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Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai Full Movie | Hindi Movies | Kim Sharma Movies

” From the vales beyond
one hears the chime of anklets” ” The wind carries the
sound of quarreling bangles” ” From the vales beyond
one hears the chime of anklets” ” The wind carries the
sound of quarreling bangles” ” A countenance that
haunts me in my dreams” And drives me nuts ” It teaches me to write
on blank pieces of paper” Gradually turning me into a poet ” She is the first
sunbeam of the morning” ” She’s the lotus
blossoming in the lake” ” She is the first
sunbeam of the morning” ” She’s the lotus
blossoming in the lake” I will sing for her She’s the poem of my life She steals into my heart My heart belongs to her ” She gives me words
to fill blank paper” Gradually turning me into a poet She’s the melodious breeze She’s the voice in my songs She’s the melodious breeze She’s the voice in my songs Her story plays on my lips ” She’s an instrument
filled with love” She sings the song of love for me My heart belongs to her ” She gives me words
to fill blank paper” Gradually turning me into a poet – Do you know..?
– What? Only today I realised
my voice is magical – What are you saying?
– That’s right. Today even the camels
were swaying at my song. The breeze too was dancing. ” Not only that, every person
got up and started dancing.” what are you talking about? ” Sister-in-law, had you been
there you too would have danced.” I can’t follow a word. – Honest..
– Dear wife.. Will you ever let him grow up? Would you rather keep him
in your lap all the time? What have I done? Let him do something on his own. Now he even has ajob. Soon we have to get him married. You don’t have to
worry about my marriage. I’ve got married. What..what did you say? You got married without telling us? To whom? ” To my voice, my songs.” He is mad. Take him to an exorcist. And treat him for his madness. ” Doesn’t matter.
No problem, brother.” Make fun of me today. Tomorrow if this madman
doesn’t turn the world mad.. ” Then I’m not worthy of
my name, Arjun Singh!” ” No, my son…
Explain to him” I’m not poking fun at him.
I’m explaining to him. Don’t dream the dreams
that never come true. These dreams hurt when they break. I can’t bear to see you hurt. The question doesn’t arise. First listen to my song. ” Your song? No, I’d rather not.” – Would you like to hear?
– Yes. – I’d love to.
– Get my guitar. Good day Arjun. – Yes? – The manager
says tourists are expected. Take the bus to the airport. All right I’ll get
the bus to the airport. Get my coat and turban. Pamper him some more.
Can’t fetch his own coat. – My son is going to work.
– Work! – Now what?
– Hear my song.. Work comes first.
Songs later. Remember you didn’t hear my song! One day the world will
have to hear me sing. Temper the pulses fast. My singer has arrived.
Turn off the radio! Brew some tea. My singer is here. Which radio company
have you applied to now? – Uncle..
– Welcome. Get some tea. My brave is here. ” Sit, my child.
Hurry with the tea.” I’ll have tea but
have I received any mail? ” – Did the postman come?
– Yes, he did.” Don’t fret. God will send a post
man who’ll take you away from us …far on the path to success. Have some tea. That is fine but when? Maybe today itself. You keep giving me hope. But now I’m so anxious
I can’t wait anymore. I’m not the least
interested in this job. ” Good God, quickly
send my pal to Mumbai.” Let all others fail in
comparison to his success. ” Thanks, thank you.” Forget the thanks and tell me.. Have you prepared any new song? Absolutely. Such a great song… ” If I sing it for you, you..” – What?
– You’ll lose your sleep. Then it’s fine.
I imagined something else. ” whatever the meaning,
you sing the song.” Who could be better than you? There’s none better than you Stop the song. The bus is here! Make tea. The passengers are here! Your song got me in trouble. Don’t worry. God will help. Where is the hotel bus? It’s been 2 hours. It would be better to go to Punjab. What’s special about Punjab? It has so many trucks that
one would take us to the hotel. The heat is killing. Everyone’s brains are scrambled. Driver! Is this the time to come? Two hours in this heat
scrambled our brains! Is this the way you hotel
staff treat tourists? ” Firstly, talk politely.” Secondly this bus doesn’t
belong to your Pop! You’re a driver and
you abuse my Pop! You have no idea of my temper! what will you do? Give you a tight slap! He slaps!! This bus belongs to neither
your Mom nor your Pop! It’s for the staff of Geeta Travels And their leader is Ms Naina. ” Clear, Blind Bat?” – Are you Naina?
– I am Naina. He slapped me! I can slap you the way
you slapped my friend. But I don’t argue with petty men. Whom are you calling petty? ” I’m a chief, Thakur Arjun Singh.” I admit I erred but
you don’t have to call me petty. You are insolent.
I will complain about you. I’m not worth my salt
if I don’t get you fired. Sit in the bus.
Don’t mess with him. ” If he leaves in a rage,
it will be holiday at airport.” ” Brother, she’s not serious.” ” Her head is heated up.
Captain, sit in the cockpit.” – Sit in the bus.
– Come on. Hot enough outside
Let’s stay cool. Idiot! Is this the way to brake? This is Jaisalmer.
A camel walked across. In case of an accident the people
would have beaten your brains out. But you can drive slow. Is this the way..? Don’t try to teach me. If you have to complain about me
I’ll give you enough reasons. I misbehaved with you. ” I drove rashly, took you
to the jaws of death!” And if I don’t complain about you..? Then I’ll show you how
hospitable we can be. I’ll drive you to the hotel as
if you’re traveling in a palanquin. And I’ll tell you the story of
each monument and rock like a guide. Then say we weren’t at fault. You reached the airport before time And drove so carefully we felt
we were sitting in mom’s lap. And he gingerly patted my cheek. Wasn’t it beautiful? – Tired of seeing ruins.
– But you enjoyed it. You’ve exhausted us in 3 days. ” Barring two, every joint aches.” – Sorry..
– I’ll take 2 pegs…. I’ll moan so much that
nobody will get any sleep. You’re an excellent guide. No need for thanks. I feel
proud showing my hometown. – How are you?
– Fine. – All well?
– Yes. – Sing us something new?
– For you? I’ll make you happy. Terrific. You sing very well. I swear that was good. He also plays well. ” – Really well?
– Course, very well.” Why did you stop singing?
You were singing so well. ” – I was just humming.
– Come on, sing.” ” The moon and the stars
the flowers and the dew..” Who is better than you? ” The moon and the stars
the flowers and the dew..” Who is better than you? ” Any weather, any season..” There’s none better than you ” The moon and the stars
the flowers and the dew..” Who is better than you? The moonlit night of
a desert is spectacular. You will enjoy it. ” The beams of moon
gently touch your face” Your light illuminates the universe There’s nobody.. You’re most beautiful to me My heart sings.. There’s none better than you ” My beloved, my heart sings..” There’s none better than you Your flowing tresses.. Day will turn to night Your flowing scarf.. It will rain in the sunshine The thirsting waves of the sea …dance watching you The universe and the world But none dearer than you The universe and the world But none dearer than you ” Any weather, any season..” There’s none better than you ” The moon and the stars
the flowers and the dew..” Who is better than you? Who is better than you? Brother! Sister-in-law! – What’s the matter?
– Take a look at who is here. She is Naina and he’s my brother. ” – Hello. – Good day.
– And he’s my life, Lakhan.” Take a look at who is here. – She is Naina and that’s
my sister-in-law. – Hello. – So this is Naina.
– Yes. Tell my sister-in-law
how you liked my song. ” Honestly, he sings very well.” His voice touches the heart. His voice has magic. Now do you accept it? ” Yes, my Pop.” Is your hospitality just
making the guest praise you? She’s very nice.
Get her some tea. ” – I’ll get tea.
– Yes, do that.” How long are you here? – We’re leaving tomorrow.
– Tomorrow itself? Our break is over and
we’re missing our families. You really sing very well. You should really come and
try your luck in Mumbai. I am confident you’ll be so famous.. ” People will rave about you,
You’ll be in newspapers, TV…” You’ll be all over the place! – Honest?
– Lying and giving you false hopes.. Will I gain anything? – Last call. Let’s go.
– In a minute. Mark my words. Please don’t stop singing. Here’s my card.
Do come to Mumbai. And look me up. I want a pal like you I need your love My heart belongs to you I’ll sing for you all my life I’m your star Brother! What’s wrong? ” – Uncle, what’s the matter?
– Why are you screaming?” I had a dream. Bad.. First hear him out. What did you dream about? I dreamed that I was
a famous star singer! Nightmare. People were applauding
and whistling at my song. – Wow..
– Not so. Stop dreaming and go to sleep. I’ll go to Mumbai. I want to be a famous singer. Why? Have you received
any letter from Mumbai?>From some music company?
I know it. You give lqbal’s motel address. Tell us the truth.
Have you got mail? There’s no letter. But my dream says
Mumbai is calling me. I will go. Don’t you dare talk
of Mumbai again! Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Season the vegetables. – Hello.
– Welcome. Hello. My singer and lyricist is here. Sing a nice song today. Arjun Singh! ” What is wrong with him?
Lord, make him well.” It’s so cold. Where’s your pampered son?
He still hasn’t returned. Brother. I have taken a decision. I have decided.. I won’t upset you. Neither will I go away from you. But I’ll have to
forget my dreams. When there are no dreams… Why do I need this? ” If this is with me, it will
remind me of my dreams.” Who are you to decide? I’m the eldest of the family. I will always be the eldest
and I’ll take all the decisions. And I have decided.. You will go to Mumbai. You will. One day you’ll be
such a famous singer.. ” …that every citizen,
every child will say…” These are the brother and
sister-in-law of Arjun Singh. May the Goddess Saraswati
bless you with immense success. ” Go, my brother.” Coming… ” I am coming, hey
where are you going?” For a long time I was standing
out looking for the bell. Then somebody said pulling
the rope opens the temple gate. ” Man, you’re at the wrong place.” It’s my home. Tuktuk Dixit’s home. Does Naina Dixit live here? ” Yes, she does but at
this moment she isn’t home.” Who are you? Naina never mentioned
an elder sister. Go in. I am Naina’s mother. ” Salutations, mother. Bless me!” What are you doing? Who are you? My name is Arjun Singh. – I’ve come from Jaisalmer..
– Pick up your bags. I said pick your bags. Naina gave me the address. – Saying whenever I came..
– Whether you’re from Ajmer or.. Will you leave or
should I call the police? God knows where they land up from! I didn’t come in. I came to Mumbai from Jaisalmer. Now what will you do? Where will you go? Only Naina know you
in this wide city. We’ll see. Isn’t that Arjun? ” Yes, it is!” Naina! – When did you come?
– Just now. A few hours ago.
Good day Montu. Hi. What are you doing here? Naina said I must try
my luck in Mumbai. So I landed up. That’s great. Now let’s go home. I’ve already been and
your mother welcomed me. – So …
– Where will I live? My parents died when I was born. So God gave me brother and
his wife who love me even more. And when he’s brought me this far.. He would have arranged for my roof. That’s wonderfully said. God wouldn’t have arranged
He has arranged your lodging. Arjun Singh my
house is open for you. No problem. A friend in
need is a friend indeed. Only a friend helps
in times of troubles. Welcome. This is my home. I mean ours. Throw your shoes anywhere
chuck the suitcase anywhere. It’s very nice. It’s not as big as Jaisalmer. But big enough by Mumbai standards. ” Whatever the place, your refuge
should be slightly above your head.” I am grateful to you. You gave me refuge. But I won’t be a burden on you. Burden? A friend is never a burden. You want to be a singer. I’ll make you a singer. Where have you brought me? Wonderful. You are very lucky. This bar doesn’t give anyone
such easy chances to sing. I don’t want such a chance. What did you say? – Coming to my table?
– Let go! You want me to sing
in such a place? I won’t sing here. I haven’t come this far
from Jaisalmer to sing here! ” Wait, come here.” ” Good evening, Ding Dong.” ” They are Ding Dong,
great music directors.” I saw your picture in
the newspaper yesterday. You looked so good! Whose picture will
they print if not mine? We’re the hits of tomorrow. ” Sir, he’s my friend Arjun.
He sings very well.” Sings well? Let’s hear him. The mood is right.
The instruments are present. You’ll be a hit if we make it. Sing for them.
It will be great! Nobody knows where
your destiny takes you. But Jaisalmer won’t do here. So tell me what will do here. Ply me with drink
so I lose my senses. It’s not possible that I get drunk. Go on. He’s trapped. Travelling the path of the bar.. I’ve given it up Since I set eyes on her.. Broken the glass of wine Drinking wine.. The wine doesn’t go to my head It doesn’t get me high Drink doesn’t go to my head But the eyes intoxicate me But the eyes intoxicate me Beautiful cheeks The blossom of youth The eyes throw darts And intoxicate us Giving me peace ” I lose my heart to her
Makes me fall in love” Don’t ask what the high of love is Day and night she’s in my thoughts ” Beautiful is the evening
which is fragrant with love” No awareness of the world It adds fragrance to life The eyes intoxicate me ” The venom of darkness
lurks in the tresses” Stupor in her talks Her eyes drive you wild ” The red lips and the
quickening of the breath” Kiss the soft pink lips Swing in somebody’s arms You will fall in love Earth will feel like heaven The bar teaches you to love The eyes intoxicate me Arrest them all. What have you done?
Arrested a Thakur! Who is that? I am a Thakur from Jaisalmer. – I can’t be in a police station.
– Sit down. If this news reaches Jaisalmer
my brother will lose face. What I wanted to do and
what Montu made me do! What? I didn’t take
you there so you… Didn’t you feel ashamed? Don’t open your mouth! I’ll break your skull! I am raging from within! I pray to Goddess Saraswati
and came here to sing. And where did you take me? ” Inspector, can you believe
me in an English brothel?” Or in the police station? My sister-in-law won’t let me
in the house if she finds out. I’ll be orphaned. I’ll be orphaned. You’re not an orphan. Naina told me everything. The spark within you
to make it as a singer.. Naina fanned it. And turned it into a flame. She showed you and your
dreams the way to Mumbai. ” Inspector, I’m a Professor
in the Law College.” I’m here to bail him out. That won’t be necessary. No bail is needed after seeing
Arjun’s innocence and simplicity. We cops can recognise
the genuine ones. You may take him. Good day. Come on. You too may leave. But don’t ever take such an
innocent man to such a place. So he’s the one from Jaisalmer Whom the cops took to the police
station to hear his song. Now see how he will
address elder sister. Good day Naina. ” You’ve met Tuktuk. This is
my other daughter, Anu.” – Good day.
– He’ll stay here. – With us.
– With us? But where will he sleep? Upstairs. In Naina’s room Jaisalmer in Naina’s room?
And where will she sleep? In your room. ” It’s late. Come on.
Naina, show him your room.” Come in. I’ll show you
to your room. I am ready. You’re still not ready. I’ll just go and get dressed. Tears..? Are you crying? I’m not crying. I’m chopping onions. – What?
– Onions. I don’t like to see
tears in your eyes. Get dressed. The music director
gave an appointment after so long.. I’ll chop the onion. I’ll get dressed while
you chop the onions. Yes? What are you doing? – Chopping onions.
– And why isn’t Naina cutting? I asked her to stop. I don’t like to see
her eyes well with tears. I didn’t tell you the main thing. She’s taking me to
meet a music director. It was getting late so
I sent her in to dress up. Where are you going? Wear your clothes first. What do you mean? I mean such clothes do
not look good on nice girls. This is Mumbai not Jaisalmer. How is that possible? The girls there are bashful
and the ones here are shameless! A girl is a girl whether
in Mumbai or Jaisalmer. Thank you so much. By the grace of God
I’ve got the reward. Hold on. Yes. Boss! Where have you been? No news all this time. I’ve got the first award. Now let’s see what happens. All these smart music directors… I’ll run them into the ground. Just a minute. Come in. Yes sir? Of course
I’m doing your next film. What are you waiting for?
You may leave. ” Welcome, Naina.” It’s been quite some time. You’ve come after
I won the award. Take a seat. How are you and how is
your travel agency? Doing well. One day you sang me a lovely song. Arjun Singh much better. – He is Arjun. If you..
– …give him a chance His life will be made. – Is that what you mean?
– Yes sir. I will surely give him a chance. Anyone who has a pretty
young girl for support… He should get a chance. The rule followed here is.. One has to give up something
to possess something. Do you follow? ” In return for this,
I’ll make his life.” You come here. ” He’ll make my life.
Go ahead, do it.” Make my life today. Please do it. What does this mean? You stay out of this.
It’s between us men. Stand there. So where were we? I understand you. Anyone around? Anyone there? Nobody. Forgive me. I am sorry. All right but with
whom did you misbehave? – With Naina.
– So whom should you apologise to? – To Naina.
– So why don’t you? Apologise to her! – Scoundrel!
– I will.. Apologise! ” My mother, sister,
daughter forgive me.” I fall at your feet
and apologise to you. I’m a music director… Walk out. I’ll follow you. Listen. Get this in your head. I will become a singer. And such a good singer.. ” …that petty, lowly men
like you can’t get there.” – And next time..
– I won’t . Let’s go. Why did you have to be furious? Dogs keep barking. He’s one of the barking dogs. One thing is certain.
You won’t meet anyone for me. Nor talk for me. I’ll fend for myself.
Let’s leave. First give me a smile. – Let’s go home.
– Okay. Go home and tell madam.. My name is Arjun Singh.
I sing very well. ” Dashrath Singh, what’s the problem?” – I’m Arjun Singh.
– Same thing. Singh is common. What’s the problem? – What’s the problem?
– If I could sing in your program… I will conquer the world. You will get a chance. Do you mean that? Fill the form and give a
recorded cassette to the reception. The moment your number comes.. They said my turn will
come after 2 years. Right because we’re a
nation of artists. 90 out of 100 people sing. They won’t eat but will sing. So we have to be strict
with the company rules. No sir. I didn’t come
here to stand in line. Great. If you have the spark and
will work with dedication.. You will be successful. Didn’t you tell Arjun to
take off after counting 20? He’s either forgotten
or gone to sleep. Check. What are you doing?
Check what he’s doing. What’s wrong? Why
are you standing here? – what’s wrong?
– Nothing. ” I’m missing my brother,
sister-in-law and Lakhan.” Let them be in Jaisalmer. You have to fulfill your dreams. You will have to forget them. Because memories drag one behind. – They call us back.
– She is right. Absolutely right. Memories weaken man. Look at me. You’ll find
your brother and his wife. And I am mother. Mother.. My son… I’m off. I’ll be late this evening. – Listen..
– Yes? I have too many appointments
and am short of time. ” First I have to meet Nadeem
Shravan, then Anu Malik…” One day you will be as busy. Much more than this. Montu was here. He’s talked to some
big music director for you. Don’t even talk about him! The first time he sent me
to the police station. God knows where he’ll take me now. Every man makes mistakes. ” As it is, he’s terribly ashamed.” He wanted to help you. He never imagined he’d stoop
in your eyes by helping you. Please forgive him. Where will I find him? All these days I didn’t
meet you out of shame. I wanted to take you to
heights but it back fired. Forget the past. But now I will end your miseries. ” The music director we’ll meet
today, A.R.Siddiqui is a great man.” If he gives you a chance you’re made. I have to meet AR Siddiqui. Name? Sit there. I’ll give him the slip. Let’s wait there. From morning it’s turned to evening. Life passes by waiting. You’re worried of evening. Be patient. It bears fruit. I made a great song. Tell Vikram
to send a cheque that won’t bounce. – Good day.
– Good day. – I am Montu.
– Good name. I’d called your
secretary to meet you. ” – He’s my friend, Arjun.
– Hello sir.” – I sent you a slip too.
– Keep the AC on. – I sent you a slip.
– What time? 9.3 – What’s the time now?
– About 4. Those who have to meet
do not make others wait. And those who make you
wait don’t want to meet you. Don’t you understand? He’s my good friend.
He sings very well. You call him a friend
but treat him like a foe. Why are you showing
him the wrong path? From where have you come? Take this money. Catch the train back
to Jaisalmer immediately. You’ll be ruined here. I’m keeping your money. As advance. The day I make it big
and you make me sing… Deduct this that day from
whatever the price of my song. Strange. What are you thinking of? – Drink some tea.
– I’m thinking of nothing. One day those who reject me
will do the thinking. ” One day my songs will play
on the radio, TV, in bands..” If this doesn’t happen.. I’m not worthy of my name. God helps those who help themselves. Nobody can stop you if
your resolve is strong. These are mere people.
Drink your tea. – Get lost.
– What are you doing? Leave me! What is the time? It’s 7 o’clock. Where were you all this while? I’ll tell you. She’s a crazy girl. She went to the temple
to pray for my success. The temple? I never imagined I’d get more
love than family in this city. Else who prays for others? I probably wouldn’t
worry if you’d told me. I’m glad you found her there. He too got to see the temple. ” Relax, I’ll get tea.” Brew some tea for them. Forgive me brother. Don’t address me formally.
Just call me Anu. I’m much smaller than you. you…are much larger. I’ll prove what you said
to Mamma and make it true. I’ll go to the temple
for 11 Tuesdays not one. To pray for your success. Honestly. Great sister. You’ve adorned
him like he’s a rock star! – I wonder when it’ll be true.
– It will happen. Your dreams will come true
only when his dreams do. What do you mean? Lies can be hidden but
the truth gets hurt. ” Stupid, speak clearly.” You showed Arjun the dream. Convinced him that he sings well. And if he comes here and tries… He will probably make a big star. This was your dream. Your belief. He comes here and becomes a star. And wins everyone’s hearts. All right. Go and put
the pulses on the stove. This trumpet doesn’t play.
Please fix it. You always interfere when
I’m discussing something important. She asked you to do something.
Go and light the stove. Go and butter Arjun. He’ll fix the trumpet and
teach you to blow it too. – Really?
– Yes. – He plays every instrument.
– Is that so? Then I must butter him up. Fix my trumpet.
It doesn’t play. And teach me to play it. But what have you done? Sister said to butter you up. Then he’ll fix your trumpet
and teach you to blow it too. So I buttered you up! Did you like it? What the…? Fix my trumpet! Only this much of butter? For this much I can neither
teach you to play nor fix it. Get more butter. – Get all the butter at home.
– Right! What are you doing?
Sent her to get more butter? – why?
– I did right. You laughed so hard when
Tuktuk applied little butter. How much will you laugh
when she smears much more? What are you doing? Your pulses are done! How did you get in? Get out. Why are you pushing? Just once tell your boss.
Let us meet him. He said to throw you out. Ask him to hear his song. Stand behind if you
want to be in the chorus. I’m here to become the
main singer not the chorus. Please leave now.
You’ll make it big. Everyone will love his song. I’m explaining to him
not poking fun at him. Don’t dream the dreams
that never come true. It hurts when dreams break. I can’t bear to see you hurt. I’m Tuktuk. Your brother and
his wife are on the line. ” – Good day, sister-in-law.
– Live long.” He recognised my voice. – Ask him how he is.
– I want to speak to him. Say hello on my behalf. Everyone here misses you. ” They ask, how you are.” I have your blessings. We miss you a lot. You cry for awhile.
I’ll talk to him. I’m your elder brother. Yes. How are you? I’m fine. How are you? How is your singing program? We bought a new TV We see all the programs. Why don’t we see your song? It will come. Why are you crying? I miss all of you a lot. We too miss you. – Give the line to Naina.
– Okay. Is Arjun in any trouble? ” No, he’s fine.” ” – Take care of him.
– Yes, don’t worry.” I’m here… What a time for the light to go. What is this? Like you don’t like
to see tears in my eyes.. I too don’t like to see you cry. Do you understand the
meaning of these tears? I have lost. I give up. Give up? Why did you take me to
meet your brother and his wife? To tell them you sing very well. Why did you come here
because I asked you to? To break down? To accept defeat? ” No, you haven’t lost.” I have lost. You defeated me! You defeated me! I won’t let you lose. I’ll never let you lose. I’ll never ever let you lose. The light is back. Come here. What are you doing? Everything is rented. I don’t understand anything. What are you doing? I’m telling you for the fourth time. I won’t repeat it now. We’ve arranged this just for you. You’ll sing on the platform. People will collect
and hear your voice. Your voice might
possibly reach the ears.. ….that might
otherwise be impossible. I fear I might end up
as a roadside singer. Your fears don’t matter.
It’s God’s wish that counts. ” Child, do your duty.
Don’t worry about the fruit.” This is a road not
your Pop’s property. what are you up to? ” Madam,
we’re having a road show here.” ” My friend, Arjun Singh will sing.” So his voice reaches those
who can make him a great star. what’s wrong? Frightened? I’ve lost my heart I’ve lost my heart ” Seeing you, my beloved..” For the first time I feel.. I am in love I’ve lost my heart The wind of songs May it keep flowing Drowned in new music The music of love plays May the party go on Live in my heart Never shall we part I’m here ” I’m fine, how are you?” ” Still working?
– Got to, you know” How are you Arjun?
Now what are you doing? Will you make an old man out of me?
I’m still young ” Papa, what are you doing?
– I want to tell this fool…” ” that between friends, we never
pay obeisances. We embrace. Like this” Because whisky is very risky.
– Bobby will you tell him? ” He calls whisky risky? Without whisky,
how will you rise to become a star?” Hey what about girlfriends?
Or haven’t you got one? Of course I have a girlfriend ” You’re young and you’re a friend,
that makes you a boyfriend?” ” Ms Bobby is a girl and a friend,
that makes her a girlfriend?” ” See? I even know your footfall.
– Sorry, I’m a bit late” ” No problem. Go on, change. I’ll lay
the table, I’m famished! Come in” But I’ve had dinner.
With Ms Bobby She wouldn’t let me leave
without eating dinner ” She forced me, and I couldn’t
resist. Eat this Arjun, try that” She was so caring ” But I’m clever too. Despite her
persistence, I ate only half my fill” Why half your fill?
– So I can have dinner with you I’m not hungry anymore.
– Why not? Sit Arjun Singh will feed you with
his own hands and you will eat What have you cooked? What’s this dish? I always knew
you’re a swell cook Eat Please Ms Naina ” Yes Ms Bobby, let me think” There’s a lot of risk involved
in introducing any new singer Don’t worry about money.
I’ll invest whatever is necessary Aren’t you a bit too confident
about his voice? You can spend your money.
But you can’t force people… to buy his music
or to like his voice I can ” Why one, launch a dozen albums
for Arjun. In a million copies” Anyone anywhere turning on a tv
gets to see Arjun Only Arjun will be heard.
You understand what I mean to say? How many copies do you sell? Order more copies
than you have ever dreamt I’m not selling this album.
I’m going to distribute copies In the hearts of people
I want to carve a place for Arjun ” Ms Bobby, this isn’t business” This is insanity Hi Sunil! How are you? ” Darling, what happened to
Sunil Mahadevan?” ” Tell me, what happened.
– We’re launching a music company” Bigger than Sunil Mahadevan’s
music company I have launched this company
for my daughter I will try my best to ensure
that this company succeeds too Allah willing ” Yes, Allah willing” ” Congratulations, Mr Gujral.
– Thanks and thank you for coming” Meet Mr A.R.Siddiqui.
India’s most famous music director ” This is my darling daughter, Bobby” And Arjun is a fantastic singer Our company is launching him.
– You might say… his voice is launching my company ” You don’t recognise me, sir?
– Have we met?” This might remind you? ” I had gone to you once,
asking for work” You gave me this money and advised me
to go back to Jaisalmer ” Son, when boys like you come…” But this not proved to be very lucky
for me. The day you gave me this… ” you tied me to the world of music.
For me, this was my first earning” ” Mr Gujral, this boy has taught
me a big lesson” Never under-estimate anyone Absolutely right ” Sir, that day, you gave me this.
Today, I ask for your blessings” That I may attain
what I have set out to attain ” Son, today I am proud of you. Tomorrow,
the world will be proud of you” You’re the ones I want I want your love I’ll sing for you My whole life is for you I’m your star You’re the ones I want I want your love ” Your wishes, your dreams…” my music is for you ” Whoever you want,
you can turn into heroes” ” Your prayers
have brought me here” You have changed my luck You changed my luck I’m your star ” In your eyes, in your dreams…” I want to live ” I’ve found a place
in your hearts” ” Thanks for the fame
I’ve found in this city” ” No one is as magnanimous
as you have been” Come Arjun Open the door ” Tell me, how do you like it?” Grand I can’t describe the grandeur
in words This is no house.
Looks like some king’s palace And you are the king
of this palace ” Me…?
– Yes, this is yours” ” A small gift for you,
from the company” ” Small? Yes, I had my dreams. But never
in my dreams did I ever imagine…” that dreams could be so beautiful.
I hope the joy doesn’t drive me crazy You are the one who is driving
the whole world crazy ” Besides as long as I am around,
how can you go crazy?” He’s gone crazy ” Take him to an exorcist
Give him a cure” Your Arjun needs an exorcist ” Nothing, just a spell of madness.
Got over it” Stop raving and come with me.
– Where? I’ll show you. Come ” Arjun isn’t back yet?
– Pretty late, past nine thirty” Who’s that?
– Some ruffian ” Arjun would’ve fixed him.
– Wait, let me take a look” What kind of ajoke is this?
– This is no joke I’m just showing off my car.
– You robbed it? Not robbed. Ms Bobby’s gift May you have several cars.
Congratulations on your first car No half-hearted congratulations.
Here are the keys to my new house Just like a palace.
The company gave it to me ” Come on, we’re all going
to live there” It’s late Here you are ” Try to understand, Arjun.
Naina, tell him” ” Maybe I’m from the village, but I’m
not an oaf. I understand everything” What do you understand?
– Memories of your mother ” And if she isn’t going to live
in that house, then no one goes” Get this. I’m one of the no-ones.
– Meaning what? ” Crystal clear,
I am not going either” Shall we lock that?
– Sure Confident?
– Hundred percent Let’s lock that answer Correct answer Are you Naina’s mummy?
– Yes…? I’m Bobby.
Bobby Gujral ” Oh yes, welcome.
But Arjun isn’t at home” I’m here to see you ” Me…?
– Yes, I hear you are a lecturer” And you teach children?
– Yes And what lesson have you taught Arjun?
Why won’t he leave your house… to go and live in a place
more befitting his status? He has taken a liking to this house.
That’s why he doesn’t want to leave Not even the servants of such a
star singer live in homes like these I’m not the one who is saying this.
People are talking Those who come here to meet the star
are ridiculing him behind his back ” Forgive me, if I have said something
you don’t like” You are old enough to be my mother.
You are a lecturer too Teaching is your profession.
You should tell Arjun… that he shouldn’t end up
being ridiculed I have decided What kind of a decision is this?
– You can’t forget relationships perforce This decision is mine.
Get out of my house Your house? But what is my fault? ” Not you,
I’m the one who is to blame” For letting a star singer live
in this dingy hovel ” Even your servants are accustomed
to living in bigger, better homes?” Who said that?
– Whoever! But my husband’s house… is no less than a temple
or a palace. Understand? Now pack and go away to the bungalow
the company has given you For no reason? Why am I being
punished like this? ” You won’t give in, will you? Get out.
– No, I’m not leaving” Shutting the door on my face
won’t make any difference to me ” Your heart, that’s where I live.
Can throw me out of your heart?” You’ve broken my heart.
Do you hear me? ” Go to sleep, son.
It’s late” Don’t start thinking that I’m back
asking to live here I’m inviting you. The company is
throwing a party to celebrate my success Everyone will be coming
with someone or the other I too want to be amongst people
I consider my own ” Whether or not you accept me,
I share a deep kinship with you” ” But you were the ones who broke
away. But for my sake, will you come?” ” If I threw you out on your ears, I’m
hauling you in by the ear. Come in” ” Forgive me, son” But it was imperative for you
to leave ” Not here, you belong in palaces” A man must live according
to his status You needn’t live in this house
as long as you live in our hearts But…
– You live in our hearts Welcome top all of you
on behalf of BJG Music Company We come together to celebrate
the successes of one man ” Thanks to your patronage, this artiste
has scaled the heights of success…” ” to become a star, his name
is now on every lip. Arjun Singh” ” You are the biggest star,
everyone is talking about you” What does this success mean for you?
– Success was my purpose in life ” Given the success,
I have found the purpose to live” Your future plans? Who are the ones who have helped you
in your success? They! They are the ones
who showed me the way Nice music? May I have a dance?
– What…? ” At my age? Not I. The kids.
– Tuktuk, want to dance with me?” You expect me to dance
with an old man? Ms Naina will dance with me.
– Shall we…? What are you thinking about?
Just do it ” My love, why aren’t you asleep yet?” ” I’m not sleepy, Papa. Something
on my mind, it’s worrying me” A worry? Worries ought to
worry a hundred times… before taking on my dearest daughter.
Now what worry is worrying you? Her name is Naina ” Naina…?
– Nice girl, I got nothing against her” But I hate the sight of her
whenever I see her with Arjun I’m caught in an envious rage I feel like murdering Naina Murder? ” That means, you are in love
my child” You’re in love with Arjun ” Anu, you…? Is Ma here?
– No, I came alone” ” Come on, sit” ” What would you like to have?
– Nothing, my friends are waiting” But you’ve only arrived.
– Yes. Mummy sends a message She wants you home
tomorrow evening A prospective bridegroom
is coming to see Naina To see Ms Naina? Why? ” For a marital alliance,
what else for?” Mummy said it’d be nice
if you’re around You might see if you approve
of the boy. Now don’t forget ” Arjun, you’re still at home?
It’s time for your show” Yes…
– What is it? Any problems? Then hurry up Mister Star.
Your fans are waiting for you Once we loved each other… once we talked of love… once we were lost in dreams… once we held each other in embrace… once we were lovers… once we were crazy… ” once we were far removed
from reality…” ” but that was when
we were mad” ” What we said,
what we heard…” what we spoke of fidelity… ” what we laughed about,
what we wept over…” but that was before we parted Everything looked rosy… every story seemed possible… ” but that was when
we were mad” And we met on the sly… and we were passionate… and we stayed waking… and the world slept ” And when I missed you
I sang love poems…” ” and when I was passionate
I would reason with myself…” ” but that was when
we were mad” You… here… at this hour?
– I’ve been so anxious… I couldn’t wait till daybreak ” Anxiety? Why, what happened?” Come inside Sit Well…?
– Ever since Anu told me… ” of a prospective match for Ms Naina,
it has been as if…” a storm was building up
within me It’s as if I’m battling myself.
I don’t understand… I simply don’t understand
what’s happening to me Did you hear Arjun?
What answers do you have? What’s happening to him? ” He has been so anxious,
he couldn’t wait for tomorrow” When does it happen? ” Anu, who’s this prospective match
for Naina?” I lied ” Whenever Arjun spoke of Bobby,
whenever he praised her…” ” Naina held her heart,
and she smiled through it” ” I read it in her eyes,
everytime” ” Ma, she loves Arjun dearly” ” In her eyes,
I have seen a great love” And an even bigger dream about
Arjun’s every dream coming true She has silenced herself so as not to
let her affections stand in the way… of Arjun’s success.
So I took a shot in the dark It struck home and you were jolted.
And your feelings are out in the open ” Naina, it’s time you broke your
silence. Should another girl…” ” walk into Arjun’s life, you’ll waste
the rest of your persevering” Tell Anu to stop! She’s raving.
Shameless thing! She has made it public Could I ever have said
all this? Now you know the reason
for your anxiety? ” You know, there’s a saying
in English” What…? ” But Ms Naina, I never went away from
you. I’ve always been close to you” Men become so obsessed
with their successes… they even forget that
they’re loved I’ve been given everything ” You don’t even know how to romance,
the simpleton from Jaisalmer” ” If you’re in love with me,
the first lesson is…” drop the formality.
Just call me Naina ” Ms Naina, let the formality stay on.
There’s a lot of love in it” I’ll still call you Ms Naina
even after I’m married to you Marriage?
– Yes ” Ms Naina, if we’re in love,
we’ll marry too, won’t we?” Once we loved each other… once we talked of love… once we were lost in dreams… once we held each other in embrace… once we were lovers… once we were crazy… ” once we were far removed
from reality…” ” but that was when
we were mad” ” Papa you know, I had a dream.
– You’re the age when one dreams” ” Tell me, what was the dream?
– I dreamt I’m married to Arjun” Really?
– Yes I too had a dream.
– You too? Yes.
– What was it? ” No, my dream can’t be described
in words” ” Come on, I’ll show you.
– What? A dream?” This is my dream ” A grand wedding for my daughter,
just like a dream” ” But Papa, when did you dream this up?
– The very day you told me…” that you hate seeing Naina with Arjun.
That’s when I knew your feelings ” When Arjun gets to know,
he’s going to be ecstatic” ” Arjun, where have you been?
I’ve been calling for so long” Me? Oh I’m close to you.
– How close? Very near and very happy.
– And I’m very very happy too ” When you hear what I got to say,
you’re going to be ecstatic” Really? I’m getting married?
– That’s great news Ms Bobby ” Many congratulations
to you too, Arjun” Why are you staring at me?
– You’ve come to know…? Yes.
– How strange! Come on.
– Where are you taking me? Ms Naina… this is wonderful! I thought I’d startle Ms Bobby
with the good news But she knows already
we’re getting married ” She’s the one who has startled me.
Ms Bobby, we’re getting married” ” She reads my mind! That’s friendship!
She knows, even before she’s told” This is my dream Ms Bobby… Ms Bobby…? This simplicity of yours
is what drives me crazy I’m madly in love with you ” I don’t see anyone but you,
I don’t hear anyone but you” I go to sleep dreaming of you… ” I awake, wanting to go back
to my dreams of you” I went out to give you your dreams
and you became my dream Not only I. Even my Papa dreamt of us.
And you…? ” Before I can bat an eyelid,
you destroy our dreams?” ” Ms Bobby, Naina and I are marrying” ” What I take a fancy to,
is only mine” ” If it isn’t mine,
it’s no one’s ” No one’s ” Why did you drop the gun, Ms Bobby?
Go on, kill me” Kill me Douse the fire within you Assuage your ego ” The one you helped soar,
you have brought down” You were my fairy.
Never in my dreams… did I imagine I would be worthy
of loving a fairy I never even looked
beyond my status ” Love isn’t made to happen,
love just happens…” ” as you love me, as I love Ms Naina,
as Ms Naina loves me” ” Love is no compromise,
neither a compulsion” But I cannot bear to
see you unhappy You have done much for me. Much ” Even if I wanted,
I could never repay you” ” And if what isn’t yours,
can’t belong to anyone else…” kill me ” Love isn’t made to happen,
love just happens…” ” as you love me, as I love Ms Naina,
as Ms Naina loves me” ” Love is no compromise,
neither a compulsion” I am elated There are countless people
involved with my success And the love of many And the blessings of many ” At the outset, I wish to thank
my brother and his wife” ” By dint of their blessings,
here I am, amongst you” ” Then Ms Naina,
my inspiration” ” Also Ma, Anu and Tuktuk
who have encouraged me” ” Then Montu, lqbal Chacha
and A.R. Siddiqui…” who realised my potential And apart from all of them… the fairy… who touched me… and a miracle happened She came into my life
like a golden dawn… and she changed
the course of my life Fairy… ” those who live in hearts,
live forever” You live in my heart Constrained as I am… I cannot do anything I pine… but I cannot even heave a sigh The wound is still fresh… and yet… you want me
to get hurt again?”

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