What Happened to Western Animation?

What Happened to Western Animation?

Animation. You know it and I know it. Chances are most of you had an experience
growing up where you watched any number of THIS giant soul-eating conglomerate’s movies
and realized the wonders of animation. I watched so many Disney movies growing up
that I couldn’t even tell you what the first one was, or even which ones I prefer. It was a simpler time where I wasn’t even
thinking about the fact that these movies were animated, they were just… stories,
wildly expressive and vibrant stories. But here’s the thing, when I say the word
“animation”, what picture pops into your head? Do you see this? Or this? Animation has severely changed over the past
two decades, with the advent of Pixar, the industry began to shift into a different approach
to animation that was both more cost effective, and also made more money. At the turn of the 20th century, Pixar’s
CG features were making more and more and more money, while Disney’s hand-animated
films were making less and less. Take Lilo and Stitch for instance, I don’t
know about you guys but this was a classic growing up in my household, you know the whole
schpiel, ohana means family, and family apparently means only making 270 million dollars at the
box office. Now here’s where it gets crazy, less than
one year later after Stitch came out, Pixar’s Finding Nemo would release to a public craving
more CGI animation, and it would go on to make almost quadruple the amount that Stitch
did, nearly 1 billion dollars… soooo yeah, I have some bad news for you guys, if you
loved movies like The Emperor’s New Groove, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, or Treasure Planet,
those movies were flops, apparently very few people cared about them. Fast forward to 2005 and we see the dawn of
a new age, Walt Disney Animation Studios for all intents and purposes, was DONE with hand-animation. With the release of Chicken Little, they began
their escapades into CG animation in the hopes of attaining even a fraction of the success
that Pixar was at the time… Now at first they didn’t, they definitely didn’t, but eventually
we know how that story turns out now that Disney is continuously putting out
billion dollar CG animated hits. And yes there actually was a brief renaissance
period where Disney returned to hand animation for both The Princess and the Frog and Winnie
the Pooh, but it didn’t last long and that leads me into a question that has kept me
up at night for ages… Why couldn’t they coexist? Why can’t we get a mix of CG animated films
and hand-animated films today? What’s stopping us? And unfortunately the simple answer I’ve
come to is that nobody was or is interested in paying to see these hand-animated movies
anymore. Studios are simply just capitalizing on what
most people are paying for. You remember how I said Disney came back to
hand animation with The Princess and the Frog? Well that movie made even less than Lilo and Stitch did,
sitting at 260 million dollars worldwide. Less than a year later, that same Disney would
release a CG animated film named Tangled, and do you want to know how much that movie
made? It’s sad to say that the diminishing returns
and reduced market for these hand-animated films are probably the main reason they died
out in the first place. Now I’m not shaming CGI films, there are
so many CG animated movies that I love, the How to Train Your Dragon movies, many Pixar
classics like Toy Story or the Incredibles, even the recent Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
is a great example of taking CGI animation in a fresh direction that, frankly, FEELS
hand-animated sometimes with the way it’s stylized. CGI is good, but you want to know what isn’t
good? Losing what got us here in the first place. Even now Disney is releasing these live action
remakes that are making hundreds of millions of dollars more than their animated counterparts
ever did, while also removing a lot of the life and personality that made those movies
beloved in the first place, I mean look at this scene from the new Aladdin live action
movie, classic adaptation of an iconic song, Prince Ali. Now I want you to take a look at the way this
scene is composed, the way it’s edited, everything about it is just so dull, you can
tell it’s trying to be extravagant and wild but the way it’s shot and choreographed
is so boring, there’s nothing interesting going on, it’s slow, it just kills every
bit of energy and pace that the original scene had. Don’t believe me? Look at the original scene for yourself, look
at how much more full of life it is, how many quirky scenes are going on at the same time
back to back to back, it keeps the energy high and manages to interject a lot of comedy
and funny moments effortlessly through the expressiveness of animation. Seriously, out of everything you chose to
cut from this scene, you took out Genie transforming himself into various people in the crowd to
hype up Aladdin? That was like the best part! Hearing Robin Williams’ impersonations,
how visually entertaining the gags were, how do you butcher a scene this much? And here’s the thing, other than that scene,
I actually like the majority of stuff that’s been shown from the Aladdin movie, it still
very well could and probably will be a fun time, but I can’t help but feel like Disney
is erasing their own history with these kinds of films, it’s trying to replace it with
what’s become more socially acceptable, transforming these properties into things that are
supposed to appeal to an audience that just don’t take animation seriously, in which
case I say screw that, and screw those people for looking down on such a powerful artistic
medium, if they didn’t want to watch these stories before because they were animated,
I’m sorry to say but they really don’t deserve to watch these in live action now. It shouldn’t be a secret at this point that
I prefer hand-animation, I like how personal it feels and I like how limitless it is in
its creativity. There’s a soul and charm in traditional
animation that speaks to me and I’ve been searching ages for anything in Western animation
that still holds that spirit. So is it all doom and gloom? Is there any place left for traditional western
animation? Well… kinda, but with an asterisk next to
that. Traditional western animation does still exist
in the form of television, shows like The Simpsons, Spongebob, Adventure Time, these
are shows that started out animated and they’re still being animated to this day. I have to be honest though, it’s not the
same and doesn’t feel the same, these are sitcoms, they’re pumped out on a regular
schedule for years on end, and of course I don’t mean this as a jab at those shows,
I do think they’re expressive and fun in a way only animation can be, but it still
feels held back compared to other animated projects due to their networks and schedules. Of course while the majority of western animated
television is like this, we do have a few exceptions, take Nickelodeon’s Rise of the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series that began airing last year, this show… it looks incredible,
in terms of animation quality, creativity, and pure fun, it is a far cry from basically anything
else you can watch on the network right now. You can tell the creators and the animators
both have this insane passion not only for the material they’re working with, but for
animation as a whole, you can see so much influence from old school Gainax, especially
Fooly Cooly. It just looks awesome and I wish more western
television tried to do things as ambitious as this project. Nickelodeon actually has a track record for
producing shows like this, another such example would be the Avatar and Legend of Korra series,
both of which despite being outsourced to Korean animators, were very forward-thinking
in terms of setting a higher standard for American television, ESPECIALLY The Legend
of Korra, my god, if you want an example of some of the finest and most consistent hand-animation
that exists anywhere, you should watch The Legend of Korra, it is insane what Studio Mir was
able to accomplish on that series. One thing you might notice these shows have
in common is that they’re very anime-inspired, and that’s kind of been the elephant in
the room this entire video, traditional hand-animation is very much alive, just not in the West. Overseas in Japan they a ludicrous market
for animated television which releases upwards of 20-30 different series every single season. Not only is that a lot but generally speaking
there’s a higher standard of quality that Japanese animated television goes for compared
to Western television. Take a show that aired just last season for
instance, Mob Psycho 100 Season 2, this is by no means the norm of a standard anime production,
but it does showcase that hand-animation is very much alive and well, as both seasons
of Mob Psycho 100 have some of the best animation I have ever seen in my entire life. So yeah, anime is great, but it’s not a
solution, mostly because in order to release so many series with such high quality in that
short a timeframe, it naturally means that these animators and staff are being worked
to the bone for barely any pay. The animation industry in Japan is notorious
for its inhumane working conditions, and as the number of shows continues increasing and
increasing per season, it’s inevitably going to lead to a crash. Definitely not an ideal scenario for one of the last places
on Earth creating quality hand-animation. I think what bothers me the most about the
lack of traditional western animation is that there are so many alternatives that could
have been further explored and taken advantage of. Look at Disney’s deep canvas technology
for instance, it was a wild invention that allowed Disney to basically create 3D scenes
that they could paint over and seamlessly blend into their hand animation. It was used in Tarzan and even more extensively
in Treasure Planet, and in both instances I think the results speak for themselves. This was a tool that allowed animation to
stay as imaginative and inspired as before, while also letting it run around in gorgeous
3D environments that kept scenes feeling dynamic and visually engaging. Like all good things however, it costed money,
and I assume it wasn’t cost effective enough for Disney to continue using it, epsecially after
the financial failure of Treasure Planet. Another cool alternative I’ve been thinking
about a lot connects to two live action movies that are on everyone’s mind right now, Detective
Pikachu and the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Both are taking an inherently animated character
and transitioning it to live action, because… well, ya know, live actions sells, man. One obviously does this better than the other
but what if there was another way? What if there was a movie, or multiple movies,
that showed you can combine animated characters with live action footage? Well you know me and
my rhetorical questions at this point, Who Framed Roger Rabbit,
Space Jam, and Looney Tunes: Back in Action all showed that this can not only be done,
but it works, it works really well. This would be so fitting, especially for a
character like Sonic the Hedgehog, who is inherently goofy and self-aware. The idea of putting an animated version of
him next to an actor like Jim Carrey, that just sounds hilarious and also just way better
than the travesty they ended up going with initially. Ultimately I guess the point I’m trying
to make with this video is that animation is different than it used to be, not necessarily
for the worse, but in a way that’s abandoned its roots. CG animation has become the new norm, live
action remakes are seemingly replacing their animated originals, and other forms of animation
are so unpopular that studios won’t even think about investing in them. However there are still rays of hope that
tell me even if Western animation can’t regain its former glory, there are some great projects
out there helmed by great people who are keeping the art of hand-drawn animation alive. The Samurai Jack creator is coming back with
a new series, Studio Mir had that Koji pilot a while ago, and literally as I was editing
this video Cartoon Network announces this really cool looking show called Mao Mao, there’s
good stuff to look forward to, and if all that isn’t enough, well you can always turn weeb
and start watching some anime, I don’t mean to brag but I have a pretty good channel for
recommending anime. Speaking of me, if you want more occasional
opinions, or you just wanna keep in touch, you can follow me on Twitter @PhenomSage, and if you want to chat or make friends, you
should totally join my Discord server, it has a great community of people, we do group
anime– er, I mean hand-animated streams together, it’s a lot of fun, be sure to
join if you’re interested. Also make sure to tell me in the comments
what you think about how animation has changed, do you think it’s possible for hand-animation
to make a comeback? It would be pretty cool, but even if it doesn’t… We always have the originals, right?

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  1. So a few people have fairly pointed out that I neglected to mention another branch of Western animation, that being French animation, and European animation in general. While I am familiar with a few French animated movies like The Red Turtle, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner, etc. unfortunately it's not something I was knowledgeable enough about to consider talking about here. This is such a broad topic so I used this video as more of a personal reflection on Western animation as it's changed to me, my own experiences with it, and how the zeitgeist has shifted from my perspective.

    That being said, I'm always interested in learning more, so feel free to comment any European animated movies that you would recommend, and hell, any videos or articles talking about the history of European animation would be cool as well!

  2. Illumination, illumination copycats, Disney Life-action remakes, and god awful live-action adaptation of cartoons, are killing western animation.

  3. I love 2d animation, and I would watch it instead of a live action, or cgi movie any day, I even started animating

  4. This video came up in my recommend, I wanted to say you also missed out on the http://www.hullabaloo-movie.com/ done by former Disney animators. Perhaps get in contact with them to do an interview?

  5. 5:16

    "But I can't help but feel like Disney is erasing their own history with the remakes"

    No squid, sherlock! And this is what I feel a lot more now with The Little Mermaid.

  6. "What Happened to Western Animation?"
    In short..
    Greedy,disconnected companies run by shitty CEOS that don;t know when enough money is enough.. you know..pretty much typical rich person behavior in general.

  7. American society tells people that animation is made for kids. What people don't realize is that it's made BY ADULTS. Sure there are movies with messages specifically meant for kids, but a majority discuss adult topics. I've noticed that in the US at those movie award shows, best animated film isn't taken too seriously. I feel like they don't let the director talk that much. I wish they would have more categories like best animated movie song or script, too. It's sad that people don't appreciate animation. They put so much time and effort into them, probably way more so than with live action. I hope people begin to realize the awesomeness of animation.

  8. Finally someone who actually talks about anime. I'll watch other channels that talk about the death of 2D animation or (western) animation dying yet they never really talk about anime much for some stupid reason. If you miss 2D so much than give some a shot.

    Anyway, Gravity Falls was the last 2D American show I watched (I do like The Dragon Prince but it's CG) I get my 2D fix from anime now, I prefer anime over western animation because Japan really takes advantage of the medium by having many different genres and a good amount of adult anime (not Hentai, good stuff Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell) that are adult without being edgy. I do like western animation but 99% of it has enough comedic elements to at least be partly classified as a comedy, a huge percentage of it is just for kids (Teen Titans Go and The Bread Winners for example) which doesn't interest me at all as an adult. Most adult animations are just edgy (Family Guy, Sausage Party). There is still a few good family animations in the west but no adult animations with a serious plot. I Wish America took better advantage of the medium.

  9. tbh the returning handdrawn movies which came out compared to the cgi films the same year had worse plots and charakters. if you would put them vice versa (for example princess and the frog in cgi and tangled handdrawn) they would have made the profit with tangled still. i almost think they doing it on purpose to stick with the lazy cgi-mode.

  10. Anime style animation is INSANELY popular, it is beyond me why Disney or any other western animation company hasn't capitalized on it yet.

  11. The problem isn't with animation, the problem is with stories. The studios don't allow writers to create new stories and ideas. Also it's our fault. We've become so lazy we don't demand new ideas. That's why the best animated movies are from Asia and Europe, people still demand real story telling. As long as our snowflake society continues it's not going to change. We're only going to get what we deserve.

  12. CGI and 2D animation can mix together, but western never mixes both of them, when many non western animations mix both of them, And it usually ends perfectly and beautiful, but Disney is taking the CGI only to get the money, because look at the live action, mostly many things are gonna be left out, And now that Mulan is coming back, But Disney leaving out the Songs, and many enjoyable characters, which is going to ruin the movie on my opinion.

    Look at Anime animation! Anime is adored for a reason! The animation and the story catches the attention, yes many animators are being worked to the bone, but it also means that they put their efforts at most times,
    Look at Attack On Titan, The Levi scene took a whole month for a The animators, And the wait was worth it, it was well animated and it caught the attention of many others,
    Same thing goes for Mob-psycho

  13. I feel like 2D Animation can comeback, in the movies. I am happy you mentioned TV shows because 2D Animation is still alive thanks to other studios in the TV department and right here in this platform you posted your video. The Internet is filled with 2D Animators. The only department that left 2D Animation is disney. They left due to money. 2D Animation, like stop motion, is very much still alive. You don't really have to look to far. The real question is will Disney do another 2D Animated movie? Time will tell. But 2D Animation is not, dead. It's in other places and we have a great catalogue of shows this year like Amphibia, Infinity Train, online shows like Bee and Puppycat and much much more.

  14. That "Whims of Fate" at the end, tho…

    Seriously, though, love this video, made me think I'm not an outlier loving Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, etc. CGI is great, but those hand-drawn animations will always have a place in my heart.

  15. I suck at drawing, yet I can create basic animations with aps like Blender.
    CGI encourages me to have a try, while showing what can be done if you have actual talent.

    And who knows – maybe, one day, I will take the inspiration of Robbie Williams "Rock DJ" and actually show a skeleton, hung over from a party, reassemble itself as a human…

  16. Back in the day, American Animation was hand drawn very well. A little CGI goes a long way, as long as it’s not over done.

    Nowadays, Japan’s Anime is taking that title of doing so well. Disney is doing Live Action a little too often now, and so Attack on Titan has my viewing time now.

    That, and hand drawn cartoons like Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra still hold up WAY better than most of the garbage on TV in America now.

    (Remember, we lost Teen Titan, and got Teen Titans Go instead… yeah, think about that for a second. Lack of a decent plot with arcs and far less effort in quality)

    Japan has mastered using hand drawn animation and CGI coupled very well, and Western Animation is being abandoned.

    I also heard Wit Studios might not do Attack on Titan Season 4 because the people there aren’t being payed that well, and it’s pretty sad and hugely notorious as mentioned in the video.

  17. Walt Disney said "Keep Moving Forward". Not remake movies and ruin franchises with no originality and SJW far leftism.

  18. Why don-t you watch Japanese Anime or old cartoons…Why wanting more, and new when ther is no and never will be more and new…

  19. Legend of Korra got the animation. But doesn’t have that story or characters. Especially compared to its predecessor Last Airbender.

  20. Tangled left such a lasting impression on me that I rewatched it countless times and can recall every line. Ditto for the underrated gem that is Treasure Planet. Meanwhile I'm barely aware Princess and the Frog exists.

  21. Last animation I watched that was new was the princess and the frog. To be honest… I don't remember much but, I liked the protagonist. Tho I can't remember how it ended and other events. Now animation shifted to cinematic and remake….

  22. Treasure planet is one of my favorite movie of all time, the technology Disney used at that time was so expensive, and advanced, 2D animation and 3D in the same movie was outstanding for the 2000s.

    It's sad but at the same time, I kinda like the fact that it's a standalone movie.

    Weirdly, treasure planet is definitely, if done right, the type of movie that could potentially be adapted to real life.
    The insanely beatifull background and vastness of space, damn we got the technology for that now.

    But you gotta check the movie making of on the dvd, it's a must see for anyone wanting to learn the animation history.

    The first movie to put 3D and 2D at the same time.
    So underrated

  23. To be honest to me it seems like the western hand drawn animations were indeed making a profit in the past and thats why there were so many good series and films but as time went on …the Japanese hand drawn animations blew up more and more and the quality is so high the west literally has no chance to compete in hand drawn animations without stealing anime specific ideas. Which means the western kids will go to anime to watch animations instead, but as everyone knows… The japanese animators are being worked hard and sometimes theyre budget is too low and have to resort to CGI, but the japanese are not good at CGI since they barely tried it out. Meanwhile the west mastered the CGI as theyre greed for cheap animations that make lots of money made them abandon any kind of hand drawing for only CGI which seems to captivate the west better.

    Live action films in my opinion are trash and i cant comprehend why they are popular… Theyre the child that went wrong.

  24. "Animation is just for kids" ugh this statement just makes me furious. Say this to my face and I'll recommend them to watch boku no pico and say it's for their kids.

  25. As a lover of traditional Hand-drawn animation, your video had my agreement throughout.

    But as an SMT/Persona fan, you having Whims of Fate from Persona 5 was the cherry on top. ?

    Mabuhay and God bless from the Philippines.

  26. 5:37 uhhhh…. behind everything you say except for "if you didn't like the movie hand drawn, you dont deserve to watch it in live action", which completely ignores the fact that are legitimate reasons for disliking hand drawn animation; such as some people really disliking the constant over-exaggeration of hand drawn animation, or how springy and full of energy it is. I accept that those two are also the appeal of hand drawn animation to many, but the statistics you have shown in this movie seem to represent people preferring CGI or live action over hand drawn animation.

  27. There's another key detail here; 3D animation is much easier and faster, which means its a lot easier for newcomers to learn and start making animations. 3D animation is more akin to a puppet show than traditional 2D animation, in that the animator only has to worry about the general actions items and characters perform, rather than drawing all the intermediate frames as well. Far from being a sad decay in creativity, 3D animation actually opens the floodgates for hundreds who always wanted to try animation, but never had the time to draw out all the frames needed to do so.

  28. The one bad thing about Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the fact that they changed way too much. They can change the voice actors and animation style, and minor things like that. But they changed it too much.

  29. In my opinion, I don't think western animation is ever really gonna go back to the way it used to be. Animation in general is seen as mostly for children in the US, so it's probably gonna stay mostly cg eye candy. However, there's definitely been an uptick in independent animators online, and even full web series of high production quality, like final space, camp camp, and hazbin hotel (although it's still in production). While it doesn't seem likely that big western companies are gonna become wholly devoted to 2d animation again any time soon, there's still good western animation, if you look hard enough.

  30. This feels…. hauntingly familiar.

    I'm not gonna go about accusing plagiarism, far be it from me to criticize people for having similar ideas and concepts. It's just strange to hear so many similar thoughts and opinions voiced so closely on so many points that I had brought up 2 years prior… it feels weird, man.

  31. I think this is a problem of culture rather then money,

    Japan keeps making hand-drawn animation because that's what there culture express and that's what they are proud of, it's always something traditional, simple and stylish

    But American culture (or lack of it) is always on what's flashy high tech and bombastic, and they focus so much on the computer side that they forget about the artist

    Americans dont care about artist as much as the rest of the world those and is a shame cause disney handrawn animation was unbeatable but now they are no longer unic and basically others have been making far better movies then they are and if it wasn't for Pixar disney wouldn't be the big company that they are and they know it

    I do like cgi but handrawn is just something that cant be compared i love seeing the art work that this artist do before making there movies cgi and its amazing how they look but we end up with shallow backgrounds and mute expressions is a shame

    Zootopias concept cities looks amazing some thing from another world,

    but we end up with just a regular city background which takes the fan out of it

  32. I bet you if you took any of the CG movies that did well, and they had been hand drawn instead, they still would have done well. I'm sorry, but I flat-out liked Tangled for the music and the story more than the Princess and the Frog… And I would wager that if Tangled had been hand drawn, and Princess and the Frog been CG, we would have seen a hand drawn Tangled do better.
    The late 90s and early 00s movies were…….. weird……. I think people wanted classic. Instead we got a movie about farm animals. Yes, a few years later a CG movie about animals did well, but what the draw was was that it was NEW to CG. I think some less interesting movies did well in CG form simply because no one had seen it in that style before.

  33. Its not the lack of market. If that was the case anime would not be nearly as popular. Its because hand animation takes alot longer and that the stigma around 2D animation being for kids exists primarily in the west. Its a case of bad marketing. Want more people to watch 2d animated films? Market it towards people who watch anime or japan in general since they love walt disney in general.

  34. Simple, Disney is taking over. They keep making money with their tasteless reboots and Pixar is just a shareholder to them. Disney couldn't stomach a NON-Disney film winning the Oscars and when "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", a movie produced by Sony Pictures Animation, won that award, Disney SNAPPED and decide to claim Blue Sky Studios as their property after buying Fox for distributing rights to maintain their power. They just want to make everyone forget about all the other animation studios and empty their wallets in their black-souled hold, especially against DreamWorks. The completely Flanderized the Toy Story franchise with another long-fucking-distant sequel that was completely unnecessary when the franchise ended as a trilogy to fuck DreamWorks – AGAIN – after they ended the greatest NON-Disney trilogy ever made.

  35. Voltron: Legendary Defender, She-Ra: Princesses of Power and Twelve Forever are my personal favourite western hand animated shows at the moment

  36. I know most people are not into it but the MLP movie (2017) was one of the few "big" western animated feature films of recent years and now they are making a CGI film, just like everybody else. Simply another example of 2D being killed with 3D due to corporate greed.

  37. Basically real life actors not = DYNAMIC CARTOONS!!!

    Also I can relate to real life cgi easier than cartoons..why I buy.

    Princess & frog had huge potental, but I get the feeling the music department failed to create epic to match drawings.

  38. I prefer hand-drawn animation. Yes, I exist.
    Discounting anime, out of Disney and all non Japanese cartoons, my favorite are the hand-drawn ones. I can always find myself rewatching Princess and the frog for example, but the CGI ones, one time is enough. It's not like I forget the plot that I rewatch them, it's because the hand-drawn has some sort of magic to it. The magic that always soothes me. 
    "Creating animation means creating a fictional world. That world soothes the spirit of those who are disheartened and exhausted from dealing with the sharp edges of reality." – One very obvious Japanese animator.

  39. If only some anime hand artists go to America or any western country to start a new brand showcase of anime+European type cartoon movies and shows that would go viral in entertainment world!??!!

  40. What i love about Anime (well Japan) is how " I dont give a fuck" it is. I mean, take gurren lagan, its a story about boy who likes to dig holes and he starts diging holes until he digs through everything there is and they deliver it with such passion, such flame, pure enthusiasm.

    West now mostly plays it save and save will eventualy get boring. Or they try to be super edgy and cool, which i am not interested, i want a good story/world/characters, not some "smart" deep messages about real stuff. For that i have different medium.

  41. princess and the frog was really bad movie actually and i don't know if i can say it is the one to be blamed to ruin the whole genera that if it was the last of them released

  42. if you haven't check them out btw, should look into some older stuff such as Jackie Chan Adventure's, Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters (was the 90s!!), and the 2003 TNMT (teenage mutant ninja turtles).

  43. To be honest,I don't really blame Disney and others for doing that.
    Obviously I don't like that they doing it but I don't dislike it either.They are a business.And business requires money.

    I think that the failure of 2D in west (US generally speaking) is as you said,in the middle of the video,due to social constructs.
    Someone somehow,spread the rumor that REAL>Hand drawn.

    What we would have heard to be,'vibrant' was replaced by terms like,"over the top","weird" etc.And the kids who grew up near these adults ended up absorbing those philosophies.

    Very recently,I watched a video reaction of,let's say,a streamer couple on a video describing a certain anime.The woman,which I could clearly see,was trying to ignore whatever passion there was in that video as much as she could.She even went on to say,"Why don't you watch…you know,real people doing real things?"
    That was such a dumb statement.It would take me minute to shut her up if I could.The answer is that real people cannot show emotions as vividly as 2D characters.CGI can do that but it generally ends up being more stiff missing a bit on that.

    But that's the exact mentality we are dealing with in today's world.I am studying to be an animator and I constantly get persuaded to follow the crowd as well.Not by teachers or those who love the art but by peeps who hardly know anything about it.

    Another thing that I learned from a very smart guy was that people's choices between "Real" or "2D" is generally guided by how much they can pick up on emotions.
    Most of us can't pick up a lot of emotions unless someone spoonfeeds which makes those same segments that we define as beautiful,excessive to most.
    Same people want their children to stay away from what they found excessive and hence tell them to stay away.They do however,atleast allow CGI movies as it fulfilles their own mindless requirements.

    And we get the mess we are in.
    I am pretty sure that the audience is changing though.Not saying that cgi is suddenly going down or anime(and similar animations) are going up in sales But as far as impact,is considered,the scenario is changing.
    And amazingly enough,it is happening from animations that are not the best 2D can do.

    MHA,AoT,SAO these are not the best anime can do.But they are still winning hearts.And I person ally think that once you cross a certain money collection,all the happiness and satisfaction comes from that.
    Of course that will never be true for business giant like sony,Disney etc but for a creative artist,the live they get is very fulfilling and pushes them much forward.

    We will see a day when animation industry will change once again to bring back the old and make it new.Though it might not come from the big giants of today but the giants in making.

    Then we will complain about how CGI has been left out.(Lol.No we won't.)

  44. Hmm…i won't really say I agree with you that anime will crash.

    I used to think that when I saw some flicks of early 2000s when they started adding cg to 2D,then I thought that would happen in 2012 when AoT came and very recently I thought that cg cannot exist in anime and I got introduced to Uftoable.

    It is hard work.There is no doubt about that.But it has a HECK A LOT OF passion behind it.And I think that we shouldn't underestimate it.

    Especially considering that China has also entered,Hollywood is borrowing ideas from it and someone,even from a "third world country" is easily able to find fellow weebs and animation enthusiasts.All I need to do is look.

    Though I do think that anime will and is evolving.They won't make it fully cg for a long time but I can see and do see cg becoming a big part of anime.
    And studios like Ufotable,David productions etc are really inspiring a lot of people inside and outside the industry with their tricks.

    Though there is some truth in the,"will eventually crash" segment of your video.As that does and will happen.More correctly,anime studios will crash going on the route they take.Or will be very hard to maintain.
    However,one goes and 10 more come to replace it.So I won't say that anime itself is going to die.Not anytime soon considering all the love it gets.And the whole subscription thingy and jnternet in general has also boosted the fame as well as money collection of anime.

  45. You were going to get a like for the video, but then you gave a shoutout to Mob Psycho 100 so you get a sub and a like

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