Types of ELDER SISTERS ft. Shruti Arjun Anand … #MyMissAnand #Fun #Kids

Hello friends !!! ohh !!!! you are here to watch elder sister wait wait there is a lil twist in the story she is elder one from childhood elder one treat younger sister like this difference is this only elder one’s hight is bit less and younger one became taller so let’s see how elder sister treat her younger sister may be your memories get refresh Chhutki!! yes sister you know what no one loves you no!! everyone loves me mom, dad, nani, nanu everyone you know we found you around temple really!!!!! yes!!! have your face matched with anyone in the family you can ask to mom mom !!! sis may i come with you at party??? please!! no!!! mom see mom what chutki saying you always come with me and irritate my friends you used to eat all food see i got interesting game book, don’t you come outside the room if you dare to come i will hit you badly i will beet you more then mom do stay in the room only don’t you come outside or you know me chutkiii !!!! chutkiiiiiii !!!! see who is coming from the door for you chutkii chutkiiii chutki us cowered i will tell this to mom chutki you always watch cartoon give remote to me it’s my turn give me side go side a bit more go go do i ask you to sit here go and get me one glass water go go!!! you shirk hii chutki!!! what happened sister don’t you gonna tell anyone no !!! no chutki i will not pinki promise yes pinki promise sister i failed in maths oh god!! show me oh my god!!!!! that much less marks did you tell this to mom??/ no sister…and you also don’t tell mom you promised me okk…..my legs are aching my hands are also aching sister let me give you massage oh god !! my head is aching too haven’t your neck aching let me give massage that too chutki show me you r report card here you have mom she got failed again noooooo sister can i hear song nooo yummy !!!! ice cream oh god! i fetched melt one ice cream idea!!! chutki let’s eat half half ice cream why sister you are so innocent chutki haven’t you watched adds on tv we get germs in our teeth due to eat ice cream and you share it we don’t get germs now we eat half half from your ice cream in evening we eat from mine okk sister sister it’s evening now my half ice cream!!! have you gone mad you eat my ice cream!! you are so stupid sister this ice not gonna digest to you hello chutki…. this all stuff is old now for me it’s useless for me now you can take this hairband take that bag too that sunglasses also oh!! this stall stink so badly and it’s also too old you can take this also sister is in mood today to give her stuff to me she always give me her used things let me ask her for new stuff sister if you are giving me stuff then your lipsticks are also get old you can give the that too you are testing my innocence get lost what happened chutki?? sister chinki scold me how dare chinki it’s different thing that we get you from mandir after all you are my sister let’s go i will see her let’s go let me wear shoes is she the one who scold you ?? yes sister she is the one you chinki !!! why you scold my sister you tinny !!! you are here to fight with me!! get lost you called me tinny….now you gone!!! oh my god it’s paining a lot even no one wash clothes like this i told you earlier that she is boxing champion ohh you letting me know so soon!!! sister don’t worry i will see her i am going to taking revenge alright??? okk i am getting iodex for you you did well job oh really!!! If you relate to this video or you get a smile on your face then must like and share this video don’t forget to follow anantya on instagram i don’t have any sibling not even to anantya so we thought why don’t we become sisters yes we use to do a lot of fun like we shown you in the video we use to do fun, fight and love and bua use to give me gifts i scold her too sometimes and she allow me to play with anaya we use to go mall and do fun i choosed red carpet dress for her once she was looking pretty in that really !!! on record you u compliment me yeahhhhh!!!!! if you also have that kind of connection with your sibling do commenting below and let us know and anantya’s summer vacations are around yeahhh if you want us to do more videos like this we made video on my channel too like types of mom and you give so much love to that video i also gonna colab with my mom dad and brother so that roles also done be me??? you guys let me know if you want me and anantya do more videos we meet you in our next video till then take care and buh byeeee

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