Visual Digital Presentation – Animation paths for smooth animations in PowerPoint

Visual Digital Presentation – Animation paths for smooth animations in PowerPoint

In this video I’m going to show you how you can use animation paths to create smooth animations of objects on a PowerPoint slide so we have a PowerPoint slide here that comprises all of a circle with some text in and a rectangle with some text in the first thing to do is click on the animations tab and then open up the animation pane so click on the text box I want this text box to appear by coming in from the left as if from behind this circle so the animation I’m going to choose first fall is fly in there we go and I want that animation to come in from the left side of change the effect options which is available with some animations to allow you to choose a direction that animation appears in so just from the effect options choose from left you see how it flies in now that’s going very quickly so I’m going to change the duration to 2 seconds so it flies in slower and if you want to preview that from the animation pane click the ‘play from’ button and then you can see it floating in there and I said I wanted this behind the circle so I’m just going to right-click the object and send it to the back so that it now appears behind the circle now you might think that’s ok but let’s just play this through if I click play all you see how the text box does appear but it also appears on the left hand side of the circle before it comes out so i’m going to use a different form of animation going to use animation path so I’m going to remove that first of all just by selecting it from the animation pane hitting delete, and I’m also going to bring my text box back to the front just make it easy to show selecting the text box and from the animation pane if you click on the expandable icon gives you more options i’m going to choose a line motion path so motion paths you saw there a very smooth transition it sort of builds up speed, gets to a speed and then slows down gently and that’s the look I’m wanting. The animation path comprises of a line with a start point at an end point the start point it has a green splodge and the object that you’re animating it appears in full. The endpoint has a red blob and the object appears slightly faded out so i’m going to change my start and end points first of all I want the endpoint to be near enough the same as the start point I’m just going to jiggle these around bit so that my endpoint is where I want it to be so I’m just changing where the red dot is if you press shift on your keyboard that will snap the object to only move along a specific path that might be useful for you to make sure you get the right place now i’m going to choose my green marker that shows me where the starting point is and i’m just going to place that directly behind the circle and it’s perfectly in line the line that we have going between these two points is perfectly straight so now let’s see what that looks like we click on the play from button on the animation pane and we see how it gently slide in from behind the circle, well this case from the front of the circle, so what we need to do now is right click on the object send it to the back click play from again we see how that looks much better than the previous version we’re no longer getting the animation appearing behind the circle over this side where we don’t want it looks like it’s actually emerging from the circle itself. So there we are that’s the use of animation paths to create smooth and slick looking animations to reveal objects on PowerPoint.

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  1. The line animation also has direction options. You could have simply changed the direction instead of trying to align everything by moving the start and end points.

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