Top 6 Cartoons that got bad

Let’s do some seasonal rot! It’s time to look back at some cartoons that may have started as monumental classics but slowly degraded until they were just plain BAD. [Bugs: There was something different about him, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.] Some people refer to this process as “seasonal rot.” Over time, these cartoons might have overstayed their welcome, lost the sharpness of their writing, the creators may have stopped caring, or the cartoon might even become mean-spirited and rotten. So let’s check out the top 6 cartoons that got BAD. And as always, if you still like these cartoons, that’s great. It’s just my silly personal opinion, and I’m glad you can still enjoy these cartoons Anyway, let’s do this countdown. SpongeBob SquarePants. Let’s start with the elephant in the room or the sea sponge in the room. Whatever it is. Most people tend to agree that SpongeBob rapidly declined from one of the most universally loved cartoons of all time to, well, Nickelodeon’s sub-par cash cow. After season 3 finished a ton of the original writers suddenly jumped ship. At this point, the only writer that stayed with Spongebob from the beginning is this storyboard artist and Points to the mistake. As a result, of the season 3 the series had a major drop in quality that was hard not to notice. Suddenly SpongeBob, Patrick and the Bikini Bottom gang lost more their relatability and rapidly transformed into one-dimensional caricatures SpongeBob went from being intelligent yet, always optimistic to just oblivious happy all the time Squidward became a constant dour one-note killjoy. Sandy was demoted to the cliche scientist whenever she got screen time. And Patrick became, well, a malicious jerk. But that’s a story for another day. SpongeBob rapidly lost its universal magic and became something just for kids. That being said, SpongeBob is first on the list because I personally think as of season 9 and 10 it’s improving again. The original creator Stephen Hillenburg returned. And it’s good to see he’s starting to bring life again back to the show. Because frankly, even after these years of lousy episodes, I still don’t hate SpongeBob. I love doing SpongeBob reviews. And I just like the character too much and I’ll still give most episodes a chance. SpongeBob deserves to rise back to the top in quality and I hope in time, it does. and vanilla fine The fencin back in the 90s [the] Simpsons brought about a Golden age to adult cartoons We would not have South Park family guy archer or Bob’s burgers if Benson hadn’t started it All I can’t imagine what adult cartoons would be like today if matt groening hadn’t stepped in when he did that’s it You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to Clone College I Don’t think any of this expected in this oh wow, but nowadays Horse sentence is just killing Necromancing folks will just not let this poor amazing cartoon disappear with dignity Well, I certainly don’t think the cartoon is nearly as bad [as] some people playing It certainly has got far more bland by a [28-year] and without some change [twenty-eight] years is far too long for any single set of cartoon characters the official beginning of the simpsons decline Seems to be considered around seasons nine to ten but many still do to base that and one I compare episodes I don’t think we’re blinded. I don’t think it is just Nostalgia at this point I’ll still watch the start of an episode hoping for that original comedic really, okay? But I’ll generally give up on an episode after about five to ten minutes much of that intelligent, but neutral narrative is gone Don’t get me wrong my social or political commentary is fine But what was special about the simpsons is it didn’t force a site down our first like other carton It would originally show us both sides of the problem and let us decide what to make of it and even though 99% at a time I agree with their [morals] it really feels like the messages are being shoved down our throats nowadays They also began an on sort of celebrity cameos forced in our faiths and very rarely where they are Smartly Written into the story as an episode like Michael Jackson’s camera there just hasn’t been that same amazing attention to detail and Snappy dialogue in the new episodes but even today I still have so much respect for the creators of the censor They are constantly trying to make it work and you can see these writers are trying and introduce their viewers to new concepts they might not have heard of like the electric car the fact that the spirit of the character is still there and the simpsons hasn’t declined further after 28 years is a Testament to the creators of this show as much as I respect the simpsons it really needs to end and the False cartoon the thought bag is PowerPuff girls the Interesting thing about the original powerpuff girls is that there’s this strange unwritten rule that no one ever talks about the final two seasons while the first four seasons were fast paced smart Classic animation the fifth and sixth seasons were actually pretty slow and unwatchable Many of the latest season episodes would consist of slow song and dance numbers for safety omits for you And had a much stronger focus on minor less interesting characters and the new Villains felt just plain boring and uninteresting to have the old villains I think this is partially because they increase the runtime of an episode from 10 minutes to 20 minutes Emirates face it powerpuff girls is a 10 minute cartoon and this unfortunately led to a lot more exposition Talking and a sudden sloth like taste to the series a series that was all about speed for example take this part in season 1 Now take a look at this part in season 5 That was just awkward dead air followed by a joke could just fail because there was no speed to it I didn’t know if he was on a stricter schedule or what it was but you can feel poor Craig McCRacken’s fatigue And if there is drags on that being said I would still watch an episode of seasons four to six any Day over an episode of Max AbysMal reboot and for number theory we need to Let’s jump even further back in history the cartoon the created animated comedy is rebuilt and the continent I consider the [best] American cartoon Sadly even history’s Greatest American cartoon It’s a seasonal rot as a series went on though honestly this seasonal rot was slow and downright Understandable over half a century of episodes since there is so many of these cartoons I’ll focus on the bugs bunny and daffy duck cartoon dropping quality while it varies a bit on who you are From the 40s to the 60s is often considered to be the Golden age of Looney Tunes cartoon This is when we got characters like tweety Sylvester Yosemite Sam Marvin and even [Roadrunner] and the Judge wrote their absolute sharpest after this a lot of things change not in just looney tunes that Society Looney Tunes [had] to remove a lot of their scenes of violence for public broadcast because of Impressionable young viewers and many of the new episodes started to lose their teeth Unfortunately without the explosive slapstick tales it mainly depends what it was Suddenly The jokes just didn’t have that same original in No more cages. Go to europe. Yeah You may have noticed [the] [bugs] started to lose a lot of his his eyes his edge it Just felt like mel blanks delivery wasn’t as committed. Which is again Understandable given he’d been voicing bugs bunny for over 40 years at that point though It’s sadly mental innocence started to lose a lot of that original Comedic impact and by the time we got to warner Brothers movies like space Jam Which is a guilty pleasure for me all that original impact was just gone The Looney Tunes had lost all its comedic magic that being said I’m not saying all the looney tunes cartoons became outright bad They were still a manta t’V retains that bugs bunny spirit and had their own style, but suddenly I just wasn’t laughing at the jokes [any] [more] to the point the Looney Tunes back in action was the first movie I ever walked out on and that being said I think the spirit of Legion still [remains] in all of these new [costumes] [I] still [just] enjoy seeing bugs bunny on the screen He’s just such a charming likable personality, but I don’t even care that he doesn’t make me laugh Even when it doesn’t have any [wha] and just seeing bugs up to something new always wins a smiling face? And the second card room that got sad is Fairly Oddparents ah this cartoon It was just neat to see the imaginative situations And he will get himself into by wishing his problems away only [to] have it backfire on him later the show got imaginative stories And which Hartman’s iconic Sharp writings like Danny Phantom which would write that extra detail [in] [Jewish] cartoons for adults? It still appeals the kids at the same time But most tend to agree [that] the tipping point of this series was in season six when the show made a go So in other words it started adding unnecessary Annoying characters most people tend to agree this happened when Cosmo and wanda added a child to their family known as poop Once again, we begin to see the characters. No longer multi-layered and instead becoming annoying caricature some people call this process Blander Ization I think their name is stupid citing user [while] cosmo and wanda lost a lot of their insightful dialogue and became increasingly Thick and obnoxious and high-pitched and squealing let’s compare [Kosmos] voice from season 1 to season 9 and which is Jet bay get up to work together? You had a spooky [bed] during what I like to call Timmy Turner’s [we] [could] reload he’s just annoying Terrence’s went from insightful Time-travel play jokes [to] [a] man catch you back [what] [mood] trying to bite his [bite]? Sadly that the creators of Fairly Oddparents just don’t seem [to] care in him And that’s a shame because it started out a really creative fun Carton and before we get number one I’m going to give the usual quick honorable mention Pokemon how you doing there ash still 10 years old? Technically you should be about 30 by now given there are over 20 years worth of seasons now [so] [I] guess a 30 year old running around catching Pokémon doesn’t appeal [to] their [youths] as much I wanted to break my no anime rule just to talk about this one, but frankly It’s just too massive to do a two-minute segment on with over 900 Episodes of this show now. It’s impossible to [even] give up synopsis than two minutes, but if people are interested later [I] might do a separate review of this series South park this one may be a bit controversial, but personally I miss one South Park being light-Hearted [I] wasn’t a freaking essay to keep up with I miss when it could be simple It wasn’t overly obsessed with politics there wasn’t a million things to keep up with I think the series is still Admirably strong and I have so much respect betray matt still trying to stay relevant after all these years But personally I’m [just] tired of being so heavy [all] the time But this is my opinion a lot of people still think self. Talk is just as amazing as ever and we’re both dead here We go and the number one costume that got bad is family [gun] This list wouldn’t be complete without this monstrosity [I] was hesitant and tried to be respectful with these other cosmic But I will gladly with family guy another well deserved wearing I know a lot of people still enjoy this Confident that I just personally kind of stand what happened to what the only guy was once an insightful intelligent solid cartoon with some spectacular Cutaway jokes with a style of song and dance Number that just hadn’t been done before in cartoon comedy, but at this point it is nothing But a hate-filled shell of its former self a rancid stink bombshell. That should be Detonated at a nuclear waste site the average new episode will make the viewer feel disgusted annoyed Personally insulted and bored at the same time some people stay around season 67 was when this show started to [flush] down [the] toilet? awesome say season 12 but whenever the case there was such a decreasing quality as the series went on not even a Forgivable decreasing quality just a hate-filled spike build load of file the point We’re at today [where] even seth Macfarlane admits. She wants a show – in Family guy and Began to a life far more on long awkward Cutaways such as the infamous [Conway] Twitty sequences on top of this there was a much crueler spirit for the characters and an extremely preachy focus on Seth’s own political [view] through Bryan while the new episodes still have the occasional Sharp Joke or thoughtful moment the hatred and File you have to wade through to find these jokes Just doesn’t ever feel worth the demand more and some of these jokes. I find out right unforgivable from Handicap jokes to domestic violence jokes to risk splitting jokes nothing is too distasteful success writing [theme], and yes as of 2017 Family [guy] has double the viewers of South Park per episode So clearly I’m in a minority thinking family guy has become utter garbage In my opinion very few cartoons deserve to be canceled more than family guy I consider it Really the number one? cartoon that got back Sometimes keeping [a] show fresh can be an uphill battle [at] some settings and jokes can only be new and interesting for so many [seasons] but costumes like the simpsons and learning signs to put in Incredibly valiant efforts to keep their shows fresh and entertaining the new and older audience And I think no matter [how] long these costumes go on for they’ll always be remembered [for] [that] best moment in the spotlight one Thanks, checking out my list Have you go to caution you think got back feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments if you’d like to be updated when? I release one of this video feel free to hit the bell icon next [to] [subscriptions] and as always Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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