VoluMax 3D Photo Animator for After Effects | Overview

VoluMax 3D Photo Animator for After Effects | Overview

In this After Effects video we are gonna be
taking a look at the VoluMax 3D Photo Animator Toolkit, a simple way to turn your 2D pictures
in amazing 3D animations in minutes. Hey internet this is Gaëtan from Cream-Motion,
I am a motion designer for years now and I create templates to get the job done easier
and faster. A lot of studios and compagnies around the
world use VoluMax for Tv Shows, broadcasting, documentaries or movies. There are lots of ways to turn your pictures
in 3D animations in After Effects but it can really be time consuming to get nice results
and you will need solid knowledge of the software. That’s why the VoluMax Toolkit was created ! To be able to animate all kind of pictures super fast with simple tools. Portraits are setup by using the included
Wire mesh tool, exactly like the liquify tool in Photoshop. Simply make it fit to your picture then move in realtime in your viewport. Fun and easy to achieve ! You can use the Smart mask tool for various subjects like landscapes, animals or even objects including 3d layers, particles and color control. And the best of all is how easy it is to learn
VoluMax with the included videos tutorials, there will be no more secrets with 3d Photo
animation once you finished the training. You maybe heard about other Photo Animators
out there but keep in mind that VoluMax is the fastest on the market in your viewport
or when it’s time to export. And trust me, it’s also much easier to use. To see more about VoluMax you can check the
official page with the links here and be sure to suscribe to the Youtube Channel to be informed
about the coming updates. Oh and they are free by the way !
Thanks for watching and see you soon on the channel.

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  1. Gaetan bonjour, how can I change the resolution to export in HD? 4K is too resource-intensive and it takes like 40min to render a 5sec clip and my laptop is quite new and fast. Merci.

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