Welcome to Bloop Animation

Welcome to Bloop Animation

– Welcome to Bloop Animation. After finishing my student film, I made another video showing the process of what it took to make that film. I did it mostly for family and friends who never really seemed to get
what I was doing at school. And that video just took off. I didn’t even have a known
YouTube channel back then, but that video got thousands
of views after just one day. And I remember thinking
that’s interesting, but I guess it wasn’t that weird. If I think of myself and how much I love watching those making of videos, and behind the scenes footage. So then I had this idea
to make another film, but this time document the entire process from the beginning, and share it online with as
much transparency as possible. So I started posting
articles, videos, tutorials, and everything that I was
doing to make that film. When the storyboard was done, I posted it on the website. When the animatic was finished I put it on YouTube for everyone to watch. I wasn’t trying to hide the story, or create suspense, just share everything that I do. I realized then that I loved teaching. I know how inspiring it was for me when I was at school to
learn about animation, and filmmaking. And I love doing that for others. Since that one video Bloop Animation has become an entire learning platform with courses, books,
and a ton of resources for animation filmmakers. I love making animated films, and if people enjoy watching the process of making those films then
that’s a pretty good deal.

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  1. I love your video channels and tutorials! You have inspired me to make a short animation film! You have answered a lot of my questions of how animation films were made and how to make animation films. I am truly grateful.

  2. I love Bloop Animation. Such an inspiring channel. One day Morr, I want to be like you. Such a creative, kind, respectable man. You have a future ahead of you good sir.

  3. Hi Morr! i have been watching your channel for quit a time. i am animation student as well and i too love film making.i wanted to ask you, are you planning to be film director one day?

  4. sir, i am 16 year old Nepalese from Nepal. I am probably the biggest fan of yours . I love all of your videos. I want to be an animator but don't know how to begin and what to begin with. There are no any schools and colleges that teach us animation. Can you please give some advice ?

  5. Hi Morr,
    I love CG movies because they bond people and bring joy to people's lives.
    I want to involve in the creation/production process.
    However, I never learned animation (My background is business).
    And to be honest, I don't think sitting in front of the computer for hours, is the work style I am looking for.
    I wonder if you have any suggestion as to roles in animation that don't require artistic background or roles that need a business background?
    Thank you!

  6. I think most of the people doesn't want to know about animation creating that's why ur upload didnt got a million views

  7. Hey sir I'm Tejas from India I'm 17. I'm good at drawing and I would love to do animation but I haven't tried it and I would love to make my career in animation but in India the scope of animation is low I heard that to get an avarage income we have to spend our 12 years in learning and I can't sit without earning these many years bec my father is 60 and he could be retired at any movement. I need some suggestions from you, if you can guide me in this situation I would be very grateful to you. Plz help me I'm waiting for your reply!! But if you have no suggestions plz give me a mark that you have read this message. I would be very grateful to you! Thank you!

  8. Hello Morr Meroz I am Soha, I watched and enjoyed your Work "Tasteful" It would be awesome if we could connect through E-mail ([email protected]). I am an entrepreneur working on a startup with a potential for a global market. It's about FOOD! I believe we have something in common and a great potential for growth for both. I would love to hear more from you and to see how we can help one another. Cheers, Soha

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