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  1. At 5:26 with that fry craving: in n out doesn't fry anything but potato in their fryers, so their fries are gluten-free, for future fry cravings.

  2. 1 in 100 people have celiacs disease. There are over 256 symptoms of celiacs disease. It takes on average 10 years for a person with symptoms to get diagnosed. It is one of the only diseases where symptoms are treated by diet therapy alone, no drugs are needed to manage symptoms. 2.5 million Americans are undiagnosed.

  3. The fast food restaurant may use the same oil for the breaded foods and the fries, but as long as they use different fryers, it should be fine. Depending on your level of sensitivity, "may contain gluten" from cross-contamination might be okay where "contains gluten" in the ingredients is not. Also, more companies are becoming aware of this issue and make great alternatives, so if there's an item or two that you're really missing, go searching for the substitutes! The day I found gluten-free croutons was…amazing.

  4. I have a challenge for you. Try a Bariatric Diet. No bread, no pop, no sugar, no alcohol, goal of 58 g of protein for women, 70 g of protein for men, 68 oz of water daily. It's not something that everyone would benefit from unless they wanted to lose weight.

  5. I really like that they add the "cheating" parts/confessions in these types of videos because its s just so much more realistic than pretending its super easy to just up and change your diet or stop eating certain foods that you're use to eating. People are made to think that this kinda stuff is easy when in reality it takes time to mentally adjust. My best friend this past year was diagnosed with celiac disease which she probably had her whole life because she's always not felt good especially after eating and she still has days where she'll eat a piece of candy or two because she's new to this whole gluten free lifestyle and her body still craves it. It just takes time.

  6. I want u guys to do a 30 day strict keto. So it low or no carb plus gluten free and no add sugar and etc that be cool been seeing keto everywhere

  7. McDonald’s claims their fries are gluten because they have to make so many they have their own fryer. There’s also so many more gluten free options now at stores and restaurants seems annoying but you just have to ask what they have. The only thing that’s really hard is being gluten free on a college campus there’s very limited options

  8. look for gluten free bread in the freezer section, not the regular bread section 🙂 it gets moldy much quicker than regular bread so they keep it in the freezer to preserve it longer

  9. this dude really out here talking about avocado toast and cake and pasta. bro you can eat all that, just get ones that are gluten free. as long as you read reviews online so you don’t get the nasty stuff, it’s pretty good

  10. Kristen, could I please recommend you get tested for Coeliacs desease. I have it, and I had the same symptoms as you had. I also have arthritis and my docters are investigating weather there is a connection.

  11. A lot of gluten free bread products are in the freezer isles. Trader Joe's keeps theirs with the other bread though!

  12. If you want to make your own dressing use a mayo of your choice and use unsweetened almond milk to loosen it up then season how you like. I like to use a tomatoless bbq seasoning with parsley.

    There are gluten free breads, pasta, and omg y’all live in natural store heaven and y’all can’t find stuff that’s an alternative……

    Btw try gluten and dairy free

  13. gluten reaction can stay in your body for like 4 months. Also, quinoa pasta is so good, and Gluten Free BREAD is usually in the Freezer section : D

  14. I have celiac and them being like "30 days" really just cemented for me that this is something I've got to do forever. There is no end of this diet, this is my life. And it's hard, isolating, and it doesn't help you reach inner Nirvana when it's not a choice.

  15. Gluten free snacks available all over Edinburgh: Take Away Pizza from mayor chains, pasta, bread, cupcakes, shortbread, other cookies etc…

  16. Udi's is a pretty good gluten free bread brand. Also, betty crocker and Bisquick have a line of gluten free mixes for cakes and pancakes that I really like! For french fries, I've been getting ones from the frozen section and just baking them. I hope this helps! Also, I really liked the video, it's always nice seeing people get something out of these challenges!

  17. Their main problem is they are living out to the drivethru. If they actually ate whole unprocessed foods and cooked at home it's not that big of an issue. I've been gluten free for 6ish years now and 3 of those years I've been on an AIP diet and cooking with natural ingredients makes it so much easier than trying to find prepackaged convince foods.

  18. Most grocery stores have a separate gluten free section, so the GF bread wouldn’t be in the actual bread aisle. They usually have some GF bread in the freezer section also.

  19. Celiac here. You don’t have to give up any of that. You just have to find or make safe alternatives

    Diagnosed for 13 years

  20. Interesting video, but those at home blood tests for food sensitivity are not accurate at all! There are so many health care professionals discussing the dangers of people changing their diets based on the results of these tests. Do your research.

  21. As someone with Celiac, you get used to it and it just becomes the norm. There are so many substitutions nowadays, compared to 10 years ago, making it way easier. Also, the gluten free bread and many other items are located in the frozen section! People with Celiac still eat bread, pizza, doughnuts, sushi etc. 😂😂

  22. Ok can I just say, as a person with coeliac disease it’s completely different to what they depicted in the video. I literally cannot have gluten or wheat and accidentally “cheat” some days. It’s not a trendy diet, it’s a lifestyle that took over me when I was diagnosed with it. If I eat gluten or wheat, even just a tiny bit, I will be so so so so sick for the next week (throwing up, passing out, not being able to get out of bed ect), which will then eventually kill me in the future if I don’t follow my diet. There’s so many gf options in the store. I’m kinda frustrated that they treated it like a diet that you try, not have to live with. ugh it annoyed me lol. Mines really bad, this is my experience. I’m not saying that others can’t do this. I’ll just die if bowel cancer if I eat gluten lol help

    Also, It’s spelt coeliac disease in Australia, so that’s why I’m spelling it like that. Bye bitches

  23. I think because you guys work at a place with a lot of food, you shouldn’t cut certain foods out but try to eat them less

  24. Jovial gluten free pasta taste the same as gluten pasta. It’s more expensive, but it’s worth it if you can’t eat gluten. And there are tons of great gluten free baked goods recipes, so get that devils food cake!

  25. For the girl who has arthritis and lots of inflammation. I have lupus and your redness and swelling seems pretty similar to me. I’m not trying to be rude but checking it out would be useful!

  26. Although whiskey is made from rhye the distilling process leaves the gluten protien behind making whiskey gluten free. Rejoice!!!

  27. Hi psa: in n out’s French fries are gluten free! (I’m celiac and I eat them!) for any one who lives in a area with an in n out!

  28. Try Indian diet….it has tons of gluten free recipes of grains, with tasty nutritious veggies….u won't miss meat…..btw I am Indian and gluten sensitive

  29. As someone who has to eat gluten free, it gets less difficult as time goes on and there are alternatives so you can still make avocado toast and spaghetti

  30. My mom has a severe gluten allergy, and we found that anything with sourdough starter in it she could eat, so pretzels, English muffins, sourdough bread, some pizza doughs, because the sourdough starter process kills off the gluten or something like that? I know it doesn’t work for everyone but it works so well for her.

  31. avocado toast, pasta, and pizza are all things that you can eat while GF lol mans is trippin they sell the GF versions of everything in the freezer aisle

  32. All the things they complained they missed, I eat regularly on a strict gluten-free diet. I didn't chose the GF life, the GF life chose me 😣 also, in England you can have fries and hash browns at McDonald's, as long as you're not coeliac as there is a risk of cross contamination, but for anyone who is highly sensitive (like me), it's amazing. I always order a big Mac without the bun and use my own, never had any issues

  33. I feel there pain I have been gluten intolerant for a while, because before I got diagnosed I used to LOVE gluten

  34. Great video! But if you have gluten sensitivities it will take many months to see the full healthy effects of ditching gluten.
    Accidentally eating a little gluten can set you back weeks. I know it does for me, I lose weight and get mouth sores and other nasty side effects. I've been gluten free for almost 3 years now, it gets easier as you find or creare alternatives to gluten foods😊

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