Tutorial animierte Reiseroute für dein nächstes Urlaubsvideo

Tutorial animierte Reiseroute für dein nächstes Urlaubsvideo

Hi my name is angelkassel welcome to my tutorial
I show you how to make with to easy programs, you can make a animation for your hollidays I used the Movie Maker and the Route Generator but it`s enough if you just use the Route Generator. You get a better graphic result for text with less Pixel if you use the Movie Maker. and you can use Musik and Soundeffekts as well. Let`s get startet 🙂 I startet the Route Generator Program. The first thing we need is a map. klick on the icon and choose the sice go to Google maps in google maps choose the map you need and scroll in or out, until you are satisfied copy the link in your browservindue from the map insert the link in your Route Generator Program make the vindue larger and choose from witch town you wanna start lets say we wanna make our Route from London to Frankfurt save and tast in your file name now you start your Route I wanna use a airplane, later you can insert your own cars or busses, aso. I start with blue and choose points for my Route choose your Start Point and click click again on the Finish Point if you wanna change something you can get back and do so our airplane looks a bit wacky, so we change that if you use bigger sices the pictures get pixelt you can see the result and if you are satisfied save, give a name, you can make a new file map or use one that you have from earlyer the file gets now changed to a video file open your file map with the new video there we can the all our images that are in our video u can look at your video, I think the quality is not so great and that`s why we move on to the Movie Maker, we can delete the finished video file but not the pictures I always delete the first picture and the map as shown, we don`t need them anymore but you can delete them also later in the Movie Maker, mark and copy all the pictures and open the movie maker on the right side insert your pictures you can see now all the pictures but they all are 7 seconds long so we must change that I use 0,05 sec for all pictures that changed my video from 29 minutes to 12 seconds the shortest possible time for a picture is 0,03 sec. if you are satisfied with your video, save or publish if you want to even to youtube. I wanna save the video on my computer, use a filemap, choose a name and save the movie maker creates now my video and I can look at my finished video, you can use them in other videos as needed. Hope I could help you Greetings Angelkassel

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  1. Ich habe auch das Problem, dass die Karte nicht geladen wird. Was kann ich tun. Weiterhin habe ich das Problem, das bei Google Maps bei dem Ausschnitt wie im Video, bei mir weniger Orte angezeigt werden. Hat da jemand einen Tip?

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