What To ACTUALLY Do If You are Kidnapped?

What To ACTUALLY Do If You are Kidnapped?

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to start your free trial now with a special template from The Infographics Show! It’s late and the house is quiet. You’re lying in bed getting to the end of
the episode of The Infographics Show, “What happens when you die.” You think you hear a thud on the lower floor. You hit pause and listen. Nothing. It was probably just the cat doing its late
night prowl thing. You hit play, but at that moment three men
burst through your bedroom door, all of them wearing hoodies; their faces hidden by gas
masks. No sooner than you drop the phone the men
have your arms and are wrapping duct tape around your mouth. They don’t utter a word. They’re not here to kill you; they are kidnapping
you. As you’re manhandled out of the bedroom
you can just about hear the audio on the phone: “See you next time.” What you don’t know is there are things
you should be doing right now. The fact is some “kidnapees” are better
than others. As in the case of Machine Gun Kelly and the
crime that finally brought him down. This was the kidnapping of a wealthy businessman
named Charles F. Urschel. Urschel was what you might call a very smart
kidnapee. Why was that, you might ask? Well, old man Urschel might have been blindfolded
but he was aware immediately that he had to start taking mental notes. You take one now: IF YOU GET KIDNAPPED GET
OVER THE FRIGHT AND START THINKING. The men put Urschel in a car and even though
the tied up man couldn’t see a thing he knew that he had passed two oil fields that
were about 30 minutes apart. How did he know that? You guessed it, he smelled them. He thought he could also hear pumps. All this time he’d been kind of counting
the time as best he could. He knew that when they stopped for gas the
time was likely around 3.30 a.m. He later told the FBI that it took about an
hour for them to arrive at a house. There was a gate that he heard being opened
and then there was a second gate, all noted by Mr. Urschel in what turned out to be a
formidable memory. That house wasn’t where they’d keep him,
though. Urschel was pushed into another car there,
and because he felt around the back seat and heard the noise it made, he guessed it was
likely a Cadillac or a Buick. He then started counting again and guessed
it took about three hours to the next stop which was a gas station. Old Ursch pricked his ears again and he overheard
a conversation at the station, which would be very important. He later told the FBI this is what he heard,
“The crops around here are burned up, although we may make some broom corn.” They started driving again and he noticed
there was a big rain storm, like really big, and the men even stopped the car. After that, they drove on and on, and when
they finally stopped one of the men made a silly mistake and told Urschel the time. He was then led inside a house and a room
that had two beds. His bed was an iron cot. He also heard the voice of a woman in the
house, even though his abductors had filled his ears with cotton. Some days later he was taken to another house
15 minutes away. There he heard barnyard animals and he also
heard a man and a woman in another room, but he hadn’t heard those voices before. He kept memorizing this, and if you’ve seen
our show on how to be a memory master, you’ll know that old Urschel could easily have remembered
everything he’d experienced so far. To cut a long story short, over the course
of a few days he heard various animals. He heard a well being pumped and he knew that
well was northwest of the house. He heard a rope and a pulley working. He also realized that each morning around
9.45 a plane would pass overhead. Ok, so you amateur abductees if in his shoes
might have been feeling sorry for yourself and dreaming of bacon and eggs, but Urschel
was decoding his surroundings all the time. An important thing he noticed was that one
morning it rained really hard and the plane didn’t fly overhead that day. What happened next is the kidnappers got their
cash and they took Urschel to a town and released him. He then went to the police. So, when he talked to the FBI what did he
tell them of value? Well, he thought he knew what car he’d been
in. He knew driving times to each destination. He knew what the house might look like and
what might surround it. He also knew about weather conditions, and
importantly, the time he could hear that plane. On its own website the FBI writes the meteorologist
of the United States Weather Bureau of Dallas, Texas, was contacted. People there said from what Urschel had said
about rain he might have been at a place called Paradise in Texas. It made sense given what he said about travel
times. This was a place that had recently seen some
corn burning. The FBI also wrote that if he was really held
at Paradise then that would make sense, too, because he would have heard a plane each day
around 9.30 a.m. They looked at their records to see if anyone
of importance lived in Paradise and lo and behold, they got a name. We won’t go through the whole case again
but will tell you that thanks to Urschel’s private snooping the kidnappers were eventually
all arrested. So, tip one when you get kidnapped, note everything
in your mind and keep telling yourself the story. Your kidnapping should read like a really
descriptive novel or short story in your head, and you must tell that story over and over
again so you don’t forget it. Like any good author, Urschel envisioned the
room he was in; the animals and the well outside, the plane and the rain. But Urschel to some extent was in good hands
and those guys weren’t out to hurt him but get the money and leave him alone. They were actually alright with Urschel in
terms of how they treated him. With your kidnapping, that might not be the
case. Maybe you are just an average person and you
or your parents don’t have much cash. That won’t deter a sadistic killer. He doesn’t want a pay-off, he wants to look
in your eyes as he snips off some of your most treasured body parts. Maybe he just wants to show you some wicked
love before he finally decides to strangle you with his mother’s stockings. You might also be the victim of a gang that
just needs an innocent person for some leverage with the police. This has happened many times, so don’t think
just because you’re an everyday guy you won’t ever get kidnapped. Gangsters and serial killers might sometimes
have a victim of choice, but some of them embrace equal opportunities when it comes
to choosing someone to abduct. First things first, your kidnapper likely
doesn’t want to kill you right away. But, if you kick and scream and fight and
make things difficult for your captor, well, he or they might just finish you off there
and then. If you really can’t get away, then accept
that and later look for more opportunities. If you can win the fight, fight. By the way, if you get stuffed into a car
trunk you should look for a glow-in-the-dark cord. Pull that when the car is stopped and it will
open the trunk. Get out and scream like you never screamed
before. Run victim, run. If there is no cord you could also try and
take out the lights and stick your hands out. Even the most apathetic driver on the road
will likely call the cops and report a human waving from a tail light. Of course there is a big difference from someone
who wants to put your removed wiener in a roll and eat it, to someone who is merely
holding you to thwart the police, but in both cases it might help to create a rapport with
your captor. Peter Vronsky, possibly the most important
writer today on serial killers, said in his books that there have been cases of killers
letting people go. So, don’t blow your lid and don’t start
giving your captor a hard time about his body odor. If he is what you call a psycho-sexual killer
you’ll want to keep him calm and make him like you. If your captor is just a mean gang member
then remain calm and keep that mind of yours working. If they ask you to do stuff, just do it. Don’t complain. Any chance you get to make yourself human,
like a real person, exploit it. The notorious serial killers Ted Bundy and
Ed Kemper both let people go. It’s very likely that they didn’t want
to deal with a real person. If you get a chance, humanize yourself, and
that goes for any kind of kidnap experience. Bundy once let a girl go and she said he told
her, “It’s your lucky day little girl…Get the hell out of my car!” She thought she had seemed too real for him. Kemper once let a person go after he spilled
pills in the car and the person commented that her father was on the same meds. That was too real for Kemper and he even asked
about her father’s condition. She got to go and didn’t end up as decapitated
play-head under the big man’s bed. You can talk about stuff, incidental stuff,
but not your kidnapping, or your abductor’s intentions; what you learned in psychology
class about freaks, or why he’s making a big mistake. If you see a store you like, talk about it. If a song comes on the radio, chat about that. Just keep things real. Of course we are not saying don’t try to
escape if you see a way out, especially if you’re at the mercy of a demented killer,
but you should meticulously plan your escape. If you get caught trying, that might be the
end of you. If you can get your hands free, great. But first survey where you are. Are the doors locked? When does he sleep? What do you think is outside? Is there anything nearby you can use as a
weapon? How fast can he or they run? If you are sure you can get away, then do
so, but take precautions. But let’s say you’re not going anywhere
for a while. You are waiting and you know to be calm and
create a rapport with your captor. To be brutally honest, if your captor is the
kind that is as warped as Ted Bundy, the fact you’re still alive is a miracle. Still, you have to keep calm. Your composure might keep you alive longer,
and hey, living with trauma is better than decomposing with the worms. Don’t even cry in front of this person. Speak to them kindly if you can, and don’t
get worked up. Don’t lie to him. Don’t think you can manipulate him. So, don’t pretend you are best buddies or
you’re actually enjoying the experience. He will see through that and it he might just
expedite your death. You are not friends, but you are also not
a threat or an annoyance. If you’re being held by a gang don’t start
asking questions about these people. Even if you’re being held by a killer don’t
ask questions since knowing stuff about people gives you a lot less chance of them releasing
you. The less you know the better. You can pick up stuff just by observing. Now for some really practical stuff. Just to stay comfortable you might try and
stretch as much as you can. To keep your mind in a good place, try and
meditate and focus on breathing. Do this when there is nothing you can observe. When you’re being held for money or for
leverage, the longer you are there the better chance you have of getting away in the end. These people likely don’t want to kill you
since they want something in exchange for your breathing body. Murder is the last resort and it could mean
a death sentence for them if they are caught. Bear that in mind. Unfortunately, the psycho-sexual serial killer
kidnapped you to live out a fantasy and his intention was always to get rid of you once
he had fulfilled his evil desires. If making yourself real didn’t work, you
might just have to rely on the mercy of God or the cops or the small chance of him just
retiring on the spot. Ever wonder how we’re able to produce The
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hands and legs tied, your mouth covered, and you’re in the trunk of a car.. How would you deal with things from there? What’s your secret escape plan you’ve
been imagining for years? Tell us in the comments and let’s see who
can come up with the best way to get out of it. Now go watch Machine Gun Kelly: The Life & Crime
of Public Enemy Number One. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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  14. I have the implant arc angle like the one from black mirror so my parents know where I am at all times and can see what I see do I wish someone would try it

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  17. While the best thing you can do is to avoid an attack in the first place if someone attempts to kidnap you, try to get away before they can incapacitate you. If you are taken into captivity, comply with your kidnappers and observe your surroundings until you can escape or be rescued.

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    I live in Lisbon and i can’t think of how I could get kidnapped. There was a scenario once in which I wanted to visit a store I had heard about on the internet but it was in an old house, the gate was closed, there were no signs so I just decided to wait across the street, take a call, smoke a cigarette to see if other people come it and get out. Nobody came so I just left. Maybe the store was legit but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to risk it. But aside from that, I don’t know how I could be kidnapped off the street as everywhere I go there are many people.

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