Type Beat Visual Template (animated/customizable) for Premiere Pro CC (2019|2018|April 2017)

Type Beat Visual Template (animated/customizable) for Premiere Pro CC (2019|2018|April 2017)

Hello and welcome guys, ArmaganVideos here. In this video Iam showing you how to use my
newest product the “Type Beat Visual Template”, which saves producers and musicians alot of
time and completly rebrands their videos on YouTube or elsewhere. You are able to customize the template just
like shown on the screenshot. Adjust colors, change text, move text, and change
their tracking and the possibilities for your own personal look are nearly endless. Once you are finished with customizing it,
hit play in Premiere and see your awesome new template for your high quality
beats. Usually producers use boring still images
to market their videos on YouTube, but with this template you can really step up your
game. Make sure that your videos match your beats. Trade a few bucks for a new brand identity
and precious time. In the following Iam going to show you how to use my template and what maybe be possible with it!

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  1. Hey guys! I've updated the description with the links to the fonts (so you don't have to search for them). If I have any ideas for new features regarding the template, Iam definitely going to add them. The first update is already online, you can now change the colors of all texts/shapes (except the grey slider boxes) by just changing one single color (not shown in this tutorial).

    For my regular subscribers: Don't worry, tomorrow theres a new tutorial with a nice car in it, stay tuned! Please excuse the little advertisement today, but I think this template will REALLY help a lot of upcoming producers.

    All the best,

  2. the picture doesn't show up when I put it behind the template. but when I put it in front of it, it is on top and in the way. how do I make it so the picture is under the template and name of the producer?

  3. So I have CC 2018 AE and AP. It works but i cant change the axis of the social media and stuff. And i cant hide the photo or background. Why?

  4. when i click install motion graphics template and choose bebas, it doesnt show up on the right. however, if i try to install again it says already installed would you like to overwrite?

    i have the my templates box open but nothing is there

  5. how do i get the text not to be backwards in 'type beat artist' i am typing 6lack type beat and its showing as the text mirrored backwards..only for this category though

  6. hi i just purchased and installed the bebes one, then it showed up and i dragged it on the timeline but it didn't change to "edit".. and when i click on "edit" there is nothing to edit?! please help thank you

  7. Hey, I have purchased the template…Thank you so much!

    1 little thing, when I do the matte background, the color is still black and white

  8. Everytime I open this Motion Graphics Template the text is red instead of white.
    How can I change this?

    Edit: I fixed it.

  9. cant seem to buy this thing. If i try paypal it tells me its more than what i have on my paypal. Which is wrong. If i do credit card, it tells me an error has occurred technical difficulties. Anyone else having issues purchasing?

  10. How can i change the Font in general on this i cant seem to figure it out.. For example lets say i dont want to use bebas and i want to use my own that i downloaded

  11. Every time I open the Template it gives me a error that says “File Format Not supported” I have AE 2018 and Premiere Pro 18.

  12. Hi I purchased the templates today and they are not working correctly i cant change the colors of the writing even after i changed the language to english. And the writing is all on top of each other. Thanks in advance!

  13. Hey I purchased the templates a few days ago. You can all go see what it looks like on my channel!

  14. I almost died when I read "focus on the tutorial please lol"

  15. Really hope you can help bro. I purchased this a few days ago and cannot get the font to activate. ive got all the latest versions but the font just wont activate and just goes to the default.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance

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