“Wedding” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 9 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

“Wedding” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 9 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

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  1. We're almost all the way thru the original series!

    Remember, Bee and PuppyCat returns in 2019 with Lazy in Space, a brand new series. Check out http://beeandpuppycat.com/ for more info.

  2. What is it with people making film and not understanding what being cold is like? Bee was gently resting her bare hand on a pile of snow! That's weird!

  3. some of the parts here don;t connect that well
    I also feel that the transition from "She's been asleep for a while" and "Have you ever been in love Puppycat" was really janky

  4. i’ve been watching this show since i was 13/14 and very soon i’m turning 18. it means the world to me when i get worried or anxious about my future adult life i can watch bee and puppycat and it takes me back to my room from when i was 13/14 with the christmas lights up and i feel more at peace 🙂

  5. Puppycat: Have you been crying? WHO DID IT?! I'LL KILL THEM!
    Hahah!😂 I love puppycat!😁 and it's like something my older brother would say! Haha!😂😂😂

  6. OMG "its like ur bones are made of metal" and her being so strong!! HINTTSS i never thought of it because i just figured shes strong. huh

  7. why didnt he make sure bee was ok??? he acted like nothing happened and left…. now shes gonna think he thinks shes amonster or something :((

  8. Is it only me, or does temp bot kind of mimic bee's emotions? In this one she was pretending to be happy about stuff, but she was obviously sad about Deckard not living his dream. So temp bot was really broken, but pretending to be okay. Then on bee's birthday, she was completely bummed and indifferent about the whole day, so temp bot was indifferent to. Tell me if I'm wrong, I just kinda got that vibe.

  9. Also there was hardcore foreshadowing that bee is some cyborg thing. Deckard – "You're crushing me, it's like your bones are metal. And in the next episode the big kitchen boi, I don't know how to spell his name, asked if bee was stronger than him. This show is actually pretty clever.

  10. i have a theory. i read this comment in another video, but it is confirmed that puppycat is the outlaw from the story in fishbowl space, and i think that cardamon's mom is the space princess. i don't know why, but it makes sense to me, especially with the part in 2:24 when cardamon asks puppycat if he has ever been in love and instead of saying yes, it pans out to the outlaw and the princess. who is the outlaw that is imagining it? puppycat. and where does it pan out? in the princess' hair. also, when puppycat sneaks in the room, he looks surprised to see cardamon's mom

  11. ‘’Man you’re strong”
    “Ah! You’re crushing me, it’s like your bones are made of metal!”
    Yes they are

  12. She's been asleep for a long time
    I read in a book that only a prince could wake up a sleeping princess i thought if i helped you fall in love with sticky then i'll be acting like a prince and maybe my mom would wake up

    have you been in love puppycat?

  13. Awwwwww, I do not know how I will write very well in English so I hope you understand me.

    Love this series, I think it's beautiful, beautiful colors, animation and characters.
    I loved puppycat and I almost died when I noticed that his voice was from Oliver (Vocaloid)

    Keep in that way!

    Awwwwww, no sé cómo escribiré muy bien en inglés asique espero que se me entiendan.

    Ame está serie, me parece preciosa, hermosos colores, animación y personajes.
    Ame a puppycat y casi muero al notar que su voz era de Oliver (Vocaloid)

    Sigan así!


    So, PuppyCat's story (or song) was about HIM, so Cardamon's mom is the princess who betrayed him! That explains why it seemed like PuppyCat recognized her, and when Cardamon asked him if he ever fell in love PuppyCat flashed back to his story!
    ALSO, in the pilot episode the beast that Wallace barfed up talking about, “telling kids it was just a fairy tale… Who in reality is just a monster (in PuppyCat's story he mentioned the outlaw becoming a monster! And his reflection Was the outlaw as well)

    But… What happened to her?

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