incredible and you've got story that always keeps me invested, great job and good luck

  10. Jzboy your animations are really awesome thank you for making me happy for ur funny vids and animations cuz ur a stickman and ur funny when u take a shortcut of boosts and games since ur breaking the rules of the games I just love it I'll subscribe you BOI JZBOY☺️

  11. Golem vs stick men lunatic cultist vs stick men moon lord vs stick men just do itttttt

  12. No need to rush my dude you encouraged me to start drawing some animations so keep up the hard work

  13. how could you?!?!?!?!?!? stop bullying stickmen terraria fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( btw this vid broke my heart ;-; )

  14. This dude has a couple hundred thousand subscribers but deleted the animation because 10 people rushed him

    Actually disappointed

    Don’t put iTs oUt noW I know but I’m still disappointed about this

  15. I hate rushers.

    they look like people in a hurry of going in the toilet .

    And that's how karma works stupid rushers.

  16. Rushers be like “fuck yo time and money! We all just want the fucking video….” me be like: “bitch what the fuck yall doing you need to step the fuck down of this mans channel and shove a buttplug in yo mouth…”

  17. Do you people have any idea how hard it is to animate???
    I know its easy but its taking so long so…

    Learn to be patient because PATIENCE IS VIRTUE!!?

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