Village Rat And City Rat – Jataka Tales In English – Animation / Cartoon Stories For Kids

Village Rat And City Rat – Jataka Tales In English – Animation / Cartoon Stories For Kids

Once upon a time, in small village, there lived a Mouse. Out in the green fields, he had made his cozy hut. The whole day, he would enjoy, munching on wheat and corn. Miles away in the City, lived his cousin, in a small hole in a posh house. One day, the country Mouse was very excited. His cousin was coming from the city to meet him. The city Mouse arrived at the village Hi there brother, seeing you after a very long time Welcome dear. Nice to see you. They hugged each other. Then the country Mouse led his cousin inside the house. When the city Mouse sat down to dinner, He was surprised to find, that the country Mouse had nothing to eat, except barley and grain Really. You do not live well at all. You should see how I live. I have all sorts of fine things to eat . Every day. You must come to visit me, and see how nice it is to live in the city. The country Mouse was glad to do this. And after a while, he went to the city to visit his cousin. The very first place that the city Mouse, took the country Mouse to see, was the kitchen cupboard of the house where he lived. There, stood a big paper bag of sugar. The little city Mouse, noed a hole in the bag, and invited his cousin to nibble for himself. The two little Mice nibbled and nibbled and the country Mouse, thought he had never tasted anything so delicious in his life. He was just thinking, how lucky the city Mouse was. Run, whispered the city Mouse. And they ran as fast as they could, to the little hole where they had come in The little country Mouse was shaking all over, when they got safely away. This is very terrible. Let us not go back to the cupboard again. No. I will take you to the cellar. There is something special there. So the city mouse took his little friend, down the cellar stairs, and into a big cupboard where there were many shelves. On the shelves, were jars of butter and cheese is in bags and out of bags. Overhead hung benches of sausages and there were spicy apples and barrels standing about. it smells so good, that it went to the little country Mouse’s head. Until he saw an Especially rich very delicious smelling piece of cheese, on a queer little stand in the corner. Was just on the point of putting his teeth into the cheese, when the city Mouse saw him. Stop stop that is a trap. The little country Mouse stopped and said. What is a trap? That thing is a trap. The minute you touch the cheese with your teeth, something comes down on your head hard, and you’re dead. The little country most looked at the trap. And he looked at the cheese. He looked at the little city Mouse. If you will excuse me, I think I’ll go home. I’d rather have barley and grain to eat, and eat it in peace and comfort, than have sugar and dried prunes and cheese, and be frightened to death all the time. So the little country Mouse, went back to his home. And there he stayed all the rest of his life. So children, do you understand what they’re trying to say in the story? Never be greedy. Please don’t think about what you don’t have. Rather, think about what you always have. So, the moral of the story is, Be happy with what you have.

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  1. Great job but the title says Village Rat and City Mouse but the story describes the characters as Village mouse and City Mouse

  2. It is always better to work a moderate Job in Normal Town compare to working in a posh Metro City Corporate company.At least you have peace in my mind…telling by my own experience.

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