WASHING THE BABY! | Who’s Your Daddy Animation w/ DanTDM

WASHING THE BABY! | Who’s Your Daddy Animation w/ DanTDM

OH! OOO! I GOT A CHORE! I GET TO WASH THE BABY! Come ‘eer! Baby! You’re gonna WASH ME WHAT?! Yeah yeah! Where are you? Dirty baby -WASH MEH! Loogit here i’m gonna wash the dirty baby. here (WASHING INTENSEIFIES!) Let’s see what happens.. wait i dropped it. WAIT GIMME.. DON’T EAT THAT! BABY!!!!!!!! Okay -Mum’s gonna be pleased. -Alright so I’m gonna um.. uh.. yeah.. lemme turn the water on.. DON’T DROWN!>:( eeeyyyyy! 😀 there we go! squish the baby! :3 There we go look! awww! –This is so weird. (both laugh) I DUNNO WHAT I’M DOING HERE!!!!!!!! I DUNNO WHAT I’M ‘SPOSED TO DO HERE! I’M- I’M RUBBING YOU WITH THE SO-(laughs) And oh- BABY! I-I-UH DIDN’T MEAN- I’M SORRY!!! I tried to clean myself then it fell in. ;-; it fell in your mouth?! Yeah right. BABY! Yeah it’s a lot harder than i thought! Keep a baby alive for like- how many hours? –Four hours –four- yup. Animated by Abbie Studios
Original Video by ThinkNoodles

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  1. Thinlnoodles: oh! o I got a chore I get to wash the baby come here baby
    Dan: What you get to wash me?

  2. Daddy:Ooh! I got a chore! I get to wash the baby! Come here, baby.
    Baby:You’re gonna wash me, what?!
    Daddy:Yeah, yeah, where are you?
    Baby:Wash me!
    Daddy:OK here, let me wash the dirty baby.
    Daddy drops the soap
    Daddy:Wait, I dropped it. Don’t eat that!
    Baby:I’m not. Mom’s gonna be pleased.
    Daddy:There we go, let me turn the water on. Don’t drown!
    Daddy:There we go, squish the baby, aw, look, aw!
    Baby:This is so weird.
    Daddy:I don’t know what I’m doing, here!
    Daddy:I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, I’m rubbing you with a soap!
    Daddy drops the soap and baby eats it
    Daddy:Oh, baby!
    Baby:I’m sorry! I tried to clean myself and it fell in!
    Daddy:It fell in your mouth, yeah right!

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