[[TUTORIAL]] 7 Tips for Smoother Animation

[[TUTORIAL]] 7 Tips for Smoother Animation

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  1. "Does this work in–"
    Yes. Yes it does. These techniques are not program specific, they are principles that apply to everything from paper and pen to Blender's grease pencil.

  2. excuse me sir …i'm new to Toon boom and i was wondering what is the shortcut of extending frames without typing in the numbers of frames. I use Toon boom harmony 16 btw.

  3. The examples at the end went a huge way in showing the importance of timing n frames

    Thank you so much for this reference!

  4. I kept repeating the part where he says "Flip-o-rama gets fluid anamation with 2 god danm frames" 😂

  5. I am working with GMS2 currently and honestly… this helped a lot. lol

    My animations are smoother, but i found another way for myself due to i just animate pixels and game maker studio has a good system for that(i guess?)
    Since for frames all i have to do to determine where next frame will be i just set fps to 1(1 frame per second) and when trying to tween the eyes i just use a 10% opacity model of how in the end the eye should be put at and pixel by pixel i just continue holding my mouse button from one frame to another. The problem only comes when i hold it for the restart of the frame so instead i just set it so it instead of replaying it plays it backwards so i know instantly if i messed it up instead of messing up my main creation model.

    10/10 tutorial tho.

  6. I've been meaning to learn how to animate, but I don't think I've learned enough about animation to fully understand everything in this video lol

    It was great though!

  7. I don't think I understood 2 I know about higher FPS but what does it mean to animate for 1s? I also didn't understand other points😅😫

  8. I am using flipaclip and I cant draw on PC because I dont have a graphic tablet. Do you know any free to use animation softwares? Or cheap ones at least? Its not that flipaclip isnt a good animation software but it is not a good DRAWING software (seriously drawing on flipaclip is a pain) so even if my animation are smooth the art looks like garbage

  9. Before watching, here are my predictions.

    If not already, animate at 24 FPS or higher

    Squash and stretch characters for smoother more cartoonish effects (unless it’s not a cartoon.)

    Smear frames

    Add in between frames

    Test the animation often

    I can’t think of another 2

    Half of these were right (edit)

  10. I did a LOT of 3D mechanical animations. But thats just because for years i didnt know what IK bones was…so my advice is not to do entirely self training, always look up tips and advices.

  11. Spend every second of your life animating every single frame of the animation. Wether it be simple mouth movements to sword swings. Every. Single. Frame

  12. As a Flip O Rama user myself, I encourage you all to try the program out. It is very easy to use, and can help you make extremely fluid and smooth animations. Plus, it’s completely free! For me, the cost of the program was around 1 trip to the library. Happy animating! 🙂

  13. I want a good animation software that isn’t crappy. I use FlipaClip right now on, IOS and I’d like to know some free animation softwares. Thanks a bunch!

  14. My animation style seems kind of choppy lately, but maybe because I rely extensively on Pose-To-Pose. Observe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1XjiyST8ik

  15. This is the whole thing that i want to explain to my friends but i cant cause its kinda complex
    So thanks for this ^^💖💖💖

  16. Im looking into getting a drawing tablet however my budget isnt high enough to get a computer that can run animation software and i found a tablet called the picassotab which doesnt require a pc which is in my budget however it only runs android which mean my choices for animation software so does anyone know any good animation software that isnt flipaclip

  17. Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh I need equipments to make a smooth work of animations. I know it doesn't needed if I have flipaclip but I think it's better when it's in full equipment.

  18. That moment when you have no idea what rule 7 means but you need to follow that rule like the other rules to have good animation

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