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  1. You know, dopatwo, i am proud of you. Even though your Overwatch animations obviously brings in more views, you never stopped making the dota2 ones. This is coming from someone who plays both Overwatch and Dota2, that was also here since your early reasons to pick dark seer video. Keep it up.

  2. My brother, lcefrog said that he will hit my head to my keyboard if l spoil Void Spirit.
    Well, l am not afraid of my brother, so here we go, Void Spirit is a jdkehhrhsjiwyeggfkfoiwuhbfie7yetf3ye89e8rytegejeizutsgeheigusywgei8c8e763yegdiksbwhdyufhfjriueheheyyehegcju5r22q5ydhodmwhhd

  3. dat Bad Spirit skin tho~ = LUL
    Slacks in tight latex Luna Moonfang suit? NOT omegalul
    I DIED —

    There are rumors that lord icefrogGY-YO is no longer with volvo, I mean, valvo, third time's the charm — valve…now I don't want to be another one of those chatterbox rumormongers that puts creedence on hearsay BUT…something IS INDEED missing. Dunno' how to put my finger on it though. Even the recent balances in the patch updates seemed….uninspired. Maybe it's just me but………HMMS………………

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