When I first started playing Pokemon Emerald as a kid // Animation ft. Laddi

When I first started playing Pokemon Emerald as a kid // Animation ft. Laddi

Ah frick, where am I?
What is this place? What .. uh…. Holy Grimer what is that? Well I,
I guess I can take a look at what… WHY WAS I IN THE BACK OF THIS VAN? What is happening?
What is this? Who are you? Wait you’re my mom? whu.. Why did you ship me with our luggage? My head might be a square but I’m not a
box okay! You.. You’re a box! Hmmm, man that’s disgusting. So, anyway. After playing Pokémon yellow for a day or 2
at my friend’s place as I’ve talked about in a previous video. I went on a life long quest to get this legendary
yellow game for myself. It however, didn’t get sold anymore so I
wasn’t able to get my own Pokémon game until my mom got me the about equally as legendary
green game for my birthday. No not actually Pokémon Green I’m talking
about Emerald. At first I didn’t realize this game was
the same concept as Pokémon Yellow until I started it up and it looked very similar. But with better quality, there are like, more
than 4 different colors on the screen now! This is madness.. Hi there, welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is professor random tree species,
and I will be your mentor for the time being. Now, choose your first very own Pokémon out
of that bag over there while I’ll be here getting attacked by this wild Poochyena, known as the Bite Pokémon. Okay..? okay… This was actually a
very special moment for me, out of the hundreds of Pokémon I would catch in the future this was gonna be very first one. My very first own Pokémon. This is like the most important decision in
your lifetime, it’s like choosing your carrier or
whether you’re marking your video as “for kids” or not. I eventually ended up picked Torchic
because uhh… well Treecko was kind of rude
in its first anime episode and.. I heard you like Mudkip so you can have that
one, I’m just nice like that. Also May from the anime had one and I had
a crush on her as a kid. I mean look at her, she’s so cute she’s
oh.. wait.. somethings wrong here.. let me just… Ah yeah that’s it just, ughmm, perfection. Hey Torchic!
I’m Ant, your new trainer. How are you doing today? Well, it got kind of cramped inside that pokeball.
and I can’t feel my legs or my arms… wait… do…
Do I even have arm… I don’t have any arms.. And now I want to beat up some wild Pokémon. That’s the spirit c’mon let’s go. Yaaaayy!! I actually didn’t keep that particular Torchic
for very long honestly because, I didn’t know how to safe my game back then. Which, now sounds like the stupidest thing
ever but I didn’t know English yet back when I was a kid which was the language of my emerald copy since they didn’t translate these games to Dutch. I have no idea what you’re saying dude can
I go catch some Pokémon now. I restarted the game many times before finally
figuring out how to save and I choose a different Torchic every single time. Why do you keep deleting all my brothers and
sisters? Oh don’t worry they all had the wrong nature
anyway hey what does this button do? Oh my Arceus! I can actually save my progress in this
game, c’mon let’s go for real this time! Whaaaa I remember the first time discovering Hoenn,
starting off in Littleroot Town. Defeating my rival for the very first time, Hey are you free after this orr uhhh..? Learning how to catch a Pokémon with Wall-E, And building a very diverse team.., or.., basically just catching everything I see,
gotta catch em all right? Slakoth, the Slacker Pokémon. It sleeps for 20 hours every day. Making drowsy those that see it is one of
its abilities Hey I didn’t know I was in this game! What on earth that’s crazy that’s exactly
what I… OH OHH WHAT IS THIS OHHHH, ohhh…. Oh I see this is a gym battle! Alright bring it on miss Roxanne, show us
what you’ve got! ahh a rock man…
My only weakness! How are we gonna win this? Or that’s what I would have said,
don’t worry. About a year ago I had to defeat one of those
guys with a really weak Pikachu, it was rough but now I’ve learned how we can take him
down! Torchic, go! All you have to do is kill him and then,
he will die! I’m a genius!
Whahahahaha! I guess you could say he hit rock bottom. Alright, only 1 Pokémon left! But whatever it is we can take!.. Uhh.. what is that? One of the things I loved most
of when playing Pokémon as a kid, was that I didn’t know half of all the creatures out there yet. The first time I saw Roxanne’s Nosepass
I had no idea what I was looking at, let alone what type to use in order to take it down. Oh god I just thought of this but, can you
imagine the boogers of this guy.. Those would be, something… Don’t put your finger in there that’s
disgusting! You gotta wash your hands first, c’mon man.! Anyway it was a real challenge for me to defeat
Roxanne as a kid. Can’t say the same about brawly though,
you can actually skip him in Emerald so I never had any trouble with him. Hey later dude I’ll see you when I have
3 gym badges and all my Pokémon are level 25! Wait what is..,
is this another Rock man challenging us? I think these are just regular rocks standing
in our path. we have to destroy in order to go further. Destroy them? Oh well alright go Torchic use your powers! Me?
I can’t break these rocks, I don’t even have arms! Right, uhm.. Oh! Why don’t we evolve you into a Combusken? That would be great you’ll have some strong
arms with awesome claws and… Don’t you ever try evolving me into that
plumpy thing. It’s not cute at all!!!! Wait, what is this? I thought you said you didn’t have arms! I don’t. Alright I helped you, can I now go back to
my family please? No. Ohhhwww. A downside of when I played Pokémon as a
kid was that I did get stuck, a lot of times. Mostly because like I said I didn’t know the
English language, but also because some parts are just
very unclear like the Rock Smash part. In order to get the right HM which you need
in order to progress you need to talk to this random npc, in this random house, in this
random town, very randomly. As a 8 year old you’re not gonna just talk
to every stranger you see, especially not if you can’t even read what they’re saying
because it’s a different language. Wait, this is not how my mom raised me! It seriously took me over half a year to finally
figure out how to get past these little rocks to be completely honestly. Me not knowing the language made me miss out
on some great dialog too like such a shame really… Because of things like this, and me being
an impatient child. It actually took me multiple years before
I actually made it to the elite four. Stevan Stone, I first met you 8 years ago
but now I finally get to show you what we’ve learned! Torchic, show him what you can do! Oh yeah let him hear your musical skills! Oh what the… In the meantime though, I basically did a
playtrough with every single available Pokémon at least once. Even with fricking Wingull the generic I’m
on every route bird Pokémon. I actually randomly found a shiny Wingull
in these games once that was pretty cool, uhh I can’t show it to you because like
I said I restarted my game many times but that was pretty neat and confusing. What is, why are you green? Are you sick? Overall the Hoenn games are definitely one
of my favourites. At least a 7.8 out of 10 too much water. WHAAAAA!!!
Oh my Arceus! Arceus doesn’t exist yet. Team magma was right all along… Quick, Torchic! Burn down the ocean so we can bring this game
to a full 10/10! Okay! Yes!>:) Burn that ocean.. Oh wait you’re burning the boat! No! Stop! stop stop stop!!! Thanks for watching everyone! I’m actually a bit sick at the moment of
recording this so I’m sorry if I sound a bit dead.. I want to give a big thank you to Laddi for
voicing the Torchic in this video, she did an amazing job and I really appreciate it. She has some really funny videos on her channel
be sure to check it out, link in the description. Or, if you haven’t already you can watch
my video where I talk about my actual first time playing Pokémon with yellow version. There should be a preview of it playing on
the screen right now, if I managed to figure out how to do it. Also, I’ll be at Vidcon London next week
so if any of you are there too come say hi or something.. I don’t know either way for now,
good night.

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  1. I love your character sprite 😀 OMG Torchic Laddi is too adorable xD Oh no, you can also relate to the struggles of barely understanding the menu of games and likely skipping all text conversation scenes 😀

  2. "All we have to do is kill him and he will die."

    Ant it's a lot easier than that you just need to kill him in one hit and the win the game. I've done this in Dark Souls.

  3. Antmation may you tell tom fulp (the creator of newgrounds) here's link hatena360 laughing at me look am banned newgrounds I need help antmation :'(

  4. 4:55 me with any pokemon after gen 5
    6:40 It's not like we could just look it up back then or watch youtube strategy vids, lol

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