Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

So, it’s been a while.. [CHANNEL INTRO] As many of you know, this channel has been
on a hiatus that’s lasted about a year and because it’s been so long, I thought I’d
be appropriate to make a video describing what I’ve been up to and what’s in-store. Since I’ve gained nearly a-thousand brand
new subscribers since my last upload in June 2017: Hi, I’m Tanner also known as MonstersReview,
which is Monster’s Review if it’s grammatically correct but that’s not the point. I’ll be making a channel trailer in the
next month or two that’ll describe a bit more of who I am and what I’m about. But for this video, let’s start with what
caused me to stop. Now, before I floored the brakes after the
Cartoon Network City Discussion Video, I’m sure many of you noticed that I was slowing
down. I went from uploading videos regularly in
2015 and some of 2016 to uploading on a monthly or even less frequent basis. My reasons to explain why I wasn’t uploading
as much was because i didn’t have enough time and I was occupied in other areas of
my life. Sure, I was balancing this as a hobby alongside
a full-time job, attending college full-time, among other things, but that wasn’t entirely
why I stopped. Early on in the history of my channel, and
even as far back as 2011 when I created it, I used to consume a lot of animation and animation-related content. We often go through short-term phases of things
we do or don’t like, but for most of my life I’ve been an avid consumer of animation. Not only did I just watch a lot of cartoons,
but I was quite active in watching reviews and analyses on YouTube as well. Slowly, but surely, a lot of this changed
for me. I was having a lot of trouble enjoying a lot
of the more-recent shows, and I felt a constant pressure to like them because I had an entire
audience of people subscribing to me so I could talk about them. In addition to that, many areas of dissatisfaction
that I expressed about the networks hosting these shows like the schedules or branding
got even worse. After years of complaining and personally
feeling obligated to watch things that I wasn’t enjoying, it got old and I was feeling burnt-out. While some YouTubers within the animation-reviewing
community continued to put out genuine and intriguing videos, I was seeing more and more
videos that I didn’t want to click on as well: numerous and redundant Teen Titans Go!
rants, loads of clickbait titles and thumbnails, and in general, a lot of bland, unoriginal
videos that lacked sophistication. I’m not trying to throw shade towards anyone
in particular or start any sort of drama; that’s just the type of content that made
me become more uninterested. I also started to get jealous after some of
the worst content our community had to offer was gaining a myriad of views and popularity
over my own, but I took a step back and realized that my videos weren’t that special either. I’m still proud of some of the videos I’ve
made, like those in the Animation Contemplation series or my Cartoon Network vs Adult Swim comparison video, but I’ve revisited many of them, and for me, they came across as low-effort, inauthentic
attempts to get views. I wasn’t proud of the content I was making,
and I felt like I was making it for all the wrong reasons. If I saw my own videos in my recommended feed,
I probably wouldn’t click on them. I’m sure many of you would disagree and
say that you enjoyed my earlier videos, but it continues to bother me knowing that I could’ve
done better. Some of you might’ve seen that I wanted
to do a little bit of Christmas special by reviewing the Nick Picks Holiday DVD, but
even though I was intending to upload it to my main channel, I ultimately posted it on my
second because I was embarrassed by how it turned out. I felt creatively bankrupt, lost a lot of
my motivation, and for a time, considered giving up, closing down my channel for good. But I’ve spent most of the past year re-evaluating
my own content and creativity, and sitting in the backseat, using YouTube primarily as
a viewer, not a content creator. So, obviously I’m back, and I think taking
some time to be a viewer on YouTuber really opened my eyes and not only showed me what
I like or dislike in videos, but more ways to improve my own. With that said, I have some important announcements
to make, but before doing so, I want to say that I appreciate everyone that’s listened
this far, and I know that being this transparent and self-deprecating can cause some of the
things I said to be used against me in the future if I were to ever somehow do something
similar, like making a crappy video that lacks sophistication, but hey, at least i’ll be
self-aware about my hypocrisy. First off, the thing you’ve all been waiting
to hear, yes, videos are coming back. Videos will be uploaded weekly on Friday afternoons,
and I already have two upcoming videos entirely edited. The reason I’m not uploading them all at
once is because consistency was obviously a problem I was having in the past, so spreading
them out will allow the uploads to be balanced. My videos will still primarily be animation
oriented, HOWEVER, sometimes there will be videos that aren’t about something in realm
of animation because, you know, I have other interests and I want to discuss stuff beyond that. And just because a video might not be what
you subscribed for doesn’t mean you should automatically dislike it; give it a watch
and maybe you’ll enjoy it. In rediscovering my creative voice, I want
to be able to inspire and influence just as much as those who’ve influenced my own work. Even though there’s going to be new videos
every Friday (for the time being), occasionally there might be additional videos uploaded
on other days of the week. Videos every Friday will be guaranteed, but
sometimes there might be an extra one. Announcement #2 is one that a lot of you may
be disappointed to hear. Unfortunately, I am deciding to put an end
to Cartoon Fridays. For those of you that haven’t heard of it,
it was a podcast and livestream that I did on Fridays where I’d talk about animation
news and answer questions. So I’m no longer doing it for a few reasons. First being, it’s very inconvenient to do
something at the same time every week when you have a busy schedule, let alone on Fridays
which are usually very busy for me. I also wasn’t satisfied with how the podcast
was turning out. Like I mentioned before, if I wouldn’t want
to watch it, I’m not sure why anyone else would. I thought the production value was low, and
although I tried to get to get guests and co-hosts, I found it to be awkward and boring
with me just rambling on by myself for about an hour most times. So while that might be a bummer for those
of you that enjoyed hearing me give hot takes and talk about animation news, I have a solution. I’ve rebranded the MonstersReview 2 channel
and whenever any sort of news in animation comes out that’s worth talking about, I’ll
be uploading short commentary videos on that channel. That way, there will be frequent uploads (depending
on how much news there is), I’ll be able to deliver them closer to when the news breaks,
and I won’t have to waste as much time working on those as I would with Cartoon Fridays. If you preferred the podcast format, I’m
sure I’ll be appearing in other discussion or podcast videos, but for the time being,
I’m not going to release any of my own. The last announcement I have for you today
is that I’m relaunching my discord server. I already had a discord server, but I shut
it down because I wasn’t sure of the future for my channel. Now that I am, the server is back up with
some slight alterations, but I have the invitation link in the description if you want to join. So that’s about it. I appreciate all of you that have stayed for
the whole video, and I’ll definitely try to be more transparent and quicker to announce
if I ever decide to take another break. Thank you all for watching, and I’ll see
you with a new video next Friday.

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  1. Hey monster you remember sonicandmegamanfan? Well this is me I changed my name because well it sounded stupid but I’m happy to see you back

  2. Ive been watching a lot of your videos lately hoping one day you'll return. Happy you uploaded 🙂

  3. your channel your rules. Wish you luck finding the creative edge you are looking for and the spark of joy you have for making content.

  4. I can't believe it's been that long since you uploaded more videos but I'm sad that you no longer are doing anymore cartoon Fridays videos and I really enjoyed those alot but I can't wait to see your next video after this

  5. For some reason your channel just passed through my mind today after not thinking about it for a long time. Was it fate?!

  6. First, let me say welcome back. You have been missed. Second, I appreciate you taking the time to figure out what you wanted to do. Third, do what makes you happy. I will support you 100%.

  7. welcome back
    instead of a podcast, you could do a weekly or monthly roundup, what youve been watching, short impressions, what youll be watching etc etc

  8. So Happy to have you back man!!!!! You produce quality content and its always fun to watch your channel!

  9. I'm gonna be honest and say I actually completely forgot about this channel until now but watching this video reminded me about all the stuff you have uploaded and I can't beileve it's been a year, I'm ready to see what's coming next for your channel.

  10. Welcome back friend I know you may not think much of your older videos but I enjoyed them and I am glad that you’re part of the Cartoon community we could also check out my cartoon reviews there a very broad

  11. I don't follow kid oriented channels anymore. I grew out of it once Regular Show ended and all main channels had poor scheduling.

  12. BTW on mr2 can you talk about boomerang airing more classic shows
    And there also airing adventure time and Steven universe reruns every Saturday and Sunday

  13. Wall of text incoming

    Glad to know you’re back safe and sound. I’ve actually been in a similar position to you within the past few years. Of course, I’m not a reviewer, and thus I don’t have to put my opinions in the line of fire, but I had my own share of problems. Like you said, I’ve also produced tons of videos that I’m no longer proud of, in fact, I wouldn’t recommend even looking at my channel as of now. I made most of my videos when I was eleven years old (I’m eighteen now), so I didn’t really know what I was doing, plus I was kind of copying someone else. I’ve been using YouTube as a viewer for a long time, and it opened my eyes as well. I want you to know that you’re definitely not alone, even though I don’t have it nearly as tough as you do (I’m only just now about to start college, so that’ll be a hell of a time). Thanks for making this video, I’ve been waiting to see someone who was in my shoes (to a degree) for a long time.

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