Unnikkuttanum Kallanmarum Part 2 – 3D Animation ( Malayalam )

Unni, do you know what the time is? I don’t know It’s already 3:30. Its almost time to leave. Is this the time to come to school I’m sorry teacher. But on my way here, I saw a board which said ‘school nearby, slow down’. So I walked slowly. Ohh, that’s for vehicles, not for pedestrians.Come on, extend your arms. Noo..I will not. What!! My parents have told me not to extend my arms to anyone, since we hail from a respectable family. The bell has saved you today. Here have a biscuit. Unni, why did you throw a stone at the dog in Manuvi’s house? I didn’t throw the stone at the dog. I threw it at the aunty there. Now why would you do that? I had earlier thrown a stone at the mango tree, but by mistake it broke their car window glass. They scolded me for that.Then I got angry and threw a stone at the Aunty. Oh god! Now from where will I get money to pay for that broken glass? Unni, stop playing with that handle, it will break. Its alright, I play with it daily. Its so much fun to hear the noise it makes. Leave him..leave him Haven’t I told you a hundred times not to play with that handle. No, don’t try to stop me. Poor boy, he’s been crying all night. Let him play with the handle today. After all, what’s the harm? Unni, go play with the handle today how much ever you want. Until you achieve complete satisfaction Mom..noo! What happened? I wanted to play yesterday. Yesterday? But that’s impossible now. But I wanted to play only yesterday, not today Oh. I’ll give you one more beating to drive some sense into your head. Sir, isn’t it time to trim Unni’s hair? Sure, it has grown very long If you tell him to come for a haircut, he will run away. You’ll have to think of some way to make him sit on that chair. There is one way Wow. Ice cream. Here, go sit on that chair and eat it. Don’t cry. I’m only cutting your hair, not your neck. Listen, I just heard that Susamma delivered. Lets go visit her. Alright, we can also buy some toys for Unni from town after the visit. Get ready soon! So Sushma, when did u get admitted? Yesterday.Today morning was the delivery. How many days has it been since you came here Days? I’ve been here for 6-7 years. Oh so how many children have you given birth to? None That’s sad. Look at this aunty. She came here only yesterday and yet by today, she delivered. For that,I haven’t married yet. Why should you marry to have a child? Can’t you just ask the doctors to help you? What..!!I’ll give you one.. Oh what a relief. Today’s duty is over. Look over there, that’s Unni. We can easily kidnap him now. Lets attract him to us with ice cream and chocolates. Okay Haha….ha…Hee hee (slap) Dirty Man Come here Wow! Ice Cream My son is gone. God, how will I bear this? Why are they crying? Is it because of the hospital bill? No, it seems their child is missing. Did you see Unni anywhere? I didn’t see I saw two people drive off with Unni in a car. They tempted him with ice cream and chocolates. Then that confirms it, he’s been kidnapped. Oh my Unni, I can’t live without you. Come lets go home. You can cry there. My son..my son.. Don’t cry. We’ll surely find him. Hello who’s this? Hello. Is this Unni’s father? My name is Honai. Your son is in my custody. If you want to see him alive, give me Rs 5 million. Ha. Forget 5 million. I don’t have 5 rupees with me. Oh, is that so. I’ll give the phone to him. Here, cry loudly over the phone.

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