What If You Woke Up With Shark’s Teeth? || FUNNY ANIMATION

What If You Woke Up With Shark’s Teeth? || FUNNY ANIMATION

You shouldn’t have had that candy bar last
night, or that third can of soda, but you did and you don’t regret it. That is, until you woke up today with every
one of your teeth and even your jaw aching. You don’t even want to think about how many
cavities you might have or what you’re going to tell your dentist. After all, whenever he asks if you are limiting
your candy and soda intake you say “yes.” You figure he’ll never know the difference. Fast forward to today. You walk to the bathroom thinking a quick
brush might destroy any remaining evidence. You start to open your mouth and your toothbrush
falls from your hand into the sink. You look in the mirror and see a mouth full
of shark’s teeth. First things first and you let out a scream. A big one. And then another. Eventually, you snap out of it. But you’re still just staring at them. How in the world did you end up with a mouth
full of shark’s teeth? And, while you’re asking questions, what
happened to your real teeth? Suddenly you recall your last visit to the
dentist when he looked at you long and hard. It was almost as if he knew about your secret
candy habit. He said if you don’t start treating them right,
you’d lose your teeth. But you’re pretty sure this isn’t what
he meant. Yet here you are. And here they are. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You hesitatingly poke around a bit with your
tongue to check things out. Suddenly you taste blood. Turns out your top teeth are now hard and
jagged like a serrated knife and you just sliced your tongue open on them. Better to just look in a mirror. You open up wide and tilt your head back to
examine everything. That’s when you notice that your whole front
jaw seems to extend out in front to reveal huge jagged upper teeth. They are the shape of triangular daggers. Before, just the pointed ends were showing. Frightening. You’ve never been a looker but this will
completely ruin your game. Without question. And that’s not all. You see that along the roof of your mouth
you have yet more teeth behind them in rows. Lots and lots of them. You have a quick panic attack, you’re only
human after all, well part human part shark, and then return to the mirror to count. There are five layers of teeth lining the
front of your mouth. Now that you’ve noticed them, you can’t
stop touching and exploring them. Though very, very gently, obviously. You’re not at your smartest first thing
in the morning, but you do learn from your mistakes. Occasionally. You wonder if you can somehow keep this whole
mess a secret. You start trying to talk, seeing how obvious
this problem of yours is and if you can conceal it. You conclude that it’s quite obvious. You laugh at yourself a bit and quickly stop
as your jaw does that weird thing again where your jagged top teeth pop out and look quite
threatening. You throw some water back into your mouth
and swish it around to get the blood taste out while you think. Ouch. Now you’ve cut your inner cheeks on your
pointy bottom teeth. You’re starting to feel a bit sick as the
coppery taste gets stronger. Time to eat something and get rid of it. You slowly creep down the stairs to check
if the coast is clear, peering over the railing. Suddenly, there is a sound behind you. You gasp in terror. As you quickly duck down you somehow slam
your front teeth into it. All becomes silent again, so you get up and
examine the railing. You’ve left a huge mark. Neat. You bend back down and nibble on a wooden
stake in the middle connecting the top railing to the bottom. Snap. It shatters in half. Yikes, that will take some explaining. Then you feel something fall against your
tongue. Quickly, you run back up the stairs and into
the bathroom as a door opens up behind you. Talk about crazy timing. Once inside again you spit whatever it is
into your hand. You’re shocked to see it’s a hard, triangular
tooth. You grin. Sure enough, there’s a gap in the top right
where the tooth had once been. Sweet. This looks promising. But before you can run off to find something
to knock out another one, you watch in horror as the tooth right behind where it was swivels
forward. Just a tiny bit. But you know what’s coming. Soon it will replace the other completely. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” you think. And this one’s even pointier. I guess it makes sense that a predator of
the deep would need to have a continual supply of sharp and lethal teeth. “But completely unnecessary for a bowl of
cereal,” you whisper gloomily. You jump a bit. The front door closes signaling that your
mom’s off to work. You head back down in search of some breakfast. A good healthy breakfast makes everything
better. You spy a chocolate chip granola bar. You unwrap it from its packaging and smell
its tempting sweet scent as you bite down eagerly. Your bottom teeth cut into it first and then
your top ones come down and literally decapitate the thing. One end goes flying into the back of your
throat while the other falls to the ground. You gag and spit it out. You bite down on it again and the same thing
happens, though it’s now a smaller piece. Eating with your current teeth is like stabbing
at something with multiple knives coming together from opposite directions. They tear through everything nicely. However, chewing and grinding just isn’t
happening. This is obviously a problem. Yet also a golden opportunity. You grab anything and everything in your pantry,
including boxes of cereal and cans of corn and have a blast completely annihilating them
with vicious biting. You fling their contents on the floors and
walls and you splatter a bit on the ceiling. You discover the leftovers from the beef roast
last night and savagely tear it to pieces, thrashing your head side to side while doing
it. You’re making quite a mess but this is the
most fun you’ve had in quite some time. You’ve just taken savage mode to a whole
new level. You’re a complete animal! You’re a beast! You’re—-you hear a growl. No, it wasn’t you, it was your stomach,
which is less than amused and not at all patient. It lets out another loud and angry protest. You step carefully in the mess you made to
reopen the pantry. Now what can you eat without needing to chew? While sharks bite into flesh and swallow the
chunks whole, you’re just a normal guy with a normal guy’s throat who needs to grind
things up a bit first. Or DO you? You smile when you see the oatmeal. You select the brown sugar flavor and microwave
a bowl of it and fan it till it cools down. You kind of throw it in the back of your mouth. It’s mushy, it shouldn’t be a problem. Again, you almost choke. A lump of it can really stick in your throat. You hesitate and then grab one of your mom’s
chocolate diet shakes right as you hear the front door open. It’s your mom again. She must have forgotten something. You hear footsteps coming closer. In a panic you run out the back door, through
your yard, and to the sidewalk, snatching a pair of flip flops from the back porch. As you put them on, you’re not sure, but
you think you hear a scream of horror in the distance. You start to feel like a bad son until you
are distracted by a different problem. Your friend is walking down your street on
his way to school and you’ve been spotted. He asks if you’re feeling okay and suspiciously
eyes your dirty shirt and shorts and then the diet shake you’re holding. You try to hide the words “for women!”
with your fingers and grunt. Fortunately, you’re not normally much of
a morning person so this almost works as a normal response. You feel sweat trickling down your back as
you realize your friend is in your first class so there’s really no way to get out of what’s
coming. You start walking while your brain goes a
mile a minute in silent panic but without finding any type of solution. You pause at your school’s entrance but
are pushed inside by those behind you. You’re uncontrollably shaking. Somehow you make it to lunch. You, of course, can’t eat anything and just
sit there rather grumpily. You’re starving. Your stomach hates you and is gnawing away
at you from the inside and throbbing in pain. You think about your morning. Since you didn’t bring your backpack you
got a zero on your homework. Your teacher called on you and you tried to
write “laryngitis” on a note but realized you don’t know how to spell it. Instead you wrote “sore throat” which
got her to give you a long skeptical look and make everyone else turn around to stare
at you. Again. You’d already been drawing attention to
yourself by being covered with splattered vegetables, ketchup, and meat juice and wearing
muddy flip flops in your classes. The girl you like talked to you and you awkwardly
grimaced instead of smiling and nodded even though it wasn’t a yes or no question. It was not a good morning. You wish you could go back home to bed and
crawl under the covers and just stay there. Forever. For the first time in your life you think
that lunch is very long and almost boring. You yawn. That’s when you hear the first scream. Then another. You realize too late that your top and bottom
teeth are in full view and people are staring at them and pointing at you. You jump to your feet and stumble backwards. You feel hard metal smack against your ankle. It spasms. You trip and fall and the whole room becomes
a blur around you. Then there’s explosive pain as your head
hits the ground. But it’s not quite as hard as you expected. Instead of the hard gym floor it almost feels
like…..carpet? You open your eyes and find that you’re
in your room, tangled in covers and at the foot of your bed. You can hear your mom yelling at you. Something about the dentist. She asks if you’ve brushed your teeth yet. Your teeth! You reach in and feel around and start to
laugh—they’re normal! You jump to your feet, and pause at your desk
to throw away a candy bar wrapper and empty soda can. You open the drawer and throw the rest of
your candy stash in the trash with them. Yes, it was just a dream, but all the same,
you don’t want to have another one like it ever again. It was pretty awkward and a bit terrifying. You brush your teeth not once but three times. And then you smile. Suddenly you think you’re pretty good looking. Nothing like a shark tooth nightmare to put
everything into perspective. You run down the stairs to the car. As you pull out of the driveway and drive
down the street for your root canal, you realize you regret throwing your candy in the trash
can. You make a mental note to fish it back out
the minute you get back. After all, what Dr. Lee doesn’t know won’t
hurt him. And, to be honest, though getting stared and
screamed at wasn’t fun, completely annihilating the kitchen was pretty awesome. Now let us ask you a question. What’s something fun you could do with shark’s
teeth that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our video Crazy
Unexpected Things That Were Found Inside of People! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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  1. Well I always dream of eating and I could finally maybe eat them or something I always do well always dreamed of eating any of the fan with my teeth again hanging on with my hair I now I need to find one I can think about it

  2. If my friends end up asking…. i would just say "i turned into a kirishima" or "im partly a shark now"
    Welp, then i can swim in the ocean maybe!

  3. 0-0 k..LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT I DO HABE SOME but…there not really spiky :l i dont really care and the dentist people dont even notjce xD

  4. I would get some numbing medicine in my jaw and then pull out the shark teeth cause they’ll come back and hen sell them

  5. Me: swimming in the ocean
    Shark: comes closer
    Me: Me smiles at the shark with my shark teeth oh hey sis!
    Shark: Oh h-hey sis it's not like I was about to e-eat or anything hehe….

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