Wacom Intuos 4 Graphics Tablet Review

Wacom Intuos 4 Graphics Tablet Review

Hi, this is David from geekanoids.co.uk and after this short break I’m going to be bringing you a review of the Wacom intuos four graphics tablet Welcome back. This is the Intuos 4 graphics tablet It comes in three different sizes and in this review we’re looking at the medium size graphics tablet. Now it has an active area in this central position here of 223 by 140 millimetres and that’s roughly, this is an a4 sheet of paper roughly half of an a4 sheet so a good area [for] actually working on your artwork Now these new Intuos 4 tablets have increased sensitivity you’re getting 2048 levels of Pressure Sensitivity And there’s also tilt sensor sensitivity [too] so with your pen it will actually Adjust the thickness and the angle of [your] lines if you tilt the pen on the tablet as well So really really nice features on this particular tablet now there are eight express keys down the side here [and] These have tiny little OLED screens Next to the next to the Express keys now they can be customized Depending on which application you’re in so it will actually show you what the function of each Express key is next to it on the little screen, and if you flip the tablet round then the orientation of the screens Rotates as well, so it works for both left, or right-handed users So really really well-thought-out and a nice nice addition to these new interests for tablets here. We have a selection button and a rotation ring here And you can create shortcuts on screens of various tools if you’re using photoshop for example You can rotate round to different tools within the photoshop application. So really really nice I’m just going to pop that [down] a Second and show you the pen that comes with the tablet you get the pin itself and you also get a holder for the pin Which goes in like so on your desk? And if you open up this holder it actually contains all of the different nibs that [you] can use with the tablet now The interest for tablet senses which nib you are using in the tablet So if you’re using for example the fiber tip pen then it will sense that and give you a different experience when you’re using the the pen on the tablet, so really really well-thought-out, and and again well done wacom for taking things one step further and improving the design over previous generations now prices online start from [200] pound for the small version of this graphics tablet right up to [430] pounds for the large size which believe me is large and takes up a lot [of] desktop real estate Now this medium version. I think is the best buy it’s 330 pounds and Increasing the creativity and productivity of your artwork and [the] way in which you work is really really superb and this Product has impressed me because I think wacom have really thought out the design especially the addition of these little led screens Which tell you what the express keys are doing I think that’s a really really nice feature [if] you want to check out the full details then head on over to Wacom – Europe Com the Url [is] at the bottom of your screen now. This has been my review of the Wacom intuos For graphics tablet thanks very much for listening come back soon and check out more reviews on geek [enoyed] [Co] [uk] This video review is sponsored by my Ob now part of moment software Leading European provider of complete integrated software solutions and internet services for small businesses

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  1. I really want my tab's sensitive area to represent the size of my screen, rather than using it like a mouse. Is this possible?

  2. @Antrix32
    US products often don't bother with price exchanges and just substitute dollars for GBP, i.e. an iPod Touch is about £200, but the US price is $229 >.<

  3. @TheRealNerderella Haha ya, I posted that comment a month ago and have actually bought the intuos4 already 😉 Thanks nonetheless.

  4. does the wacom bamboo include the adobe photoshop software with it?
    I love drawing manga however, i dont want to fork out more money for the photoshop software.

  5. @sosarge1 Bamboo tablets don't have photoshop software included in the bundle. Instead they have Corel. I suggest going to the wacom website. They have the latest updates on what programs are in which boxes, and they have a list of stores who sell their tablets.

  6. Those little screens don't flip when you switch your tablet around like the iTouch does with movies and Music Videos. BUT you get to choose if you're right handed or left handed during the set up.

  7. What would you recommend for someone who just wants to sketch and draw. I mainly just use Illustrator and Photoshop. So that is basically all i would use it for, and there are so many of them out there i dont know which to go for. Much feedback would be appreciated!

  8. so good, but so fucking expensive… come on.. who would buy a table for over 200 dollars just for sketching up… i prefer something cheaper although it doesn't have those lilo features… it all depends on your skills mostly… so sad this one takes up too much..

  9. Thank you for the review.
    I'm thinking of buying this tablet. At first I thought A5 would be small but now it totally seems acceptable, even for my 24 inch screen.
    I will buy this. It's kind of an investement but it's for at least 5 years, so it should be worth it.

  10. I have the wacom pen and fun but it's difficult to drew without watching the screen. do you think that an ipad will be good as the wacom tablet in drawing?

  11. @Shoen you just need to get used to it, trust me. it took me some time as well, but now i have no problems whatsoever and it feels the same as if i were drawing on paper. it doesn't matter where you look, the eye-hand coordination stays the same. 🙂

  12. @SamHain1031666 Thanks. I've had the Create for a good bit now and its really amazing. Maybe later on i will buy the I4. But this does excellent work, especially with the new drivers that just came out. So crisp and totally feels like more sensitivity options.

  13. @Isverybored You probably wont even tell the difference right now. Im so happy with my Create, specially with the new drivers. It draws amazing.. Its up to you though, depends on what you're gonna create. But i am more than happy with the Create.

  14. @SamHain1031666 You know i do like Corel, and had a lot of fun with 12. However, i found it to be a bit too much for me. Maybe i just need to get used to it, but Sketchbook Pro works great for me. Much simplified and easier to get the hang of. I've yet to try Photoshop, all my friends use it though. Maybe ill need some more time with Corel 😀

  15. @SamHain1031666 I do however use Photoshop for everything else besides the tablet, and its the best program ever. What would i do without my 'Shop 😉

  16. so im getting this in a few days and im super excited, but i was curios can you set the touch ring to change between like… anything. more specifically i would like to be able to change the lights and darks in my hues, i think having the scroll do that would really speed up my illustrations.

  17. @Betsiwetsi sadly no , intous have alot more dpi and sensitivity than bamboo but of what if seen or heard you dont even notice the difference between them so,

  18. Hey, I've got the cheapest bamboo from 2 years ago, it's not too precise and has no pressure sensitivity. I think I'm ready to upgrade, would an intuos4 be good to use or would u recommend the bamboo create. I'm self taught and fear that the intuos is too precise to a point where an intermediate like me would need. Would a bamboo create be enough? Also will you be doing a review on the intuos5?

  19. I want to get a Wacom Intuos 4, but I'm not sure if I should get the small or medium.
    I want to use it for drawing.

  20. We suggest you go to youtube search for WIreless Tablet – AETec as well. Caz it covers all the basics of a graphic pen tablet, but also it gives you entire wireless freedom and comfort.
    Just image sitting on the sofa while navigate everything in your computer. This is wireless radio frequency and the pen battery-free + wireless.

  21. Darn, since I'm only 13, I don't have that much money , and I already got a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Just that, and now, I have found another drawing tool. Now, I'll either have to earn enough money, or wait another more years to get one :-/

  22. @Phimmmm
    Ya, mine does that a lot, but it's not THAT bad. And besides, you can twist open the pen holder and there's extra tips in there. And I wouldn't imagine it's awfully expensive to buy more tips 😛

  23. I know nearly nothing about tablets and am just looking for some advice. Is there any that I can use to browse the internet like you would on a normal computer? also my internet conection is through a small device that fits into the usb input on my laptop so would that work on any tablets? and there is a facebook app for drawing I was wondering if I would be able to use that with a tablet? as i said i know nothing about tablets, I'm just looking for some information

  24. Folks, I have Intuos4 small, a suitable size for my laptop. To get the best navigational controls of pens, I position my tablet in strictly parrallel to laptop's screen. I sit the top of tablet a little on laptop; there, my tablet is raised at roughly between 15 & 30 degree, the very comfortable angle for my sketching hand & wrist. Try this and see what you think of that, folks. To prevent tablet slipping from laptop, I have Sugru stuck on the tablet beneath – but not stuck onto laptop.

  25. If you're going to buy tablet, check the ratio of your monitor and that of your tablet's working area. Opt for Intuos if you're longtime an artist. Intuos has thousands of presssure sensitivity levels and that's what you want. Go for Intuos small for laptop and medium for your pc's monitor of 17"-22".
    Don't bother with Intuos large. If you go for tablet too small for your PC's monitor, your pen will move too quickly. Too big, your pen moves too slowly at pace. You want a comfortable size.

  26. Part 2. What size is your monitor. Give me the length and breath of it and I'll tell you what tablet you'll exactly need.

  27. Have you ever tried using acetate sheet over your tablet? That stops your nibs from wearing down too quickly. I had acetate sheet taped over my very first old Wacom tablet and it had worked wonderfully. After 10 years and up to this day, the surface of old tablet has no penmark scratches on it – the old tablet still looks new, but I have another tablet and I use that for my laptop. Check out this website called Tablet4u from UK. They sell surface sheets for your tablet.

  28. I used to have a comic book board (shiny side up) taped to my old tablet and I liked the feel of that for a while but ultimately I ended up getting the Intuos4 and that fixed the "problems" I had with the old tablet. I've come to the conclusion that I buy new pencils and pens and ink and paper and markers and everything else in art so if I have to spend a few bucks to replace nibs and the surface of my tablet, it's just the cost of doing art, ya know?

  29. Can someone PLEASE send me a link to how exactly these Tablets are used?

    (PS: I want to use them for my drawings, cuz I hear that they are WAY better than mouse)
    What I dont understand is how you draw if you cant realy see what your doing?

  30. any tablet will do

    If you don't have an arm and a leg to give up then the huion H610 is about the same spec ans the intuos5 medium…also a bigger active area…

  31. I bought an Intuos and my computer detects the tablet and the tablet detects the pen, but the arrow doesn't move when I move the pen over the tablet.  It's completely still.  My cursor just sits on my screen.  I tried opening GIMP and drawing, but it didn't move, either.  My sister is trying it on her laptop and the same thing is happening.

  32. Uh does it have a screen and do you need a laptop/computer for it to work?
    I want to become an animator

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