Weed Anime | Cartoon Hell [Full Episode]

Weed Anime | Cartoon Hell [Full Episode]

♪ Caldwell and Nathan
are two cartoonists ♪ ♪ They love to draw, but
they’re not too smart ♪ ♪ So they sold their
souls to the TV Devil ♪ ♪ For a cartoon show
that features their art ♪ ♪ They all shook hands and drank a toast ♪ ♪ Neither could believe
their newfound luck ♪ ♪ But then on the way to the studio ♪ ♪ They were both laid
out by a hot dog truck ♪ ♪ Now in a somewhat ironic twist ♪ ♪ They’re in Hell forever ♪ ♪ And hey, get this ♪ ♪ They’ve gotta make a show ♪ ♪ That they think is gonna sell ♪ ♪ If they ever wanna get
out of Cartoon Hell ♪ – Morning, Nathan, how’s it going? – You know, still acclimating to our new punishment environment. – How was your breakfast? Did you get anything? – I just went with the maggot puffs. – Oh, nice. I just let a demon shit right in my mouth. – Despair! – Oh!
– Horror! Repentance! I am Managar! – Hey, Managar, good morning.
– Hey, Managar. – Hey, guys, how’s it going? – (chuckles) You know. – So you know the deal, we gotta, I’m gonna make you guys make a new cartoon and we will judge it appropriately. Every suggestion comes
from a dark lord demon. – Sure. – This one comes from Jeter R. As an average college boy,
I love weed, I love anime, please draw weed anime. – Caldwell, I’ve got a good
feeling about this one. You probably know a bit more about anime, I might know a tidbit more
about the devil’s grass. – That’s why you’re down here. – Yeah, if you smoke weed
even once, you do go to hell. – And I did smoke it even once. – I do love anime quite a bit. – Yeah, anime’s great. – It is absolutely not,
but I gotta go take care of some, a new order of pitchforks came in and I gotta make sure
they’re pointy enough. So I’ll leave you to it. Good luck, boys. – Thanks, Managar.
– Oh, thanks, Managar. – So, Nathan, we gotta get down to it. – If ever we’re going to make a show, that’s gonna earn us our freedom, – Yeah. – [Nathan] it’s gonna be the weed anime. – [Caldwell] I mean, it’s
peanut butter and chocolate and then also weed, it’s
just a perfect combo. – (laughs) You got weed in my anime. (laughing) You got anime in my weed. – [Caldwell] This is Toku. – [Nathan] Oh, okay. He looks like a pretty chill dude. – [Caldwell] Toku is
just traveling the Earth in search of, I guess just the
greatest nugs you can find. – (laughs) He’s got a pot leaf for hair. – (laughs) You like that? – [Nathan] I think the
demons will get a kick outta that, yeah. – [Caldwell] Yeah, they do
have a good sense of humor. Alright, so yeah, Nathan, I think that this is Toku,
– Yeah. – [Caldwell] Maybe he’s on a
search for the Dragon Bong? – [Nathan] That is also a
good title for the show. – [Caldwell] Oh, shit, Dragon Bong. Maybe, it’s gotta have an unnecessary kind of subtitle to it. – Dragon Bong,
– THC. – [Nathan] Yeah, Dragon Bong THC. (laughing) I mean, it could also be Dragon Bong and then, like, colon,
and then a whole sentence. – [Caldwell] Oh, that’s true, yeah. To Be a Blazing Star. – (laughs) Dragon Bong: To Be a Blazing, (laughs) To Be a Blazing Star. – [Caldwell] Alright,
so what sort of outfit do you think that Toku should be wearing? – [Nathan] A poncho? – [Caldwell] Like one
of those Baja hoodies? – [Nathan] Yeah. – Does he have some
sort of magical spliff, or does he ride on like a cloud, maybe? – He has a spliff, I
think it’s for sure big, if a regular person were to smoke it, it would just get them like totally baked, – [Caldwell] Right. – [Nathan] but because Toku is training to become a Dank Master,
– Right. – [Nathan] he’s able to channel that smoke and bend it to his will. – Is there like a weed
hand symbol you can do? – [Nathan] I mean, we can invent one, thumbs up with the pinky out? – [Caldwell] What about thumbs up with the middle finger out? – Oh, dude, that’s so wrong. (laughing) Oh, I love that. Now, Caldwell, is Toku
just a regular, human boy? – [Caldwell] No, he’s an
alien from a foreign planet, which explains his ability to smoke so much of that good ganj.
– Okay. – [Caldwell] I’m trying to think what the name of his
planet would be though, or like what his race is? – [Nathan] A Can Nabus. (laughing) – [Caldwell] Sativa? He’s from the planet Sativa? Is that a weed? – Yeah.
– Oh, nice, I knew one weed. – [Nathan] Caldwell leveled up. Okay, so he’s from the planet Sativa. – [Caldwell] Yeah, he’s a lost
prince of the planet Sativa, a race known as the Canniboids. – [Nathan] The Canniboids are his race. What were the race that
they smoked all of? – The Nugglets?
– The Nugglets! Yes, okay. – [Caldwell] We’re gonna
need Toku to power up and kind of like say
things, so I wanna come up with some other cool
weed phrases he can say, when he’s powering up.
– Yeah. Danks for stopping by.
– Oh, that’s good. Maybe like smoke up, yeah? – What about (coughing)? (laughing) Hold on, (coughing). – [Caldwell] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think those are all pretty good, I think I’m about done with this guy, is there anything else you
think I should add to Toku? – I like Toku, the more I look at his hand making that
symbol, the more I enjoy it, it’s positive and
offensive at the same time, (laughing) which is sort of a
perfect allegory for weed. – If you were to translate
this hand gesture into words, it would be fuck you, relax.
– Yeah. (laughing) – But this is like if you
wanna know if someone’s chill, if you wanna know if someone’s like. – If you wanna know if someone’s chill, you flick them off with a thumbs up and see if they reciprocate
or if they just get mad. – [Caldwell] Yeah, the weedman’s greeting. – Hey, I’m poking my head in here, ’cause I wanted to make sure you guys are, you know, keeping up with, oh God! Fuck you, I will not relax! What is that kid doing? (laughing) Oh my God, do you guys even watch anime? What is this? – This is anime.
– Nathan, listen, you’re gonna have to
save this train wreck, people don’t want friendly dudes in anime, people watch anime for
a handful of reasons and it’s big robots, violent destruction, naked, 14-year old girls.
– Yeah. – Listen, if I can’t buy
this in the adult section of Suncoast Video, I ain’t watching it, that was a joke for literally
a specific narrow band of people in their early 30s. – [Caldwell] So Nathan,
is this the Dragon Bong? – [Nathan] Yeah, this is
the Dragon Bong I’m drawing. I’m trying to, you know, not
make this a direct ripoff of Dragon Ball.
– Hm-mm, what’s that? – [Nathan] (laughs) Nevermind. – Managar, how’s this looking to you? – I feel like I could wear that
on the back of a rayon shirt and feel like a real cool guy. – [Nathan] Are there gonna be any merchandising opportunities,
if we do a good cartoon? – [Managar] If the cartoon is good, we will air it to all
the children in Hell, which is a lot.
– Yeah. – [Managar] I mean, if you die
and are under the age of 18 and were on Santa’s Naughty
List, you’re in here. – [Caldwell] You use Santa’s Naughty List as like a kind of primer
guide for who’s going to Hell? – [Managar] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Santa has very tough standards
and he has damned millions. – [Caldwell] Oh wow, I did not realize Santa was so Calvinist. – [Managar] And if the cartoon is bad, it will go where all bad cartoons go, the Wednesdays at 10:30
after South Park slot on Comedy Central. – [Caldwell] That seems really cruel. – [Managar] I’m rooting for ya, we don’t need another
Brickleberry on our hands. (laughing) – Well, could we at least try and get like a celebrity name attached to it? Doug Benson, doesn’t he,
he likes weed, right? – Unfortunately Doug Benson is immortal. – [Caldwell] There’s an
amount of weed you can smoke, that will make you immortal. – [Managar] He’s the only one that did it. – [Caldwell] It either kills
you or makes you immortal. That’s true of anything though. – [Managar] See, my font
of wisdom, Caldwell. (laughing) – [Caldwell] How does Toku
discover this Dragon Bong? – I was thinking about it,
– Yeah. – [Nathan] and I think he
finds his Magic Spliff, the direction of the smoke,
– Oh. – [Nathan] that he puffs, he follows that and it leads him to the Dragon Bong. – [Caldwell] Nathan, is
Piccolo in this show? – [Nathan] Just like, he is Piccolo from. – [Caldwell] Yeah, you
don’t have to draw him, I just want confirmation,
that Piccolo’s up in there. – [Nathan] Yeah, he shows up. – [Caldwell] He’s not involved
in the adventure at all, he’s just like Toku gets high with Piccolo every once in a while. Now I like to think that
when his Magic Spliff leads him to the discovery
of the the Dragon Bong, it’s not actually the the
Dragon Bong that he finds, it’s just a computer
with an Ebay page open, – [Nathan] Okay. – [Caldwell] and he
puts in the winning bid for the the Dragon Bong, which is made by some ceramics guy in Colorado. – [Nathan] On planet Colorado, yeah. – [Caldwell] (laughs) He
travels to planet Colorado to forge the the Dragon Bong. It cost him like 300
bucks, but it’s worth it, ’cause it’s such a
conversation piece. (laughs) We’ve really gotta draw
a villain at some point, but in the final battle,
he has to call upon all the people of Earth
to lend him their power, so that he can do the
biggest weed possible. – [Nathan] Yeah, well, he
calls upon the people of Earth to lend him their weed,
because he has run out and his dude, Franky
Dubs is on Spring Break. – [Caldwell] Oh, he
can’t hook him up, yeah? – He can’t hook him up,
he posts on Facebook, he’s like, yo, can anyone help me out? – And then Piccolo
rides by on a hoverboard and is like, “Nice!” – [Nathan] Yeah, so in
the the Dragon Ball anime, Piccolo is actually created
when a green, alien, monster man named Commy splits himself
into a good and evil version and we actually learn later that Commy also split
himself into a chill version. (laughing) – [Managar] Wait, does that mean there’s like a freaky version of Piccolo that’s just like having
an existential crisis on his best friend’s couch? – [Nathan] One of the arcs
in the Dragon Bong THC is that Toku and Chill Piccolo have to help Freak Out
Piccolo calm the fuck down. (laughing) – [Managar] I know you spent a lot of time drawing and world building here, but I would just watch the
anime of Piccolo freaking out, (laughs) ’cause he got a little too high on some of that heady. – [Nathan] Some of that
Namekian Kush, (laughs) and I guess on this quest
as well would be Weedjita, he’s another Cannaboid,
but he has different ideas about how you should smoke, I guess he’s probably
more into like vaping. – [Nathan] Oh yeah, Vapejita. (laughing) Toku’s nemesis, Vapejita. – I feel like you could
spend all of eternity, which is what we have,
– Yeah. – on this drawing, but I feel like we’ve
gotta keep moving, right? – Yeah, yeah, just let me finish it. – [Caldwell] Okay.
(laughing) – [Nathan] You’re gonna
draw a villain, right? – [Caldwell] Should I draw Vapejita? – [Nathan] I think you’ve
gotta draw Vapejita. – [Caldwell] Okay, cool, maybe like a startup kind of weed smoker? – Hm.
– he’s a businessman, but he still likes to get a little high, – Yeah.
– and that’s why he and Toku can never chill, ’cause Toku has fully
embraced the marijuana rhythm, he’s on that Jane Train. – Wow, you really have
not smoked a lot of weed in your life.
(laughing) – [Caldwell] Hey Managar,
if Nathan just drew this weed robot for the rest
of time, would that be okay? – [Managar] No, ’cause for
Nathan, it would be Heaven. – Oh.
– Yeah. Okay, this is fine,
it’s a little top heavy. – [Caldwell] I think that
you smoke through it once and it instantly falls over. – You have to make sure
that it’s lightheaded enough (laughing) to not fall over. – Alright, so I’m gonna
draw a villain real quick, this is Vapejita, he’s very fashionable, he doesn’t even need these glasses. (laughs) These are special weed glasses. – There’s weed scouters.
– Oh yeah. – [Nathan] He can tell
your highness level. – Yes, ah, ah, ah!
– There it is, there it is!
– Yeah! I did it! I saved the show. – [Nathan] It’s over 4:20! – [Caldwell] We made the joke, we did it. Nathan, do you have any good weed tales? – [Nathan] Oh yeah, this one time, I smoked the illegal substance – Yeah.
– that is pot and then I ordered some food and I ate it and I watched the cartoons
and I committed no crimes, because I had no interest
in going outside. – [Caldwell] That sounds like paradise. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s only illegal as an excuse to arrest minorities. (laughing) – Wait a minute, Nathan,
I have to interrupt your poignant, yet forced
political messages, Caldwell!
– What’s wrong? – You fool, you’ve doomed us all! What is the one thing every anime needs? – Is it heart?
– No! – Is it emotional resonance?
– No! – What is it? – Waifus! (laughing) Y’all forgot the Waifus. – Oh, dang it, we got the mechs,
we got the determined boys, we got a villain, what about a Waifu? – [Caldwell] Oh shit, you’re right. – [Managar] Could you
imagine watching a show that didn’t have a very
simplified female character on which you can project
all of your intimacy issues? – [Nathan] In a weed anime,
instead of a Mary Sue, is it a Mary Jane? (laughing) – Hey guys, what if I
made Vapejita into a lady? – [Nathan] I think it works, yeah. – [Caldwell] I think
it’ll definitely work, I should make this like a little
more of a cool rig, right? – Yeah, it can be one
of them like robot guys. – Excuse me? – Yeah, one of them robo-vapes and this is just her Skirmisher Vape, she has a full Volcano,
that she busts out, when she powers up. – [Caldwell] Maybe it’s like
attached to her somehow? – [Nathan] Oh yeah, so she’s just got like a giant, plastic
bag on her back for– – I think it’s like.
– a vaper. – [Caldwell] We might need to
go a little steampunk with it, I think.
– Okay. – [Caldwell] It’s like some
sort of bagpipe almost. (laughing) – [Managar] As stoners do
on the Scottish Highlands. – [Nathan] It’s a common misconception that the Scottish Highlands are misty, that’s just all that dank vape smoke. – [Caldwell] I mean,
it is why they call it the Highlands, my God. My thought though is that like Vapejita is not the final villain. – [Nathan] No, they’re
gonna become friends, Toku is so free willed and optimistic and Vapejita is so pragmatic and serious, but at the end of the day,
the power of their friendship and their love of Oreos just wins out. Their true villains are those dang Narks, those people that are trying to take all the dankness away from the universe. – [Managar] Oh, so like
instead of blowing up planets, they just push for
mandatory sentencing laws? – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Managar] I would love to watch an anime in which cool weed warriors just Kung Fu fight the
United States Congress. (laughing) – [Nathan] Can I suggest
the name of maybe a villain? – Oh, absolutely.
– Narkuto. (laughing) – [Caldwell] You’re crossing
the streams a little bit, but I like it. – [Nathan] We’re playing
Calvinball, we’re in Hell, no IPs are safe.
– Kid killers are already dead, bitches. – [Nathan] I just love the
idea of a straight edge Ninja. (laughing) – [Caldwell] His headband’s
got the two Xs on it. – [Nathan] Yeah. – Nathan, could you offer
me some help on maybe like spicing up this rig here? – Put a skull on it.
– Oh, for sure. Why don’t I just make it one big skull? – I like that.
– Yeah, oh wow, that is pretty good.
– Yeah. – [Managar] I’ve gotta
say, that’s a gnarly skull and I have seen trillions. – [Caldwell] Oh thank you, yeah, coming from you, that means a lot. Alright, I feel like these eyes glow. – [Nathan] Yeah, they glow
red and then they turn green, when it’s ready to smoke.
– Gotcha, cool, cool, cool. Alright, I’m just gonna make these like straight up smokestacks then. – Here’s the thing is
the longer they battle, the higher they get.
– Yeah. – Then they forget why they were fighting. – (laughs) I’m just gonna give these, some nice, thick thighs in here, why not. – Yeah, can we–
– There we go, – Yeah.
– and then boots, you’ve gotta have boots.
– Gotta have boots for when you’re trudging around the quad looking for a replacement for Franky. – [Caldwell] Is Franky Dubs
a real person, that you knew? – [Nathan] I had a Franky Dubs in my life. – [Managar] Here’s a fun at home exercise, if you’re one of the several
demons watching this right now, go on to Demonic Facebook and
see what happened to your guy. – (laughs) Oh no.
– Does he have a family? Is he an investment banker? Did he die in a ditch? Who knows? Fun discoveries. – Hey guys, I’m having
trouble figuring out like how this giant woman
should fit in to any of this, I feel like I might need to lose the legs and just kind of have
it loom a little more? – I mean, I like those legs, she could just be on the
other side of the mech and the mech is big
and she’s regular size? – [Caldwell] Okay, so I fixed
the design a little bit, I think this is feeling
a little more cohesive. – [Nathan] And the great
thing about a weed anime is if you can’t figure out
what to do with the background, just fill it up with smoke.
– Yeah, just cover it with that good Greenhouse Gas. – [Nathan] Hm-mm. – [Managar] Weed animes and
N64 games, just add some fog. – [Caldwell] You know what? I’m gonna do one last detail, I’m just gonna draw the moon,
– Yeah. – [Caldwell] but it’s
that green moon, baby. – As a palm frond?
– Yeah. – No, it’s one of those–
– A maple leaf? – [Caldwell] Yeah, it’s
one of those weed maples, you know, it’s like the
Muad’dib on the moon, you know, it’s like the cool leaf on this planet. – [Managar] Why did you draw facehugger from Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise? – [Caldwell] I was trying
to draw a weed leaf, come on, guys! You know that I wanna smoke down one of them good, good hand turkeys. – [Managar] You sound more like a cop, the more you talk like that. – [Caldwell] I’m not a Hell
cop, as cool as that sounds. – [Nathan] Can you also just throw in some like star twinkles around that moon? – [Caldwell] Oh, absolutely. I think that’s just a good design cheat, when in doubt, add some sprinkles. – [Nathan] Add some
sprinkles, add some twinkles. – It works for ice cream,
it works for drawing. Alright, I’m feeling good about this. – So I’ll draw the Straight Edge Ninja, Narkato, the Ninja who hates fun. – [Caldwell] (laughs)
The ultimate villain, Narkato the Straight Edge Ninja. – [Managar] Oh, you know what? Here’s a friendly reminder, if you’re one of those people
that pronounces it Narudo, – Yeah.
– you definitely are in Hell. – [Caldwell] Also worth mentioning that it’s okay to be straight edge, but the problem with Narkato is that he’s pushing
his lifestyle on others. – [Nathan] The problem
is he joined the RAs or Regional Avengers,
– Right, a government authority group dedicated to harshing everyone’s vibe. – Yeah,
– the thing is, I feel like as a Ninja, he’s upset, because with
this amount of smoke around, it’s kind of distracting from his smoke that he uses to escape
and get to other places. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s
not respecting the smoke as a tool for deception. So Narkato shows up season two, – Hm-mm.
– and then I think, just thinking ahead, I
think Narkato is sort of, remains a villainous force
throughout the series. – [Caldwell] Sure. – [Nathan] Like they defeat him once, but eventually Narkato comes
back stronger then ever. – Oh, shit.
– and again, they need to reconcile their differences. – [Caldwell] Hm-mm. – [Nathan] I like to think
that Toku defeats Narkato by just grabbing him and
saying like weed is good, dude, fucking give it a shot, my man, don’t be such a nerd! That’s the thing about
Narkato’s design as is is that he does look kind of like a dorky college Republican
in a windbreaker. (laughing) Yeah, I think he is wearing a suit. – [Caldwell] (laughs) Narkato in a suit. I’m just picturing normal businessmen, but they are wearing Narkato headbands. So yeah, does Narkato eventually smoke up and learn to be chill? – [Nathan] Yeah, I think eventually. – [Managar] Like the Dragon
Bong lets loose a rip so dank, that he is overwhelmed by it. (laughing) – [Caldwell] I love that
you did the triple X design from the movie, XXX. – [Nathan] Yeah, I did do that. – [Caldwell] I’m pretty
sure that Vin Diesel is straight edge in that movie too. – [Managar] You know,
Vin Diesel is actually not going to go to Hell when he dies, unlike most celebrities. – Oh, yeah?
– He’s too strong! – [Caldwell] Hey, Managar, what other celebrities
are not going to Hell? – [Managar] Well, Captain Lou Albano personally wrestled his way into Heaven. – [Caldwell] Nice. – [Managar] Most cast
members from Mean Girls, you know which ones.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Brent Spiner is technically a Greek God sent down in mortal form and every other Jenner in birth order and Miranda Cosgrove will actually ascend the throne of Hell,
– Oh, cool. – [Managar] when she dies. – [Caldwell] Man, thank God that we got a suggestion involving weed, otherwise we wouldn’t
have been able to cover all of the things we didn’t
wanna draw with smoke. – Oh-oh, the Crimson Flame
has lit on my desk here and the time for judgment has arrived. – Oh-oh,
– Oh, shit, Nathan, you’ve gotta finish
up, the alarm’s going off. – Does something smell like sulfur to you? – Yeah, always. – Okay, good, just double checking. – [Caldwell] Yeah, Nathan’s just gotta fix all the problems that I left for him, but once he does that, I
think we’ll be good to go, I’m pretty sure we did what Jeter R asked. – [Managar] It is weed
anime, that is what it is. – I truly hope so. I think it’s about time to
feed this into Cartoon-O-Tron and make this into a little cartoon. – Yeah, let’s do it. (speaking in foreign language) – Arise, Cartoon-O-Tron and
judge that which has been drawn. – My ears are ringing. Hello, everybody, I am Cartoon-O-Tron, how are you today? – Oh, pretty, you know,
all things considered, regular day in Hell. – Okay, if you want to feed that cartoon right into my mouth, I will poop out a cool cartoon for you fun fellas. – Here it goes. (mechanical whirring) – Hm, it tastes sticky, icky, icky. Okay, here we go. (dynamic upbeat music) – Give it up, Toku, your primitive Dragon Bong
can only get you stony, while my ultra-vape technology allows me to get stony baloney! – Huh, we’ll see about that, smoke up! (coughing) (ringing phone) Oh, hold up, I gotta take this. Toku here, danks for calling. – Toku, it’s Freak Out Piccolo, he’s freaking out. – What do we even need money for? – And even worse, Narkato is making the rounds. – Hey, everything okay in there? (thudding) – No, I’m not okay, I’m way too high. – Dude, shut up! (dynamic upbeat music) – Alright, wow, hey, that was the show. – Dragon Bong THC. – I got the results from our
Panel of Unknowable Horrors. – What did they think? – They hated it, let me get the notes, trash, trash,
– Hm-mm. – hot trash. – Yeah. – This one just says dead buffalo tits. – Is it a reference? I don’t get it. – I don’t get it either. Some of the problems here, you guys, is smoking weed just supposed to be funny in of itself? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – That didn’t play well with demons? – Also, this is an anime, you
guys are funny cartoonists, why didn’t you make a joke
about women’s underwear? – You know, we tried to make
it a little more progressive, that I hope that didn’t
lose us any points. – Unfortunately it did. – Ah.
– Ah. – I mean, I was really
rooting for you guys, but I just got word from the lower ups, unfortunately their very
demanding low standards were not met this time around. But hear me out, we
will rerun it on Tunami at midnight for at least a month. – That’s a win.
– There you go, it’s already in reruns. – This is the irony, only stoners
will be awake to watch it. – Well, Caldwell, we
didn’t earn our freedom. – No.
– I really thought it was within our grasp. – I guess we’ll just have
to try again next week. – Yeah. – Thanks for watching Cartoon Hell and we’re here forever. – I wanna get high now. – Maybe if we hold our breaths long enough and then huff in some
of these sulfur fumes, we could–
(coughing) Way ahead of you. (coughing)
– Alright. – I see spots.
– See you next week. (dynamic upbeat music)

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  1. Sam here. Thanks for watching the first full episode of CARTOON HELL! New episodes will be releasing every week to DROPOUT.TV while new previews will be posting every week to Drawfee's YouTube channel. And yes: that's really Weird Al doing the intro vocals!

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