Understanding Graphic Design

Understanding Graphic Design
Visual Communication Visual communication is a great way to connect
with people. This communication can be seen in logos, websites, t-shirts, posters, and
much more. The art produced to express the message from
this form of communication is called graphic design. Through graphic design, thoughts can
be expressed and perceived on a deep level much like verbal communication (like radio).
Graphic designers can work within a wide range of mediums, styles, tools and platforms within
the visual paradigm. They can be found working with anything from drawings, to typography,
to 3-animation. Every day you are bombarded with graphic design
imagery. And the designers responsible for what you see use a creative process that incorporates
art and technology to influence the audience they are trying to speak to.
Image-based Graphic Design You’ve heard the term a picture’s worth
a thousand words. Well, image based design uses paintings, photographs, drawings, computer
generated imaging, and other visual content to convey their message. This generally uses
little to no text. In the image-based design scenario, you are dependent mainly on the
image to tell your story. Type-based Graphic Design
In a type-based graphic design, you use text to tell the story. However, the design and
look of the text are just as big a factor in communicating your message. This can be
conveyed through typography, or handmade lettering. Designers are very skilled at presenting design
and style through language as well as images. Image and Type Graphic Design
This form combines the two previous styles. In image and type graphic design, the designer
needs to find the right balance to appropriately tell their story. Incorporating typography
and images is a delicate process by which a designer must use these two styles to complement
each other, and deliver the right feeling. Logos, Symbols, Icons Graphic Design
This form of design utilizes images to identify, brand, and associate that specific image with
something it is widely synonymous with. This is a process of cementing an idea, business,
or whatever it may be, in the minds of the people who view the image. Logos are usually
used to identify a business, corporation, or organized group. Good designers are able
to use logos, symbols and icons to send a or organized group. Good designers are able
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