What Does a 4D Ball Look Like in Real Life? Amazing Experiment Shows Spherical Version of Tesseract

Okay, everybody today I’m going to be showing you what a ball would look like in a fourth spatial dimension a four D ball So I’m going to be showing you what a sphere would look like if there were a fourth eshkettit Spatial dimension and then what would it look like if there was some four D being? That was going to move that sphere through the fourth dimension What would it look like in our 3d space? And what other cool stuff could they do if they move stuff around and 4d? What would it look like in our three dimensions? So we live in a universe that has three spatial dimensions. That means you can go this way You can go this way and you can go up and down. For example, I have this cube here in three dimensions But what would it mean if I were only to look at this cube in two dimensions? Well because we only have two dimensions. It means we can only go this way and this way but not up and down So it’s the equivalent of taking a slice of this cube? So instead of having a cube now, I take a slice of it. So now this is just called a plane It has the X and the y axis so it has these spatial dimensions, but it has no up-and-down So that means when you look at it sideways, all you see is a line So now we have a world that’s only two dimensions. What would a sphere look like in this two dimensions? well Because everything in two dimensions is just a slice of three dimensions Instead of a sphere that has up and down to it. You would only get a slice of that sphere So a sphere would now look like a circle So the first thing I want you to notice about this two-dimensional circle Is that for me in three dimensions looking at this two-dimensional plane? I can see the entire circle at one time I see everything the inside of it the outside of it everything all at once but for somebody living in this 2-dimensional world They don’t see a circle But they see a line you can see what I mean is I start from above I can see the entire circle But as I come on to the plane that circle shrinks down and gets flatter and flatter and flatter Until eventually, it just becomes a flat line So if these two dimensional beings live only on this flat plane all they see is lines So what would a sphere look like to this 2-dimensional person? Well, remember that that 2-dimensional person can only see a slice through the sphere and they would only see it if it’s in their plane Anything outside of it, they can’t see they only see what’s in this plane here. So in order to see this I would have to move it into the plane, but what it would look like from their point of view, it would look like a circle just suddenly appears and then gets bigger and then smaller and then disappears and so me is a three dimensional being moving this 3d object through their two-dimensional plane Would seem quite mystical it would seem like things suddenly appear then disappear appear then disappear and with that in mind now we can start to understand what it would be like for a Four-dimensional being to move a four-dimensional object through our three-dimensional space so I’m going to show you what it would look like if a four-dimensional being was to move a 4d sphere through our 3-dimensional space it would be similar to the two-dimensional circle starting small getting bigger and then going small again But it would be in three dimensions. So it looks something like this okay, so here’s my four-dimensional ball and What you’re actually seeing is the very tip of the four-dimensional ball This is the small circle But because we’re in three It’s the small sphere at the tip of the fourth dimensional ball And I can move it around and do anything that I want with it but watch what happens when I summon the powers of a fourth dimensional being To move the ball through the fourth dimension and through our 3d space. Well, it would look something like this Okay, they’re moving it through the fourth dimension and as he’s moving it it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger and Stop So now you can see as it got moved through the fourth dimension The size changed in our three dimension here So now we have a larger sphere but we’re not quite to the center of the four dimensional spheroid So let’s set it down and have the fourth dimensional beam move it through the largest diameter that shows up in our three dimensions okay, and go so now it’s moving, moving through the fourth dimension, which Making which is making the spear get bigger and bigger and bigger and our three dimensions Until finally we end up with this So now the four dimensional sphere oeid is at its largest diameter and our three dimensional space and so now I have a very large sphere so we know that a four dimensional being could suddenly appear then disappear in our three-dimensional space could make objects randomly appear disappear Change shape altogether and it would seem quite mystical but here’s an even weirder thing that 4th dimensional being could do They can turn you into your own mirror image of yourself Let me show you what I mean So going back to our analogy in two dimensions. Here’s our two dimensional guy So now suppose in this two dimensional world. He’s looking at this object. There’s also a mirror behind us So this line represents a mirror. so looking in that mirror, the mirror image looks like this But no matter what he does in this two-dimensional world, he cannot get this object to look like it’s mirror image other than just looking in the mirror. But me as a three-dimensional being I can come in and I can take it out of this two-dimensional world flip it And now it becomes a mirror image of itself so because I was a three-dimensional being, and I was able to take it out of this two-dimensional world and flip it in my three-dimensional world, now this is permanently the mirror image of itself for this two-dimensional person now. So the same can be said in three dimensions to four dimensions, That means that this fourth dimensional being could take this pretzel bag Flip it in the fourth dimension And now it would be permanently a mirror image of itself in our three-dimensional world. In fact, you would never be able to hide anything in our three-dimensional world from a fourth dimensional being Everything would be present at the same time. They’d immediately be able to see what is inside this box. Similar to how I can instantly see what’s inside this box But this two-dimensional person wouldn’t be able to see it because it’s being blocked by the outside. So it would be quite amazing to see some fourth dimensional thing moving through our three dimensions and making things reappear, change shapes, do all sorts of different things even making mirror images of things. But is there a fourth dimension of space? Well, actually there could be String theory actually suggests that there’s 11 spatial dimensions, But only three of them are big enough to notice. So we have three spatial dimensions that are big enough to see any changes, But the other dimensions aren’t big enough to notice any difference with movement. Hey everybody. Thanks for watching another episode of “The Action Lab” I hope you enjoyed it. if you did and you’re not subscribed yet remember to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell to be notified with my latest videos out and head to the action lab comm to check out the action lab subscription box where you can do experiments similar to the ones that you see me do on my channel. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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