What got me into Animation? Tamaro Q&A #1

What got me into Animation? Tamaro Q&A #1

Hi! Hey there! How’s your day going? Pretty good. Why? Because, we’ve made it to 2020! It’s the start of a new decade. and a time for new beginnings. New adventures, new horizons, And…New videos! I got a lot of comments from you guys, so we better get this video started too! It shouldn’t be too hard to get through these though. Which one of your OCs is your favorite? Umm…Maybe start out with something a bit easier? What’s your favorite Pokemon? Okay Okay. It’s hard for me to nail it down to just one because I like all of the Pokemon! …Basically… But Aggrons always been a stand-out for me. Can you speak French? No…I mean, NON! How long have you been animating? I started by making flipnotes back in 2011, So I guess the answer would be…9 years! Dang… Do I get some kind of discount? What got you into animation? Discovering Flipnote Studio It was a great program for getting into animation because it made it simple and fun it did have some drawbacks though Particularly that darn ink limit Once you ran out, that was it. You either had to cut it short, or delete some stuff. Could you imagine if Adobe Animate had that though? Heh, that would be awful. However, Flipnote Studio 3D basically improved upon Flipnote studio in every way So, to answer a few more questions I would recommend Flipnote 3D to aspiring animators. If you have a 3DS or 2DS anyways. An XL preferably What animated series or films gives you inspiration? My top 3 would probably be Pokemon, Dragon Ball, And Spongebob. Put them together and you get- It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for! I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready! *Nasally laugh* :O Squigeta: Come on Snelly! Snegoo: Meow Son Bob: It’s all yours Gary! Macargary: Meow Inspiration What’s your favorite Spongebob episode? The Crusty Crab Training video! Now are you gonna subscribe or just stand there cause there’s a standing fee Thank you. Coke or Pepsi? Coke! *ANGRYJAPANESE* :O What gives you motivation? My top 3 motivators would be the joy I get from making, the joy I get from bringing joy to you guys, And the joy I get from Jesus who makes it all possible! Put those three together and you get…a Video! What do you do besides drawing? Well, I really like to- Uhhh… What do I do? Is art your hobby, or would you like it to be a job? I’ve always wanted art to be my job! Even as a kid I remember wanting to make art my career when I grew up And now that I AM grown up! A career is still a ways out But we’re getting there! Patreon, retweets, views, likes, kind words.. All of this and more! A job like this is literally Impossible without your guy’s support So, THANK YOU! For helping me to be able to pursue my dreams! And I hope to be able to continue to make videos for you guys to enjoy Well, that’s it for this video Thank you all for watching and I hope you have an awesome day! Don’t stare at the song too long, kids This new endcard theme was done by the awesome Tater Tot Tunes! Go an check him out! 😀

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    Great Q&A btw! If you’re still answering questions uh I have one

    Do you know what an Object Show is?

    Okay but SERIOUSLY this is so well put together!!!!!! Great job once again 😀 I’ll keep the motivation advice in mind

  3. Hi I’m TigerToons I’m looking for collabs in future video and was asking if you would be interested in doing one (I know my sub count is a little low :/) but I think we can work out a collab together btw love the animation!

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