Vogel Jacht/Bird-hunt [Lego Ark Survival Stop-Motion Animation]

Vogel Jacht/Bird-hunt [Lego Ark Survival Stop-Motion Animation]

Hey, Yo viewers of shadowgames24! I am ronald, and welcome to a brand new episode of Ark Survival Evolved. We are heading to Dead Island because my Smurf died on the way back… With the t-rex and the fucking… So… We are going to find a high level Argentavis , and then I will call him Turkish Airlines So.. I like that Not a Peter thing? A what? Not a Peter thing, Just a Gryffindor Yeah. Just a Gryffindor. Sure? Yes What’s your opinion about fish, Bally? Is it tasty? Depends on what kind of fish Wich fish? Yes… If you were a fish, what kind of fish would you be? If I were a fish… Hahaha Yes. Thats hard. What kind of fish would you be? A puffer fish probably A what? No, a lion fish, you know? Jesus, you are random. Why not just a cute goldfish No, A lion fish… Or a ray. Come on Tweety, keep on flying! This one is level 72 approved. It’s just right I don’t have any tranc arrows or… Narcotics I’ve got nothing That would have been useful, some narcotics. I’ve got some narcotic arrows, but… You don’t have any narcotics? No. Wow, I’m missing any shot, okay. Yes! He’s unconscious! 72 is a good level Why don’t you take the Gryffindor, and fly to the base for narcotics. Then I will press some meat in him. How many shall I bring? About a hundred? Yes… Yeah, That’s okay… a hundred… Two hundred… I’m coming I’ll be right back, just a sec. Pew! Oh, I still have to get Nick a bird… That sucks. Hey, A sabretooth. Where is that bird, Nobody knows… Oh, this was not very wise, Oh crap Yeah, he is dead, he is dead for sure. Were is that beast? Oh, this is not right, not right, not right. Where is that beeast? Hi! Yo! In the meantime, I have brought some lunch as well. You brought what? Lunch. Oh, it’s time for lunch again, right? I kind of lost that bird… What? Yes. Oh, it’s dead, crap!

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  1. This is a stop-motion video I made based on an episode on Ark Survival Evolved by Shadowgames24. It is in Dutch, but I also added English subtitles.

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