Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir ka insaaf | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir ka insaaf | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

It looks like a UFO, its flying straight towards the Jungle to land, I will go and check. Robo boy suit on Robo boy suit on Stay here, we will come back to pick you up. Please leave me. Who are you? and which planet do you belong to? My name is Tutu, I am the prince of turtle planet. Trozan wants to imprison me and become the king, that the reason why my body guards hid me here and went away. Now no Trozan will harass you, you might be tired now, Go to sleep, we will talk in the morning. What is that? I havenít seen a creature like this before. He is here, Trozan is here Vir. Don’t you worry,i will do fight for you justice, nothing will happen to you. Why did he leave so early? We cannot tolerate cold. If we will wait here for few minutes more then I may freeze. The temperature of water is normal. You wait inside this tub, You wonít feel cold here. I will go out and tackle him. Come on Trozan, lets fight Vir, oh.. Give me Tutu back and save your-self otherwise nobody can face the anger of Trozan. Tutu is not only my friend but also my quest, you won’t get him. Today we got to know that aliens seriously exist. I guess robo boy won’t be able to win. Why are you both after me… Aaah ouch oochhhhh aaahhh ooh oohhh oohhhh Yeaahhhhhh robo boyyy It is difficult to defeat him here. He doesn’t like cold, let’s see how much cold he can tolerate. Vir stop it. The height is increasing, come down otherwise your entire system will freeze, Vir are you listening to me? Vir.? Dadaj, this is the only way to save Tutu. Stop Vir, come down Vir!!!! Vir, wake up Vir the height is decreasing 1000 ft Vir 800 ft, 700 ft,Vir wake up Vir.. Dadaji please do something. Yeahhhhhhh Robo bo won.. Thank you Vir You are welcome tutu I don’t feel like leaving you. But I have to go, I will come back someday. OK take care all the best. Byee Prevailing the truth and defeating the evil this is how Vir does justice Children, you all must be hungry.I have prepared carrot’s sweet dish for you all. Wow, carrots sweet dish! Thank you Dadaji. Dadaji, you didn’t prepare snacks? I only want to eat carrot dadaji. OK OK, I will arrange carrots and snacks for you all. Hello, would you like to have carrot’s sweet dish? Yes, Thank you, I like it a lot. Hey Raja, Rana, Raka, look here. Perfect Fit. Tonight we will spread the rumors of Ghost monkey in Fursatganj and scare the people. I will hit someone and hide and Raja will appear on another roof. Then Raja will hide and I will appear on the third roof. People will think we are ghosts and nobody will come out of their houses Nobody will doubt us that we are not ghosts but humans. Ha ha ha The whole city’s atmosphere is in fear, Ghost monkey has harassed everybody and the thiefís are taking advantage of it. Due to fear people are not steping out of their houses And robbery is taking place everywhere. This is a thiefís work only. We need to catch him. Oh! So you are ghost monkey, I already had a doubt. Team, be careful, there is someone who is behind me, he even flies, I donít know what is that thing, but he looks like a boy. Whole team back to base. I want everybody at the base right now. Robo boy, you are aware of people leaving the city because of ghost monkey. He isnít a ghost,they are a gang of thiefís who dress up like ghost and scare people. I will catch him. I request all the people not to leave the city and trust me. I am a manager of Fursatganj bank and I cannot wait here on your request. Two days back, gold costing 20 crores have come in my locker. I will transfer it in another cityís bank branch because I cannot take a risk. My security guards left the job due to fear of ghost. Who can fight a ghost? Sir, listen to me, give me few days and I will finish their game. Have people lost their faith in the justice of Vir ? Will Vir be able to fight for the justices for the people of fursatganj. There is 20 crore gold in Fursatganj which will go away tomorrow. Who has seen tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes, On your request,I have announced in front of everybody on the TV about 20 crore gold. The ghost monkey must have definitely watched this on TV. What if he steals and runs away? I requested you to announce the matter of gold on TV , So that the thieves will watch it. Now, they will definitely come to steal it today itself, and I will catch them. According to this map, the bank should be up only. Let’s see. Ha ha ha ha, tomorrow never comes bank manager sir, tomorrow never comes. What was that? X ray vision on. Oh no What happen? The whole locker has been stolen. Shakal Robo boy is coming, increase the speed. Uff, my jet pack is damaged. Now I can’t fly. Tomorrow never comes bye bye robo boy bye bye GO, finish him off. Surrender your selves. Tomorrow never comes, I will finish your game today itself. You look like a kid but you are so powerful, who are you? A friend of good deeds and an enemy of evil deeds name is Vir. Once again Vir fought for the justice for the people of fursatganj and won their trust. People of bhoot Bandar got caught and were put behind the bars. People of fursatganj are thanking Vir Thankyou Vir thankyou so much. Vir Vir Vir have no clue of how I can finish Vir. Boss, donít you ruin yourself in the process of ruining him. Shut up. You are at my side or his side? It is a UFO, let’s go there fast. This alien is unconscious. What type of diamond is this? This diamond gives power to the space ship. Ha ha ha. Untill I have this with me; we can use this star alien for our work. I will use him to finish Vir. The star is awake now. Hello Can you understand our language? My space ship has met with an accident. Hey! My power diamond, where is it? It has been taken over by a bad guy named Vir. Without it my space ship wonít work. How will I go back? You will have to destroy Vir. Where is Vir? I will fight with him. You people please go out from a while. I want to make some arrangements for the war. Who are you and what do you want? He is VIR, finish him off. Dadaji come fast.. Robo boy suit on. Robo boy suit on. Ha ha ha ha Now nobody can save Vir. I will rule over the world ha ha ha ha Look! There is the Alien spaceship. We will get some information only by going inside. Imli, now even we have gained powers. Come on, letís go and help Vir. Imli, Dadaji, what’s wrong with you both? We have come here with star powers. Let’s fight. You all have come with my star powers but none of you can escape. No! My star powers are finished. We are fighting since long without knowing the reason why you are behind us. You are an alien and not a slave of Mad max. If you can promise me not to fight then I’ll pull you up. We can talk and resolve your problem. You all are good humans then why did you steal my power diamond? Please return it back to me and I will leave. My spaceship won’t work without it. A Power Diamond? Which power diamond? We donít have any power diamond with us. Mad Max told me that the diamond is with you. So this is the reason why you’re attacking me. But Mad Max has lied to you. I donít have your power diamond. I am sure it is with Mad Max, Mad max shouldnt have lied to you. I promise ill get back your diamond, and get you justice. Let’s take his spaceship somewhere else and hide it. Look Vir, there is my star diamond. It is with Mad Max. You were right. Mad Max, return the Star Alienís diamond back. Ha hah ha ha ha.. Twinkle Twinkle my little Star, I have diamond & power, ha ha ha Up above the world so high….now you will fly in the Sky. Bosss Take me with you. Thanks a lot to all of you. I am very sorry to fight with you’ll. Bye! See you soon. Byee Boss.. vir did his justice and once and he ruined your plan Timbaktoo are you with him or with me mad max is mad very very mad. Vir till when will you save yourself, whereever you are ill find you. Boss you are genius super duper genius. Untill when he will save himself from you. She is right boss, she is right You keep quite, you are a useless person. You are right boss, you are right Now this is my vulture, he will hunt Dr.Prem Sahay’s robot and bring it to me Boss, you say anything to him he will do it. Yes, whatever you say to him, he will do it, just try and see. I just want to try one thing, when we meet Dr. Prem Sahay, I will be telling him attack attack attack Yahhh, you fool what order you have given it, ohh , hey stopp, leave me, Go and search Dr. Prem Sahayís robot and bring it to me, Rest all other kids will come in the second round, Vir see to it that Chulbul doesn’t come in the cable car understood? Ok mam Vir, can’t you stay one day away from Chulbul He cannot live without his donkey, because both are brothers. What happened? How did this cable car stopped? Something is wrong, cant say anything. How much time it will take to repair the cable car? Cannot say anything, not able to find the fault, due to the bad weather we cannot call the helicopter also, if anybody can go to the top of the cable car and turn the lever, Then we can bring back the car, can someone from you go? Are you alright? First of all everybody is scared, And you want one of us to go to the top of the cable car. Madam sorry, but you all have to stay whole night over there. Now i have to do something. Somebody should come to help us. Who is that person? Where is he going? I want to get down, I want to go home, mummy papa.. Keep quite, you are healthier than everybody and scared so much. Hussss hurrrr, why are you behind me? Whom you have sent to save us? I have not sent anybody, I think the almighty has sent somebody I dont know who that is. Hey I donít want a lift, where are you taking me? Oh, so you are a robot, Mad Maxís robot i reached because of you. Canít believe somebody can do such things Hey why are you behind me what have i dont to you? Yeahhhh Madam, where is that boy gone, who saved you all I donít know, we have not seen his face also, This is godís justice That strong kid came on time and saved all the kids It was Virís justice not godís Vir imli take more. Enough grandpa we ate too much , Gintu must be feed some , he is hungry all the time. I will have all the eateries made by grandpa, when are you making grandpa? Whenever I make I will invite you. Friends, today is diwali which crackers are we bursting tonight. I like only the sprakling lights one,I dislike the sound ones. Vir today is diwali take money to buy the crackers. Thanks dadaji Ha ha I am devil,no i am wacky. I will burn all crackers come to see tonight hahaha Return my crackers , give it. Hey you are doing wrong. Bunty return the crackers Hey you do your work or else if wacky gets angry then he will kill you. Hey listen, robo boy is coming today to wish all kids in Fursatganj, Yeahh lets go, will meet robo boy. Tonight Robo boy will meet the children of the town to wish Diwali. He gave this message himself by disturbuting these leaflets. Tonight robo boy will wish diwali to all kids,hahaha Only if I allow then, Timbaktoon Timbaktoo, what is happening Boss boss today is diwali,we are making sweets You made my fighter robots the chef, stop it at once and listen,tonight robo boy is coming to meet the children, My fisher robot will stop him. He will turn Vir’s happy diwali night into sad night. Robot is a normal human Ö.Vir the Robot boy is very strong , Can you catch a strong man just like this? my boss is very strong first you handle him. Timbaktooon!!!! Friends happy diwali Happy diwali Once again happy diwali I will say one thing before going, Leave noiseless crackers and use eco friendly crackers. Enjoy have a blast. Fire in the cracker factory call the fire brigade Help lot of people are struck inside. Robo boy my father inside he dint come ouside ,save him please Help… help me from this fire.. Help robot boy save me from him.. Wait fisherman , virs end is in my hands Bye bye vir happy diwali. Ohh sorry you are not in position of wishing, Anyways happy diwali,vir come on fisherman. Where is Robo boy In the factory, he has gone to save my father. He he ha ha ha Vir bye bye Vir Vir Vir Vir isnt inside? Robo boy is inside,then why are you shouting Vir’s name? My vir is inside , someone save him. Vir, Vir!!! Dad!! No! I am fine but it happened such that Ö The moment timbaktoon and fisher robot went out Magnetic pull on Magnatic pull on. Robo boy quickly please. Okay friends, all is well that ends well, happy diwali.. Happy diwali You said robo boy is finished but the tv news says he got saved And he saved all the people in the factory. Timbaktoon
Sorry boss till when he will be safe , Have sweets and tell me the taste , we will celebrate diwali today. My robot donít make them sweet maker. I have decided that in this town no one will celebrate diwali this time. Its not be the festival of lights but of darkness. This diwali will be virs last diwali. This will be done by the crying robot, ha ha ha [Cries] This one is crying by himself Ö.. what can he do to make others cry, what expertise he has. Hahahah , look there the robo tears are falling. You are genius boos..Meow!!! She is right boss,she is right boss… Hahahah what a bad design of colurs are made hahaha What you doing its with hardship its made. Is this hardship , this can me made with snap of a finger , I have stencils , can be drawn by keeping that .hahaha Mr chadha Sinha , Grandpa Happy diwali to each other What is that? That lattern is taking the electricity of entire Fursatganj. Soorryy donít mind Hahahah citizens of the town now the town will turn into darkness no diwali Our town will have diwali worlds no strength can stop the celebration . This darkness will end, Fursatganj will lighten up. Why are you crying Sorry don’t mind Oh how the lights came back,now everything is on robo boy. [Cries] Sorry don’t mind.. Hahahaha now lets take this hero there, to celebrate the diwali hahahah Hahahahah Vir now no one can save you.. Not even me, I am glad very very glad Yayyyy yayyy robo boy!!!!! Yess robo boy, happy diwali… Evil has been defeated give me high five. Happy diwali

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