TOY STORY But Really Really Fast – Animation

TOY STORY But Really Really Fast – Animation

Today is a good day to- human *thrbt* To have my limbs contorted in subservience of an other isn’t that right toys? – Oink!
– Roar! Ahh, scribble, or whatever The new toys are coming, red alert! Have no fear! No toy will be replaced- Especially not me, the toy who will definitely not be replaced- human *thrbt* You see, I am actually very stupid I HATE YOU!!! I hate you and your stupid eyebrows!!!
DIE IN A HOLE!!!! What’s going on, I don’t understand! You misunderstand! This was not an act of malice, this was an act of jealousy thinly disguised as malice UHHHH I mean human! *thrbt* …Perhaps I was too harsh I should probably reassess my acumen Hello there! YOU WANNA DO THIS THE HARD WAY LET’S TAKE THIS OUTSIDE! …A lapse in judgement …Do I know you? Thank goodness we could temporarily set aside our differences to hitch a ride to space food arcade! …I think I understand this Now we’ll find our domineering deity in no time! …My charitous trust has been violated Nope I’m lost again Spider baby! I apologize but I must politely decline your offer of camaraderie, I still have character flaws to overcome! – I might be a little dull
– Still don’t quite follow Hup! Okay… Yep okay I understand now I know things are looking dire, but come, I have a plan! I cannot, I have depression. Alright, plan B! YOU SUCK …Alright, plan C! I’M OUT OF I- human – *thrbt*
– I’M OUT OF IDEAS! Please help me! Say sorry. ~~Ten hours later~~ – Okay fine!! I’ll say sorry- gah- god dammit
– Human – *thrbt*
– No worries, it’s time for plan D! *thrbt* – Thank you!
– OO! The conflict has been resolved! …Uh oh What’s the plan, cow man? – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

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  1. ☮️💛JOJO PART 4 IS NEXT!☮️💛

    Today (March 12th) is my birthday (Or technically it's the 13th as of writing this here in Australia… but it's still the 12th in America, so it's still a "12th of March" upload), and likewise I wanted to take a short amount of time to get a quick annual birthday-upload done (Hencewise it's Toy Story, and not the originally-planned longer-form Back to the Future trilogy). In case you haven't been following my Twitter/Patreon my schedule has changed a bit since then!

    Now then, I'm happy to inform that JoJo P4's script is entirely done and voicing/drawing has started, it's looking to be a bigger and better project than JoJo P3 so I hope the wait will be worth it!! I'm rather excited about this one and I'm hoping y'all will be there for it when it's finished!

    Thanks much!
    – Viva

  2. Hello, I'm a Brazilian fan and I really like your work. I wanted to ask about the subtitles of the videos because my English is not good. I'm sorry if my comment is a little difficult to understand I'm using Google translator to write.🙃

  3. So, when I ask for JJBA P4, I expect JJBA P4, what do you take me for, a trash panda?? I expect it soon, kind regards-online dude

  4. Why the actual fuck did i not subscribe to you before your videos are the kind that even if i dont care about a movie or anime thats being parodied i still watch it for the animation and genius fast pacing :O 😀

  5. My favorite lines

    "You see, I'm actually very stupid-"

    "Spider baby"

    "I cannot I have depression"
    "Alright, plan B"
    "YOU SUCK!"

  6. Happ birt dai ❤️❤️❤️❤️ have fun and no pressur on Joj par fore ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ luv u and goo luck wit evy ting!!!!

  7. For those who didn’t notice Mr. Potato’s arm is N’douls Geb from part 3 but white and more rounded on the fingers

  8. “What’s the plan? Cow Man?” If it wasn’t midnight by time I was finally able to watch, I’d laugh uproariously and awaken my roommates, but Human! bleh.

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