Triple H takes on The Undertaker for the last time ever at WWE Super Show-Down

Triple H takes on The Undertaker for the last time ever at WWE Super Show-Down

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are experiencing history. [MUSIC]>>Two of the all-time greats to
ever step foot inside the ring.>>It has been six long years
since one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history was
said to be dead and buried. But legends, legends never die. At WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne,
Australia, the Undertaker and
I have some unfinished business.>>There’s only one name left for
The Game, that is to end the Undertaker. Frustration.>>Stay down.>>Desperation.>>What’s wrong with you?>>The emotional refrain of The Game but
is obsession.>>What approach could you
give without giving a free?>>Beating the Undertaker on a big stadium
is the missing piece of Triple H’s legacy.>>God will give you one
more chance at immortality.>>The one rival Triple H
has never defeated.>>You want an end? You’ve got it.>>It is a Fantasy Match.>>Two legends will collide.>>[MUSIC]>>And in Michigan, never replicate.>>Two icons will do battle.>>And
a moment that will live in infamy in WWE.>>The Undertaker, I promise you. This is no game. [MUSIC] The last chapter in one of
WWE’s most storied rivalries. The Undertaker, Triple H,
for the last time ever. [MUSIC]>>Time to play the game.

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  1. I think HHH will beat Undertaker this time. There's just a different feeling this time and I think they're going to give HHH the victory. I really hope not. He's such a legend but he's not on The Undertaker's level. No one is.

  2. I'm calling a draw somehow. Either double knock out, double dq, or a special guest interferes and beats them both/they both beat special guest.

  3. The Undertaker better win, He is the best Wrestler in my Opinion, He has been Screwed in the last few years and this is possibly one of his last Matches, So let the Legend win them

  4. Undertaker vs Triple H just like all the times before the winner the Undertaker and way because the Undertaker is the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in the Ring . And Mick Foley as Referee.

  5. Fun fact: in their last encounter at Wrestlemania 28, The Undertaker had crew cut hair and HHH long hair.
    At Super Show Down, Undertaker has long hair and HHH has crew cut to shaved head.

  6. Undertaker to win after 2 Tombstones and The Last Ride and retire and drive a hearse or ride a chariot out of the arena into the darkness

  7. …For the Last time ever ..On Oct.6 in Melbourne Austrália super show down…Triple h will realize once and for all that…" AIN'T NO GRAVE CAN HOLD TAKER BODY DOWN " !!!!!

  8. If I ever come to the time that I felt someone should put me down, I thought that person to be you, that's the respect I have for you.

    That's what the Undertaker said to Triple H at 2011 before Wrestle mania. Maybe it's time

  9. Iam lucky that i will tell the next generation that I lived in the era of the The Game
    I lived in the era of The HBK
    I lived in the era of The Phenom

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