We Bare Bears Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 80 – Charlie Evans

We Bare Bears Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 80 – Charlie Evans

Thank you very much! wakey wakey mr. nom nom you have an
interview in an hour go away pardon me sir welcome to another morning
with Kate today we have the viral video sensation nom nom in the house good I
might congratulations I don’t even know where they are oh I’m
sorry that’s so sad yeah that’s fine I do have this photo
for my past oh that’s so cute that’s me in the middle seriously what
is this what what’s going on here nom nom we have a caller on the line saying
that he knows you uh what okay then can we get
I’m sorry nom nom I think I’m your brother
what would you say your brother my brother no one asked you so you’re the
one who called huh mister nom nom I’m Kyle so you’re my brother huh is
everything okay your eyebrows you mister nom nom oh just call me nom nom this is
where I eat obviously Wow such a long table a bit it
takes forever to pass the salt thank crikey you have your own bowling
alley being rich buys you a lot of space I
don’t know how you’re gonna top what you just showed recognize this is that the
eucalyptus tree from our childhood see wonder number one well want to have some
dinner sounds good eucalyptus for two yes sir
that’s when I realize that hamster was just playing with me proud of you too
sir yeah no one cares anyway remember that lady who was interviewing me she
wanted to do a follow-up and I know this is gonna sound it would be
an honor brother what happened I’m just allergic to the pulp and orange juice oh
great I have to find a new guy huh so you were talking about an interview oh
the interview right we can share our relationship with the entire world also
best might now nom nom I understand there’s something you wanted to announce
today that’s right Kate Karl feel like I’ve known you my whole beautiful and
that’s a wrap angry what oh well you know how does I
mean you get emotional and then you can’t express yourself properly
emotionally I’m just gonna use the little have a brother brother really
hurt but I don’t care cuz I have a brother I have a DDT hey bro
nom nom this isn’t what it Oh this isn’t what it looks like so you’re
just some koala off the street impersonating my brother but he’ll
contract you shared everything with me Hasse’s you can’t go back on Ozzy’s mate
that’s the law give me that contractor I’m calling security
security go get him mom wait Kyle
help me up come to Papa Wow now let’s get going in a Hatter’s time ticks away
well thanks for everything now you won’t get far oh so easy Kyle huh are you Kyle
ah you’re looking for so what’s your name
bodyguard no no no no your real name it’s farmer farmer it is that a first or
uh you know what never maptime farmer yes sir and schedule an appointment with
my eucalyptus farmer farmer yes sir hmm it’s hard to say
the infestations pretty bad so it’ll probably take all night
but no worries bears I’m on it yeah this place is crazy no either this one’s got
even more dollar signs these are too expensive just scroll to the bottom
Grizz oh why would we do that because it’s cheaper okay well plan B lucky for
us bears we always have the great outdoors oh geez now where’d you pick hello I’m
Josh E aren’t you so cute chubby I’ve never seen such a breed and these are
some really interesting dentals I’ve never seen these in a dog before oh come
on man you only got embrace dog good for one
night easy for the messy one to say nice dog trust five-star reviews and welcome
to the wagging ttan that all-inclusive ah so rejuvenating young like you come
again my cellphone check these cushions man they gotta be
great a jump down or something good boy alright I know you’re a good boy and a
good night Patrick oh this morning this morning Oh new day hello Sally is there
anyone there have this dream we were all in it Darrell do for some reason huh huh
raise your dog stay excellent of course dog my precious phone come on you’ll be
fine Chris you’re not a dog we’re bears with taste
you can’t keep pretending man they’ll figure it out eventually anyways come on
guys it’s so great to be a dog you know Burt bow-wow um excuse me uh things
busted I mean puppies puppies were going for a walk lineup security we have a situation guys good news Panda they think I have
rabies but I really dislike what are you doing in the middle of the
room Chris Chris are you okay man are you
hurt oh this is all my fault No cheer up buddy Oh who’s a good boy
who’s a good boy such a good boy yeah I guess we’ll never try that again huh let
me use bathroom real quick no Chris stop hey keep that window up so um Alexander
do you think we can Yeah right good luck in this traffic hey wait you still owe
me fare broseph okay give me the phone what back up we good
okay pam-pam can you find us a faster route let’s go we’ve got animal theme
fruit theme landscape theme and I guess that’s an animal with food okay Darryl
stop why are you closing your store well what they used to be back in the
nineties business used to be booming for gold Darryl
it wasn’t just selling now I was sold those were the days Darryl but now no
easy come easy go I guess stinks okay how come nice people like Darryl can
make money yet that mean buddy drivers probably making Bank yeah that guy was
the worst stack of bears running around the city oh I get it the people can ride
on top of us Ice Bear is ready to Tokyo Drift 19-under oh we have our first
customer my life is in your hands yeah I could go for some beats I’m
actually more of a country rock kind of guy you got a boss here we are
Wow thanks for the ride guys anytime oh you guys Rock five stars all the way
check it out hey Gerald’s calling hey buddy guess
what we’re just one right oh that’s real swell news cuz the bulldozer just got
here yes awesome we’re two super rad mouse
pads please no way we were setting there to you the market for some sweet pads uh
no oops what do you guys how could you do this to him huh you know you’re not
the only buddy drivers in town see you suckers Frank I’ll see you next month Darrell
let’s move it out everyone I’m cash in one day
also ice pairs eyelashes are permanent so we’re gonna keep doing it
hey someone need you are fired from buddy ride are in space do something
cute ah well tonight we’ve got a great show so don’t change that ginger I know
if this special fails people will laugh at you and your career will go down the
drain but regardless I’m still so proud of you Joe Chill Ice Bear is hoping for
redemptive arc what am I even paying you for the internships unpaid when we only
get college credit right I get free non-union labor you we have a problem
what do you mean problem daredevil dog can’t make it he called in injured
injured how bad is it let us know if there’s anything else you want us to do
yep we’re free to do whatever you daredevil bear is going to go down the
ramp over the spikes through a flaming hoop good idea
what are you talking about it’s just that it looks a little dangerous looks
like he needs some motivation let’s count down hurt you oh it’s in a
subsequent yelling match it was super cute and went viral but not good for us
what why is this happening well you’re on in five okay okay we’ll just have to
work with it you you’re arise fair Sun oh whoa oh geez
Devere wherefore art thou art thou art far more fair than she
be not her maid since she is envious since she is envious I can’t
really great we’ve been bamboozled sir say no
more so uh should we go be performing the
ultimate escape from this box while being completely submerged observe with
a heavily fortified 200-pound all right and there you have it folks
behold I’m now clearly restrained I will have oh my gosh nom nom are you okay speak but nom nom just listen
the audience is calling for you lucky to so-and-so that felt amazing I can’t
believe it I know nothing after this response we’d like to extend you for a
full season what really the performances were all such a hit with the crowd and
we want to brick to us there’s no nom nom show without the Bears so what do
you say nom nom do it sir take a deal you know live from the studio

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