Welcome to Doozy – From GO! Cartoons Only on Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

Welcome to Doozy – From GO! Cartoons Only on Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

You are so cute! I could just eat you right up. But… Not yet. Ah!
– Mm… Food… Hey!
– Hands off. I spent all night making these for Skeletim. Once he takes a bite, he’ll know just how I feel, and we’ll laugh, and dance, and smooch forever… Ew. You can have the rejects. – Sweet sauce! I don’t see why you need to make all this effort. You’ve got a second degree blue belt, and you have me as a best friend! – Yeah, but I’ll never get to use taekwondo at work. So, I gotta make a splash with lunch. – Well, if you really want to impress him, maybe the bento could use some more… pizzazz – Okay… Alright. – Geez, that is a lot of steps. – And… Voila. – Didn’t you need to smash some eggs or something? – Eh, whatevs. I got the gist of it. See? – Aw, thanks, Lou! – And remember– It’s not paperwork,
it’s paper-fun! – You’ll be mine, come lunchtime… Mm, there! – Yay! No, no, no, no, no, no, no… Enchanted milkshake, dancing in my tummy… So, have you blown Skeletim’s mind yet? – Lou! The riceballs… have gone… crazy! – Uh, apparently, if you don’t perform all of the steps, the spells turn into curses… – Then get over here and finish it!
– Uh oh… – What?
– Don’t worry, Mama Lou’s gonna fix everything… …I was trying out this new cereal.
– Oh yeah? – Oh! …Hi. What was that? – Uh, nothing! Nothing at all, it’s just… the maintenance crew, they… – My paperwork! Aah!
– Woah. Alright. Oh yeah!
I’m coming, Ex. What is that thing?
– It’s… my lunch. – Don’t worry, folks! Mama Lou made this mess, Mama’s gonna fix it. Turts. Lou! We need a plan. Guys! We’re gonna have to eat it – to beat it! – Woah. That’s actually a great idea! – I know. Wait… Am I a genius? So how do we get close?
– Oh, the fireaxe! Wait!
– Hack it to bite-sized pieces! Oh no! Remember how I said I’d never get to use taekwondo at work? – Yeah?
– Well, I guess I was wrong! Sweet sauce! Everyone, open wide! Eat up, everybody! – Mm, so tasty! Everyone, go home! So I can do my… paperwork. – Hey. So do you wanna, like, get a soda… Or something? – Oh! I…
maybe another time? – Okay… yeah. Respect. See ya… Aw, man! Here.
– Sorry I messed up your lunch for Skeletim… – No worries. It actually worked out… pretty okay. Hey!

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  1. That moment you realize that a tub of vegetables in the fridge is labeled "Wolfie," implying the wolf is a vegetarian. Huh… Can that even work?

  2. 태권도 유단자가 되면 디아블 잠브가 가능하구나! 우리 한민족의 무술이 자랑스럽다

  3. I don't know why, but this cartoon makes me remember the old ones with that great atmosphere and funny characters. Hope to see it like a full animation project soon !*O*

  4. Было бы неплохо если он стал полностью мультфильмом на картун нетворге

  5. I wonder if this is why Albedo the Succubus from the Isekai Novel based Manga and Anime franchise: Overlord, Believes that Ainz the skeleton overlord has a sex appeal like Skeletim 0:26?

  6. furries:exist
    this cartoon comes out with buch of animals antro's
    furries:still exist
    cartoon network:h
    furries:noicces cartoon
    also furries sstart's draw r34 art's and shiper fanficationa art's

    me at 3am:why im thinking about this.

  7. Wean i saw the word go. In the title of the video i honest to go# thought it was teen titans go. And i panic. I hate teen titans go.

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  9. Aww that is so cute 💄👗👙👑👒👠👡👚👜👝👛💰💵💴💶💷💸💱💱🔮🥃🥂🍮🍯🍙🍘

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