Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs giant bug | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir, look, a huge fish is hooked on my rod. Wow! Chulbul, you’ve done a great job. Wow! Pull it. Hey Timbaktoon! What are you doing here? What are you doing here? He is here to create some problem again. No, I was searching for a golden fish in the water. Oh! Take! Have your golden fish. Chulbul, I won’t leave you. Haha!! Help!! Hey, save me. I will be dead. These honeybees are biting me. Help me!! Boss!! Hey! Who are you? I am Timbaktoon, boss. What have you done to yourself? Boss, Vir is responsible for this condition of mine. He left honeybees on me. What! How dare Vir do this to you? I won’t leave him. Boss look, a honeybee. Thanks boss, thanks. Yes! This is it. This is the living thing I was searching for. I am working on animals, birds and bugs living process. Vir has harassed you with this bug right? Now this bug will destroy Vir and the entire Fursatganj. Wait and watch. Boss, you are super genius. Hey, the honeybee is turned into a giant bug. Yes, this bug is made up of 5 types of bug’s DNA. Now see what this bug will do. Now, Fursatganj will be finished along with Vir, haha!! Help!! Run!! Somebody help!! Run!! Vir, look there, such a giant bug. Yes, he is going to finish everyone. Vir, do something. He is destroying everything. Look there, Robo boy!! Vir!! Vir, be careful. Yeah!! Vir!! Vir? He is smashed. Hey Vir, open your eyes. Imli!! Grandpa!! Finish! Look, Vir is finished and even Imli has been caught by the giant bug. Now Vir’s game is over, boss. Haha!! Vir? Yes grandpa, I am fine. Where is that giant bug? He flew away with our Imli. Oh! Imli’s life is in danger. Where did the giant bug go? Gintu!! Yes Vir. Gintu, where did the giant bug go with Imli? But Vir? Where am I? Hey Gintu, Sorry. Gintu! Grandpa, now I’ll only have to save Imli. I’m going. Imli!! Get up, Imli. Vir, you saved everyone from the detriment. But where is that giant bug? Here it is. Now we have no danger from it. He is back in his original shape. Now we should free it off. Look Vir, the giant bug was formed by combining these 5 bugs. You saved them all. Yeah!!

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