UCN Voice Lines Animated (Episode 1)

UCN Voice Lines Animated (Episode 1)

Ya-ha-ha-harr! Never underestimate the cunning of a pirate! Or a fox, for that matter. Now I get to play take apart and put back
together! You won’t feel a thing… The others are like animals. But I am very aware… I was the first. I have seen everything! Please deposit 5 coins. Please deposit 5 coins. Please deposit 5 coins. Please deposit 5 coins. Please deposit, please deposit. Please deposit 5 coins. A performance was demanded of me, and now
I have delivered. Encore! You hear that? It’s the sweet, sweet sound of your eternal
silence! Shh… It will all be over soon. Come closer. Help me count my teeth. I found my guitar, now reach for the stars,
as I plunge it, through your heart! What did you think of my act? I don’t get out much, so you’ll have to forgive
my enthusiasm. I bet you weren’t expecting me were you? Turn your back for one second and I’m
like ‘Wha-shoom!’ Ninja skills! Let me put you back together, then take you
apart all over again.

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  2. 1:19 guess what I noticed and then press read more for the answer

    When music man says "eternal silence" his backround music stops

  3. 0:57 Please Deposit Five Coins! “No”. Please? “No”. PleAsE DePosIt fIvE CoInS!! “Ok sure”

  4. Now ik why Mr. Hippo isnt here………HES JUST THERE TALKING ABOUT HIS LIFE FOR 3 MINUTES ;_;

  5. Funtime Foxy’s voice actor: Okay I said it.
    Scott: Say it a bit louder
    Funtime Foxy’s voice actor: Get’s right next to the mike
    I actually did deliver, cause a performance was demanded of me!
    Scott: W-we get it…

  6. Golden Freddy Was Actually Fredbear But, When Golden Puppet Corrupted Him, He Turned Into Golden Freddy

  7. 1:25
    Is Lefty….. ON TOP of the Security guard?! And are there just… lying there… on the floor??
    Uhh…. ?

    Ned-Bear: StRaNGer dAnGeR!!!

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