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Victor & Valentino | CN Mini | Cartoon Network

Ah! And that’s how you make
the perfect taco. Oh, man, I’m so [Echoing] bored! Does somebody
need one of my tacos? Aw, is food all you
ever think about? We’re in Monte Macabre! We should be exploring
this weirdo town, not selling tacos. I love cooking tacos. The preparation
of a fine tortilla is an art unto itself. Oh, you’re
an artiste now. Well, I’m one, too. Here’s my masterpiece.
Heh heh! Voilà! There are two kinds of people
in this world, Victor, those that create art– And those that destroy it. [ Chuckles ] Oof! How dare you?! I can’t believe
you just did that! [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] Mmm! Mmm, mmm!Hola, hola!Mis ninos
tan Lindos Como estan.
How’s the taco business
going? Good, Grandma. [ Sniffs ] Wait a minute. Have you two been
food-fighting again? Both: No. Listen, you two
are half-brothers, but you
barely know each other. Take this time to learn
about yourselves and explore yourquiltude
with yourabuelita.Now, I’ll be back later
to check on you twoninos.But in the meantime… clean this mess up! Okay, I love you.
Bye. [ Laughs ] Oof! Why do you always
have to start stuff?! [ Munching ] Whoa!
What is that? Victor: It looks like
some kind of dog that died from
eating your tacos. Come on, come on!
Let’s chase it! Wait! This doesn’t
feel right! ♪♪ [ Both panting ] [ Whoosh! ] Finally! Finally what? We’re finally gonna have
some fun this summer! ♪♪ [ Hawk shrieks ] Ow!
Hey, Val, good thing you’re built like
a big butt cheek or that would have hurt,
huh? [ Laughs ] Shut up, Victor. Who knows what mess
you got us into now. [ Rumbling ] What the taco?! ♪♪ Ah! This just
keeps getting better. Uh, wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-what!
What is that? A mumm– Achi: Say, you two aren’t
supposed to be here. You aren’t dead — yet.
[ Laughs ] Hey, why did you take us,
you dumb dog! Take?! Ha! You two really are
some babozos, aren’t you? You followed me… into the realm of the dead. And those two up there
are the keepers of the realm. Now, you either
stay here forever or you play their game. Games? What game?
I love games! You see, you’re
in a maze, right? Can you guess what will happen if you don’t escape
by death-o-clock? We — we — death —
I mean, die. Wow! We got a smart one
over here, eh! [ Laughs ] The game starts now! Oh, and thanks
for the tacos, eh? They sucked! [ Both snickering ] Yes, yes, yes!
A game! Yeah, played with
our actual lives. No, I know,
but how hard can it be? [ Screaming in distance,
splat ] Now, let’s get moving,
♪♪ Is it me,
or am I nailing this maze? I kind of feel like I’m nailing
this maze, right, Val? You’re so obtuse. Whoa, thanks, man. Chupacabra: Psst, hey! Welcome! To the
Chupacabra Item Shop! Hey, take one
of these helpful items. We have this map of the maze, a Get Out of Maze Free card, and — ooh — a smartphone
with a maze app on it. Yeah, or this! Now, this is going to
really help us, man. Oh, a fine choice,
little man. Ciao. [ Chuckles ] Have you
lost your mind?! We could have gone home! No, no,
I get it, I get it. But at least
I’ll look cool, you know. Now, come on. I’m, like,
90% sure it’s 100% this way. ♪♪ [ Crying ] ♪♪ [ Growling ] [ Roaring ] ♪♪ No, wait, Victor!
That was the wrong one! Oh, just great!
We’re back at the beginning. Nice job, Victor. What, me?
Well, look at you. I don’t see you helping. I’ve been trying to help! But every time I do,
you rush in and make decisions
for us. You’re just like Dad. I wish you would
have stayed with him. Yeah, well,
I wish you were dead! [ Chuckles ]
Wish granted. [ Rumbling ] [ Snickering ] Hey, this maze
is unfair! Now, send us home! [ Roaring ] Victor! Valentino! I think — I think I —
I think I’m dying! You’re not allowed
to die! Hey, boneheads,
put my brother down! [ Grunts ] [ Laughter ] Think, Victor, think!
What would Val do? That’s it! Why don’t you
eat some tacos?! Oh, my! Wait a minute! Hey, did you two
cook those tacos? Come on,
tell me the truth. Yeah. Why? Do you like them? Like ’em? We love ’em!
We’re huge fans. Isn’t that right, Hun? My name is Mic,
Lord of the Underworld, and this here’s
my bro-bro, Hun. You’ve already
met our dog, Achi. He’s always on the hunt
for good tacos in Monte Macabre. Hey, I thought
you hated my tacos. What can I say?
I have bad taste! [ Laughs ] I could eat
an eternity of these! Oh, it’s too bad
you still gotta die. Wait, wait! What if
I gave you the recipe? Hmm. Go on. Yeah, we’ll give it
to you — if you sent us home.
[ Chuckles nervously ] Even better than that, he can make them for you
for all eternity! Infinity tacos! Victor, shush it! You know what? Throw in some churros, and you’ve got
yourselves a deal! But don’t let us catch you
around here again, or else… [ Both screaming ] Ow! Hey, Vic, guess what? What? We’re back! Oh, yeah. Both:
♪ We’re back, we’re back ♪ ♪ We’re back,
we’re back, we’re back ♪ Yeah, thanks to… Well, thanks to you,
Valentino. Sorry I’ve been
such a jerk. Your tacos really
do taste amazing. That’s good, Vic, ’cause you’re
gonna help me cook ’em. Can I cook ’em with this mask on
so no one sees me being lame? Wait, huh? Um, Val, you’re not going
to believe this, but… [ Laughter ] Victor, what is it? Well, you know
how this place always seemed
kind of dead? Grandma Chata:
Victor, Valentino? There you are. Val, you’ve got to
see this. ♪♪ Both: Whoa! It’s time for you
to learn the truth about Monte Macabre! Both: [ Laughs ] Yes! ♪♪ Oh, a fine choice,
little man.

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  1. I always compare things to gravity falls so I’m not gonna this time…..

    So this is basically gravity fall- FUUUUU

  2. 3 Years Before The TV Series Premiered in 2019. The CN Original Short Aired on Screen Before The Confirmed TV Series.

    Edit: Nvm….. Lolz

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