Pewds: Hey, how’s it going? I have collected some
of the finest animation you have ever seen. *Oh lets see what Pooppiepie prepared for us today! Pewds: If you have glasses then put them on
right now, if you happen to have a wine *umh no* next to you the-then take a big old
slurp. *Slurp sound* Let’s watch *Marina joyce overload* Why did I choose to add CC for this *Holy mama* *That was too much man.* *Rip Poopewpie* *RIP everyone* *#SaveMarinaJoyice if u cry everytime,..* What is this, Marina Joyce animation but… *Yeh… its..* There’s nothing weird about it I don’t understand *Yah its.. its totally fine…grea.. great animation* Marina: Dancing inspires me most in life, it makes me feel good, it makes me incredible. Next video! *Yeh..* Video mom: Hello Jimmy I love you
I am going to make a delicious dinner meal. *Shots fired* *I rate dis 8/10 cuz there is no scarce meme* Video dad: Jimmy your mom is dead. Do an order of pizza for dinner. Jimmy! No…. *Poor Jimmy* Now it is time for father son bonding. *Don’t do it JIMMY* Now it is time for father son bonding. BONDWITHMEJIMMY Pewds: Its da PIZZA! Here’s your pizza. Pewds: Great.. Guy: Da pizza is aggressive Old sheiit…* Pikachu: The pizza is aggressive… Oh shit…* *Wow I can’t stop watching this animation..* Pewds: Don’t you just hate it when your dad dies from an aggressive pizza… Jimmy Nutrient: Just another day in the
life of Jimmy Nutrient Pewds: Animation is a wonderful thing you can create whatever you want.
Some people decided to make this *No i don’t want to know what this is..* *NO NO NOT THERE…* *._. humantiy is so fucked up..* Poods: OHHH!! Wow… Ohhh…. Poop: Someone found the footage of my child birth #Exposed Pewds: That baby’s gonna make it big 1d.. Pewds: Oh shiet.. he got a lady *idk anymore..* Pewpoopie: She almost got a big nose as I had.. Pewds: Great.. they are nak-.. great.. Just Poods: NOOOOOOOOOOO! *So romantic..* Pewds: Shit….. Pewds: Well.. nothing gonna top that one… *I rate it 10/10* Jesus…christ man Pewds: Bhutan Ap Bokto, Bhutan Animation Entertainment Pewds: The first ever 3D animation film produced in Bhuton. Pewds: Wtf is Bhotan Savage Ainsley: Hey check your privilege you blonde head ball bag I am from Bhuton… Pewds: That’s where you are from..? You’re from Bhuton? Poor Ainsley: Yes I was born there nine years before… Dragon Warrior Bhutan took my family from me a great priest cast his spell Pewds: Oh wow… Oh wow.. Its a kingdom… By china.. *RIP HEADPHONE USERS* *Tf is dat..* Dancing poods.mp3 Wow felix great moves, keep it up, proud of ya *Hi Ainsley* *Um why are u looking at meh?* *Umh…. its kinda uncomfortable ya know…* *OH GAWD NO* Help us POODS* THOSE DANCE MOVES HOLY MOLY THAT WAS “LIT* Pewds: Oh I love this one. Pewds: I love the song.. Pewds: This animation is made in 5 fps.. Oh.. OHH… Pewds: It’s too fast RIP Pikachu 2016 trump will take over now..* Oh and here goes ainsley ):.. *RIP* Pewds: Look at them tittes Go left and right.. Wow Moment of silence for papa pewds.. DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Pewds: Noo… Papa poods: Why? *I’m dying send help to* Pewds:why do I get sexual undertones on this.. Oh….* *I guess we all know what will happen next…HELP US GOD* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! U DESTROYED MY WHOLE CHILDHOOD PAPA POODS RIP HELP US AINSLEY… HOLY…* Is this no man’s sky 2? Pewds mind: Well den… i guess jacob sartoruis is good after all. Pewds: he has a good polish i gotta say.. Pewds: Ok this is a lil better content. someone made this animation by
themselves to announce that they’re getting a baby let’s just watch UMH…. OK BABE BABE BABE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABE BABE BABE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! RIP NOOO Pewds leafy sex.mp3 *Wow this is so good PROUD OF YA*

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  1. The moment where your Mom and Dad say your generation is the worst, but you show them this.
    Mom and Dad: We're sorry, kid

  2. Well I'm from Bhutan and we r not under China!! Well still love ur vids and soo happy Bhutan got featured by the king of YouTube!!!

  3. How DARE you joke about my dad dying from an aggressive pizza! Two years ago my dad died from an aggressive pizza and we haven’t had pizza since that day because of what it has done to my dad

  4. The link to the playlist where most of these videos are from is:

  5. 1:47 i thought someone broke into his house because i hadn't noticed the cardboard cutout before?

  6. Felix needs to see jack stauber's animation..its not weird but his animation is so good and impressive

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