Trabalhando no Roteiro e Storyboard de uma Graphic Novel – Studio Vlog 12

Trabalhando no Roteiro e Storyboard de uma Graphic Novel – Studio Vlog 12

Tap tap tap What’s that, dude? Look at that! Look at this booty! [Working on the script and storyboard of a graphic novel – Studio vlog 12] March 2nd, Monday. Already have to trim this plant again. It grows like crazy! Guys, I finished, I finally finished my script. It took me this long cause I had to adapt it I wrote everything I remember, from the first script I lost. Add some parts I haven’t written yet. Then I read it and some details didn’t make much sense. When I transcribe the typewrited part, When I wrote that, it was supposed to be a short comic. that was it. So it made sense by itself. but considering it a part of a bigger story, it didn’t made that made sense with the other parts. And this story has some mysteries, and stuff. So I have to make sure everything works well together. Even if the reader doesn’t understand everything on a first read, they have to get it eventually. And it has to make sense to me too. There’s three parts, and they have to converse with each other. So for that I had to make some changes, I had to reconsidered some ideas, cause we tend to get get stuck with some ideas, certain specific scenes, and sometimes you have to let them go, you know? To make the story better. I had to let go of some initial ideas and scenes I really liked… But I finally finished. And it turned out to have 10 pages! Ok, the tenth page has only a paragraph, but that’s still a lot of pages, I am very afraid to storyboard that. Today is monday, I had to have finish the story AND the storyboard by yesterday. I couldn’t do it, but never mind, let’s move on. But yeah, I have to storyboard that… Today I have some other projects to work on… unfortunately. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it today. So I’ll leave it for tomorrow. I’ll have to divide this text in parts, pages, and see how many pages this comic will have. I think it will… Maybe it’s not that much! But you know how it is, right? When we are writing we get too excited, we imagine various angles, and panels, and shapes, and ideas, almost like a movie, if we would adapt a movie to a comic, it would have too many pages… Since our images aren’t moving, we have to simulate and translate that movement through the panels and static images. And to do that a simple scene can take a lot of panels, and consequently a lot of pages. So you have to create a solution that is objective, simple, that passes the same idea and rhythm but which doesn’t take ten pages of your comic. It’s like those k-dramas kissing scenes, then you see it through her angle, then you see it through his angle, I talked about it on twitter these days, then from the top view, then bottom view and everything passes in slow motion! When you realize that scene took like 15 minutes, and the kiss is super boring!! But i love it! Anyway… I can’t do this on a comic. So I have to think about that. But ANYWAY we’ll see what happens. [Graphic novel SOS, by Fefê Torquato, 2020] [March 3rd, Tuesday.] Butter is never too much! [Random moment] Guys, nothing related to work, but you know how I would love to go back to live in my previous city, right? Sometimes one thing I like to do to pass time, is to look up these sites with houses for sale/rent. And LOOK AT THIS CUTIE GUYS! this is my dream little house in the city I would LOVE to live in! Look at it, I’m just showing it to you cause I know I’ll never live there, ok! The cute facade….. LOOK AT HOW PRECIOUS! the tiny entrance. The living room, LOOK AT THIS WOODEN FLOOR! Like it. Ok, the decor I would change EVERYTHING, obviously. LOOK AT THE POTENCIAL! LOOK. AT. THIS. TINY. FIRE PLACE! Dudes, this tiny fire place, I would move just for the tiny fire place. And the door has this stained glass here, I think is kinda tacky BUT A VALID TACKY, above all. this is a laundry room, I don’t know if they have a backyard, which would be bad for us with dogs, but we have this space for plants, and apparently 50 THOUSAND LITERS of bleach!! god, I don’t wanna know what this person is doing with their life. This is the entrance hallway, you enter through here, CUTE. THE BLUE ROOM, I pass. but we have these windows, maybe the second floor, no I think it’s the first floor, the front windows, like a tiny office room, MY ATELIERRR like my old teacher would say. One of the rooms, also, very ugly but the space is good. This is the suite, LOOK HOW PRECIOUS! Another angle. Vey cute space. Little smooth bathroom, I LIKE niche like those, inside the shower, love that. Sure i would change all the tiles, but cute idea! this is a cute sink, but it’s terrible to wash the face on it. And people with oily skin like me, that has the wash their face a million times a day, it’s terrible. Here’s a kinda of a porch. I’m gonna put all my dogs here!! rsrssr Killing each other… Here’s the view, I think is a sort of society club of some sorts… Idk. But this must be the view from that little porch, and here’s the roof. SUPER CUTE! Another angle. This vintage wooden stairs! LOVE IT! This art piece, I would… pass too. So resuming, BEAUTIFUL! Anyone who wants to give 600k reais. to give it to me, cause I won’t give pay it back! Donate and I’ll live here with this tiny fire place. Make you some coffee, and that’s it. Oh god… The thing is when I see things like that I can’t turn it off from my head, I already see myself living there, decorating it, living with my cats and dogs and being happy… ahhh [Seconds later…] So, how do I do it? Let me show you… I have to decide where the book begins. Where the story starts. So I determined which pages comes first. That’s the way I do it, it doesn’t mean it’s the “right way” or the “only way, ok? That’s just how I do it. So here’s the cover. Here’s the end papers. Which is the back of the cover and the first page, I want it to be illustrated as well. Then in this first sheet after the end paper I’m gonna put the title. In the back of this page is where the book technical info goes. And in the next one I’ll put the “dedication” text, I don’t know how you call it. And finally after that is where the story begins. The title page is the number one page. And I’m numbering the pages after that, so I can organize my text to it. In the text I add the page number on the side, so I can divide the story into pages, it helps me with the storyboard later. It’s out of focus like that so you can’t read everything, ok? Then I start the storyboard. So here’s how I draw my storyboard. It’s supposed to be small, but since I use the ipad to do it I can zoom in and add more details, but I prefer to keep it as simples as possible. Cause I like to add the details in the sketch part of the process. The storyboard is just for me to catch my first ideas for the scene, so it has to be quick, simple and objective. so I can keep the ideas and work on those later. I don’t like storyboard to be too detailed, cause cause if we are too perfectionist in the storyboard stage the storytelling can become kinda stiff, you know? It has to be quick, so you can work on the story as a whole. It’s like when you are in a class or lecture, taking notes. You have to write the key words, you can’t write everything the professor says, otherwise you don’t focus on the meaning of what they are saying, just on the details. So you write the key words, and pay attention, and late those words will trigger you memory. That’s what’s a storyboard is to me, and how I work with it. Key images, ugly even, that triggers my memory for the idea of the story I want to tell, and how it should flow. The purpose, the emotions, the angle, and so on. For exemple here: These are the ones I did already. This is the first page, is a double page. I like to do this cause you start the story with an impact. You can put some boring panels in the middle, but but you have to have some pages where you’ll take your time to make it the better you can. And definitely the beginning of the story is one of those moments. So this is a double page, where we’ll have a garden, Here’s a little house, there are some trees… and here’s a fence. So in the next page, I’m still looking at the house, but I changed my angle. I see the little house from the side, the stairs are in the left, and I’m seeing this side of the garden. the idea I have is that I’m passing through the front of this house. Like that, it’s like in a movie. I’m used to visualize my comics as a little movie on my head. That’s just how I do it. So the house is my focus point, and it would be static, and the panels are the ones which are moving through it. You know? that’s the sensation I want to convey. So just by doodling this simple house, and those lines there, I can get this idea. So I can later work on this images with more details. Of course if I leave this for some time If I take, let’s say, three months to draw this more detailed, I’ll probably won’t understand this storyboard anymore. Like I can remember the old storyboard I made for this story, in 2018. Cause the ideas are not that fresh in my memory anymore. The secret is to doodle simple, but draw it not too long later, so you can keep your ideas fresh. I don’t know if I was clear enough, but I hope so. So that’s what I’m doing right now, divide the text into parts, doodling the storyboard at the same time. and then we will discover how many pages this comic will have. I was looking my old storyboard now, And I could understand some of the ideas I had, actually. It wasn’t that abstract really. I don’t know, I think I should take some of this ideas here, and reuse a lot of stuff cause I think they’re good ideas yet. Although this is one page I can get anymore! These ones are a bit mysterious, these panels. It’s like what I was saying, at the time I know what I meant, but now… But these are kinda clear still. Together with the text, I think it’s gonna be easier to decipher. It’s that bad, guys!! I’m no fool, I’m gonna reuse them!! At least I can skip a big chunk of the work. One third, almost. So I can see, how many pages this part had? Wow! 41. ok. Not that bad if you think, 41 times 3, its…….. … [buying some time to think while repeating the question slowly…] 120 pages. [FINALLY!] Not that bad 120 pages! I estimated 150-200, then 120 it’s nice! I hope it’s about that really. Although the last part is a bit longer, I think. But it’s definitely not that bad. Let’s see. Cliffhanger, come back for the next episode! [March 5th, Wednesday] today I have to finish my storyboard, which I couldn’t do it on Sunday. Like I planned. So I have to do it today. I have to sketch an International Women’s Day illustration.. A last minute commission, that I couldn’t refuse… I have to update my spreadsheets, which I didn’t update since last week. And things change constantly, so it’s good to update the spreadsheet as frequently as we can. I have to answer som emails, which I put here using initial for privacy purpose. I have to package some book I sold, I sold 7 books for a project from some nice people I met in a trip to SP last year… and [ [Forgot to add: finish editing this video and Upload it on my channel] I have to read a comic book from a good friend of mine, who ask me to make her a “preface” for the book. And I don’t want to leave it to the last minute. So this is the things I have to do today. It’s a bunch os stuff but I think I can do it. Considering the one which will take longer is the storyboard. Actually this storyboard should have been finished last Sunday. This according to my schedule, I should be on the 4th day of drawing, since this comic is in a very tight schedule, you know. But it got delayed, cause a bunch of stuff happened. like work I couldn’t refuse, like personal health stuff I won’t enter into details right now, cause it would take too long in the video, and it’s boring… This week I should have taken my cat to the vet, in the near city, and I still couldn’t, maybe tomorrow I can finally. And yesterday I couldn’t do anything, I spent the day doing only house chores, but nothing related to work. And that’s something that breaks our spirit a little, when we are on a roll, planning a very tight schedule, trying our best, to make our projects happen, we think if we plan everything super precisely everything will work. and when something wrong happens, cause they do, unplanned last minute things always happen. and the schedule you planned get delayed, and you get interrupted, it’s something that always breaks our spirit, and it’s a very delicate period, Cause it’s when I tend to abandon my project think “it was not going to work anyway!”. and after that, it obviously won’t work out, cause I already abandon it, and let myself go through this frustration. But we have to accept that things will happen to mess up your plans, probably. We’ll have to adapt our plans constantly, and adapt our goals and strategies. Because that’s how life works, you CAN’T control everything. So I’m doing this pep talk to try to convince myself really. today I was supposed to do a bunch of different things but it all changed. And if I accomplish some of the things from this list I’ll get back on track. And get the mindset again to make this project work! So I wish for you, like myself, don’t let the ball drop, keep going, even when life it’s not cooperating, keep going, slowly, a day at a time, and things will work out eventually. I hope so, at least! [Fake writing cause I didn’t record it the first time] [I’m gonna finish here, otherwise I won’t be able to edit!] [A video of Fefe Torquato] thanks to: You, who are still here! for more info: read the text bellow.

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  2. Amo seus vlogs e conhecer teu processo criativo (e sempre rever os gatinhos e cachorros)! Só pulo as cenas de comida porque são sacanagem sempre me dão fome haha

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