Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | floating vir | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | floating vir | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Timbaktoon, look this is weight loss sticker. If you shoot someone with this gun and stick this on the person. Then that person will become so light that he won’t be able to stand on land, he will start flying in air. But what should we do with it? You have to stick this on Vir’s body and break his jet pack. So that he won’t be able to fly nor he’ll be able to stand on land. Haha!! Meow you are genius boss. She is right boss, she is right. But boss, I have one more idea, we will blow the wind so hard that Vir will fly far away in the sky. Look, I even have a fan. Turn the fan off! Timbaktoon, turn the fan off! You are genius boss. Your sticker is working boss. See the way you are flying. Turn off the fan, turn it off. Boss, meow! Save me! Wow boss, your sticker is working well boss. Thank you and turn off the fan now. Leave me. I am mad, very very mad. You won’t go alone; the laughing robot will accompany you. I cannot have complete trust on you. Hahaha!!!! Oh no, Imli, Chulbul you both please don’t come out. I will be right back. Robo boy suit on. Run!! If Robo boy cannot fight him then what will happen to us? What’s wrong Robo boy? Why are you floating? Why aren’t you flying? I don’t know. I feel that I have lost all my weight. I have turned so light like a balloon and my jet pack, laser beams are all spoiled. I can neither fly nor can I fire laser. Hahaha!! Chulbul, you go and find Gintu and I will go and inform to grandfather. Haha!! Hey, Laughing robot, let’s have a competition. Let’s see who throws Vir more far. Haha!! Ok, Competition!! Timbaktoon, let me go otherwise it wont be good for you. Haha!! Vir, now everything will happen good. Look at my aim. Haha!! Four hundred meters, come on, now it’s your turn. Wow! Five hundred, this time I will throw him even higher. I don’t know whether Chulbul found Gintu or not. Luckily I found him. He was having snacks at some snack corner. Timbaktoon has taken Vir. Please take us to him soon. How are you Vir? This time I will throw you one kilometer higher. How dare he, come on Chulbul let’s teach him a lesson. Vir!! How did this happen? What magic is this boss? Boss, magic is going on here. Boss!! Help!! Grandfather, I have lost weight and my laser beams are not working. Vir, your laser beams and machinery has been repaired now. Only jet pack is left to be repaired. But I don’t understand why you have lost weight. What is this sticker on your helmet? Look I have gained my weight back. I can even stand on my feet. I guess I lost my weight because of this sticker. Grandfather, please repair my jet pack fast. Gintu, please stop this magic, we cannot bring to their notice that I have a Jinn. Please bring everything back to normal. The fun had just begun. You always spoil my mood. Vir! Grandfather! That sticker, Where is the weight loss sticker? Wow Vir, this was a good idea. Come on I will repair your jet pack now. Hi Imli, now what will happen to you Imli? Vir has gone, now who will save you? Let’s play a little football. Even I wanna play. Boss!! Haha!! Boss!! Help boss!! Leave him Vir. Even you will get hurt. Laugh, why aren’t you laughing now? Vir!!! I am fine, now that laughing robot will never laugh. Thanks Imli. You are welcome Vir. Lets go home. He has harassed Vir a lot. I won’t let him go so easily. Come on let’s start the game. Gintu will never improve. Save me boss!! Save me!!

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  1. यह बहुत अच्छा रोवोट है (धन्यवाद इस रोवोट को वनाने)
    (के लिये डॉप्रेम साह।)

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